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Pokemon Ruby

Where do you get the wish tag?

Games Guru: I have never found a Wish Tag. I have checked the best sources and they all say that the Wish Tag does not exist.

I was wondering if you know how to get to Sootopolis City.

Games Guru: Head south from Mossdeep Island along route 127. Once you clear the water cliffs, head left to Route 126. You will quickly come to an island. Sootopolis is inside that island, but you enter through an underwater cave.

What trendy phrase at Deford City is needed for catching Febass? And could you tell me at least one tile where it can be found? Thank you.

Games Guru: I have to admit I have never encountered Febass in Pokemon Ruby. Are you sure it is there?

How I can get the legendaries to show the walkthroughs?

Games Guru: I do not understand. I must be missing something on this one.

What is the best way to catch Pokemon like Rayquaza? I hear all these bogus stories like press this button when you throw it and it works 97% of the time, etc. I’m finding it very hard to catch Rayquaza since I don’t have a masterball (not sure where to get it). I use ultra balls, timer balls and pokeballs. Can you help?

Games Guru: First of all, allow me to congratulate you on getting to Rayquaza–that bike ride up to the roof was tough! Now, to Rayquaza. Like you, I have heard people say to use these pokeballs in this order or that order. I have read that this ball or that ball works best. In my experience, with the exception of the Master Ball, there is only one in the game, and it is in Team Aqua/Magma’s secret base. It’s all a matter of luck. I have caught legendary Pokemon with plain old normal pokeballs after wasting dozens of fancy ones.

Save your game before approaching Rayquaza, then wear it down, paralyze it and use every last pokeball you have got. If that does not work, DO NOT SAVE! Simply turn off your game, turn it back on and try again. Sooner or later, you are bound to catch your monster. Just be sure you have a good supply of pokeballs — dozens and dozens of them.

When you said to watch TV after beating the Elite 4 and Mom would ask a colorful question, did you have to beat the Elite 4 for a first time in the game or any time?

Games Guru: I hate to do this to you, but you need to refresh my memory. What are you trying to accomplish? I recall advising a reader to speak to “Mom” after beating the Elite 4 — I think it was to see a newscast about the victory and becoming the new champ, but, alas, I am getting old and need a reminder every now and then.

Can you multiply Pokemon? If so, how?

Games Guru: There is a Pokemon breeding center just west of Mauville. Go have a look.

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  1. To steven,
    Do you need help opeining the chambers or getting in the door where they actually are?

  2. How do Iget the ancaint 3 doors of the regies

  3. To jayman,
    Get a bike voucher from the pokemon chairman inside the pokemon fan club in Vermilin city then go to the bike shop in Cerulean Ciy.

  4. How do you get a bike?

  5. Brawl_Princess // November 12, 2008 at 9:36 am // Reply

    I need help with finding shiny pokemon..I found a shiny zubat once but my game was deleted somehow ..i was totally frustrated…so i thought of getting another shiny pokemon .. i need help plz!! >.<

  6. To bramblepaw80,

    You can use a wobbuffet with its shadow tag ability so that no pokemon can escape. Or you can use a pokemon that knows mean look. Those are the two ways you can get them to stay. Regigas is not in this game.

  7. how do you catch latios? i always use my ultra balls, but he just runs away. how do I get him to stay long enough to catch. also is there a regigas in this game?

  8. bramblepaw80 // October 19, 2008 at 10:18 pm // Reply

    how do you catch latios? i always use my ultra balls, but he just runs away. how do I get him to stay long enough to catch. also is there a regigas in this game?

  9. The battle tower is so easy if you use a mettagross lv 50, a claydol lv 50, and dusklops lv 50. What happens if you beat 35 trainers in a row? To bad that they won’t let you use legonds.

  10. i think the person who wrote tthis knows nothing i caught rayquaza in one shot whit a pokeball so beat that

  11. To ninja,

    It is a very complicated process. You have to show the old man in Pacifidlog Town the correct pokemon, in the correct spot in your party. That pokemon changes every day so good luck. There is nothing interesting there anyway, just some wynauts and some berries.

  12. how do you get to mirage island?

  13. To ninja,

    Haunter is not in this game. If you want to know about another game let me know.

  14. To froggy15, Can you find wild Haunters they’re my fav pokemon.

  15. To ninja,

    I am sorry, I misread your last statment when you said snorunt I was thinking of a diffrent pokemon. Snorunt is definalty in shoal cave. As I said before snorunt is in Shoal cave, but only in the ice room, that room only opens during low tide (when there is not water when you walk in. Again sorry about the confusion.

  16. To ninja,

    Breed two jigglypuff to get an igglybuff. Snorunt is not in this game. You have to trade tedyersa from fire red or leaf green. To get it in those games you have to go to altering cave and use mystery gift several times untill they appear.

  17. to ninja,

    I know im not froggy15, but i know exactly where to get igglybuff, sorunt and teddiursa. first, teddiursa is only in the north safari extension in emerald, and it isnt in ruby,sappire, firered or leafgreen. try breeding a girl jigglypuff and a boy pikachu, or a boy jigglypuff and a ditto. as for snorunt, its in the shoal cave ice room. only about 1/10 pokemon you see will be a snorunt, so look for a while before giving up.

  18. To froggy15 how do you get igglepuff? I tried breading it but it did not work. I looked for snorunt for an hour are you shure it’s in Ruby. And how do you get teddyersa?

  19. To striker000,

    After you catch rayquaza it learns hyper beam at level 75. Gruoudon learns Fireblast at level 45, Rest at 50, Fissure at 60, Solarbeam 65, and Eruption at 75. latios learns recover at level 45, and Dragon Dance at level 50.

  20. what are the skills of rayquaza,,groudon,,and latios..?

  21. To smac,

    Mewthree is a fictional pokemon found in the bootlegged game called black choas. It is not sponsered by Nintendo so there for it is a fake pokemon. If you want mewthree that bad you can buy the game (that usually gets 2.3 out of 10 on gaming websites) on ebay, and then trade it to ruby. Or you could focus on “real” pokemon.

  22. to games guru,

    the wish tag dosn’t exist. the SPELL TAG does,and it boosts ghost type moves. they are on wild haunter.

  23. when you beat the elite four, talk to mom. she will see a pokemon on tv and she will ask “was it red or blue.” if you say red, you find latias. if you say blue, you get latios. THIS IS IN EMERALD ONLY. in ruby you get latios, and in sapphire latias. in order to get it, after beating the elite four and (emerald only)talking to mom, search in grass around the world. there arent any tricks/cheats to gae both exept by a nintendo event or e-reader.

  24. feebas are found on route 119 by fishing with a super rod. how evur, it is in 6 random spots in the 400 or so possible spots. fish in the spot 6+ times to be sure if it is there or not.

  25. how to get mew 3 in pokemon ruby

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