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Pokemon Ruby

Where do you get the wish tag?

Games Guru: I have never found a Wish Tag. I have checked the best sources and they all say that the Wish Tag does not exist.

I was wondering if you know how to get to Sootopolis City.

Games Guru: Head south from Mossdeep Island along route 127. Once you clear the water cliffs, head left to Route 126. You will quickly come to an island. Sootopolis is inside that island, but you enter through an underwater cave.

What trendy phrase at Deford City is needed for catching Febass? And could you tell me at least one tile where it can be found? Thank you.

Games Guru: I have to admit I have never encountered Febass in Pokemon Ruby. Are you sure it is there?

How I can get the legendaries to show the walkthroughs?

Games Guru: I do not understand. I must be missing something on this one.

What is the best way to catch Pokemon like Rayquaza? I hear all these bogus stories like press this button when you throw it and it works 97% of the time, etc. I’m finding it very hard to catch Rayquaza since I don’t have a masterball (not sure where to get it). I use ultra balls, timer balls and pokeballs. Can you help?

Games Guru: First of all, allow me to congratulate you on getting to Rayquaza–that bike ride up to the roof was tough! Now, to Rayquaza. Like you, I have heard people say to use these pokeballs in this order or that order. I have read that this ball or that ball works best. In my experience, with the exception of the Master Ball, there is only one in the game, and it is in Team Aqua/Magma’s secret base. It’s all a matter of luck. I have caught legendary Pokemon with plain old normal pokeballs after wasting dozens of fancy ones.

Save your game before approaching Rayquaza, then wear it down, paralyze it and use every last pokeball you have got. If that does not work, DO NOT SAVE! Simply turn off your game, turn it back on and try again. Sooner or later, you are bound to catch your monster. Just be sure you have a good supply of pokeballs — dozens and dozens of them.

When you said to watch TV after beating the Elite 4 and Mom would ask a colorful question, did you have to beat the Elite 4 for a first time in the game or any time?

Games Guru: I hate to do this to you, but you need to refresh my memory. What are you trying to accomplish? I recall advising a reader to speak to “Mom” after beating the Elite 4 — I think it was to see a newscast about the victory and becoming the new champ, but, alas, I am getting old and need a reminder every now and then.

Can you multiply Pokemon? If so, how?

Games Guru: There is a Pokemon breeding center just west of Mauville. Go have a look.

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25 Comments on Pokemon Ruby

  1. To PokeeLuvr,
    Well then submitt how you did it to Nintendo or get a bunch of money for sharing it with the world. Since you have done neither I will have to assume you are lying or going off of things you read on the internet. Seviper and ditto are not found in the wild in this game, you would have to trade to get them on ruby.

  2. Dear froggy15,
    You are so wrong!No offense, but I went to the moon 20 times, but sadly, it got ran over, and when I found it, and it deleted my game, and broke it.I also know that Ditto is defently is in the game, and so is the snake thing.

  3. Hey guys!I need help over in Pearl!I know this is Ruby, but I am not sure how to get to the 5th town!

  4. To black rocks,
    This virus is actually good for you, it doubles your pokemon effort points they gain a level during battle, this will eventaully make your pokemon very strong. It will eventually heal itself but if you want to keep it forever put one of your pokemon in your party in the PC and it will spread.

  5. black rocks // January 4, 2009 at 3:56 am // Reply

    cheri berries grow fast just ove night i had 5 and planted them in berrie masters garden and then picked them ihad ten i kept doing it until the whole of hoenn was covered in them

  6. black rocks // January 3, 2009 at 5:10 am // Reply

    how do you gat rid of pkrs i have been healing my party for over an hour

  7. black rocks // January 3, 2009 at 5:01 am // Reply

    i have a status i cant get rid of it is a virus it says pkrs

  8. To Sonic13,
    None of these berries are rare, just by playing the game you should have a lot of them. So if you want more you should plant a few then you will get twice as much or more back if you water it right. Just make sure to not forget them, if you dont pick them they die and you just lost some berries.

  9. Pokemon2000 // January 1, 2009 at 1:28 pm // Reply

    To Rawrrrrr,
    Try balancing your team out more. I recommend that you take your Sceptile out of your party and leveling up the others a LOT, then putting Sceptile back in your party and having a go at the champion.

  10. what sayings can i tell the berry master’s wife to get kelpsy, hondew, and oran berries? i need pokeblock to evolve my feebas into milotic!

  11. To Sonic13,
    Nope, it is a popular rumor but it is sadly not true. You get Jirachi from pokemon Coloseum and Deoxys from a Nintendo event or by using a gameshark.

  12. My “pokemon genuis” friend told me that in Mosdepp, if the rocket at the science center launches sucessfully 200 times, you can go to space and find Deoxys and Jirachi. Is that true???

  13. To Baz,
    The only way to get Jirachi is from traiding it from pokemon Coloseum, you can not go to the moon in this game.

  14. To rawrrrrr,
    Check the white rock in Mossdeep City. They can also be found on wild Solrocks.

  15. i’ve got all 200 pokemons in my pokemon ruby version and the say that
    jirachi will be unlocked but i can’t see anything happened!?
    even the scientest in mosdeep doesnt say anything about going to space….
    Can some just please help me get this pokemon?

  16. Does anyone know where the sunstone is in Ruby?

  17. pokemaniack222 // December 24, 2008 at 12:59 pm // Reply

    T.H.A.R. does not exist at all. You must be confused.

  18. To rawrrrrr,
    No problem, I don’t know of anything called THAR (except for a desert), give me some context and maybe I can figure out what you mean.

  19. Can ANYONE trade there Bellossom for my Girafarig?

  20. Dear rawrrrrr,
    To get all ’em,u have to trade A LOT!Also I do not know what T.H.A.R. means.U sure it exists?

  21. What does T.H.A.R. stand for?Also I want all 3 starter pokemon,but I do not know how.

  22. Thanks,Froggy15,that is really helpful!

  23. To rawrrrrr,
    Well you should have a fighting pokemon to beat Sidney or just teach brick break to one of your pokemon. Then a dark or ghost pokemon would be good for Phobe. Your minum should handle Glacia. If wailord knows an ice attack then you can take out Drake. You will need a fire move for Skarmory, water for Cladydol, Fighting for Aggron and Cradily, water for Armaldo, and fire for metagorss. You should probably make all of your pokemon over level 50 to make it easier, that might just be your problem.

  24. Please!To get Latios I need to beat him!

  25. I need to defeat Champion Steven,but I can’t!I started with Treeko who is now a level.76 Sceptile!!!!!!!!Help!Anyone!My team:

    lvl 76 sceptile
    lvl 43 girafig
    lvl 44 wailord
    lvl 43 aggron
    lvl 42 exploud
    a lvl 43 minun

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