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How do I get Kingdras?

Games Guru: Seadra, the unevolved form of Kingdra, is a catchable species in the Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Leaf Green and Fire Red versions. Kingdra is not. To own  Kingdra, you must catch Seadra, train it to level 32, give it a dragon scale as a hold item, and trade. It evolves upon being traded the way Machamps and Golems evolve upon being traded.

How do you evolve Golbats into Crobat? Or is there another way to do it?

Games Guru: Golbat evolves when his happiness level reaches “high.”


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  1. Lee says:

    Tell me how to get Jirachi without any nintendo event

  2. pokemon master says:

    the three regis is easy to catch regirock is easy read the sign go right 2 down 2 regice all need to do is read the sign for 2 mins.i can’ really rember to catch registeel.

  3. froggy16 says:

    To smallz,
    I think he ment third floor.

  4. jjknm says:

    king o games it did not work.

  5. smallz says:

    i didnt know that there were 3 mirage towers i l only know of 1

  6. froggy16 says:

    To curious pokemon trainer ,
    You need the mach bike in order to build up enough speed to get across the holes, some times you have to do the whole floor in one swift motion or you wont have enough speed.

  7. curious pokemon trainer says:

    how do you get to third in marage tower? and how do you get around the hole on the second floor?

  8. froggy16 says:

    To cool,
    He used a game shark or action replay to get all of those pokemon.

  9. cool says:

    i got 1 qaushtins that tue bronx?

  10. smallz says:

    i got my feebas from a friend

  11. froggy16 says:

    To moltres5,
    The four squares where you can find feebas are diffrent in everyones game.

  12. moltres5 says:

    What block do i find feebas

  13. froggy15 says:

    Just wanted to let everybody know I am switching my name to froggy16 :)

  14. froggy15 says:

    To hi,
    Trade it to a friend and it will evolve into Alakazam.

  15. hi says:

    how do yo evolve kadabra

  16. froggy15 says:

    To filp flop 1234567890,
    Nincada learns it at level 45 and Trapinch at level 41.

  17. froggy15 says:

    Rhyhorn evolves at level 42 into Rhydon.

  18. filp flop 1234567890 says:

    how do you get dig if you have deleted it

  19. froggy15 says:

    To sonic speed,
    That is a myth with no truth behind it.

  20. MISTERCOW says:

    wat lvl does rhyhorn evolve into rhydon

  21. froggy15 says:

    To …Aw3som3…,
    The location of the four squares where you can find feebass on that route is diffrent in every game so you can not tell people where to find it, for where you found it will probably not be where they will find it.

  22. ...Aw3som3... says:

    To everybody: ur pkmn can have a pokerus you need a very good luck a pokerus can double the stats added to ur pkmn every time it levels up

    Example a normal pkmn every level gain + 2 attack
    If ur pkmn have a pokerus it will gain + 4 attack
    and if you go to a pkmn center the nurse will tell you that your pokemon have a pokerus

  23. ...Aw3som3... says:

    To froggy15: PLEASE how can i max my golbat happiness

  24. sonic speed says:

    for deoxes go to space institute in mossdeep, talk to the guy in the back, he’ll say how many flights they’ve had. when it gets to 100, he’ll let you go up on the rocket. go up there and you’ll find deoxes.

  25. ...Aw3som3... says:

    To ACE: u can catch a feebas near the weather center just surf go left 2 times then use ur super rod u need patience u can see feebas there!!!

  26. froggy15 says:

    To diamond master,
    As king o games already said, the only way to get Deoxys is by going to a Nintendo event, or by using a gameshark.

  27. froggy15 says:

    To leo,
    You can find Relicanth in the seaweed underwater and you can catch a wailmer at Mossdeep, which evolves into waillord.

  28. diamond master says:

    yo king o games how do you find deoxys.

  29. leo says:

    how to catch relicanth and wailord in sappire

  30. froggy15 says:

    To JJ,
    Well I could tell you step by step what to do, but since braille is a comman code blind people use to read, it is easy to find a translation for it. And the first room is all of the letters of the alaphabet in order. If you still can’t figure it out, write back and I will tell you what to do, that is just no fun.

  31. flyingblaziken says:

    mitchie, to get Rayquaza go to Sky Pillar in route 131.

  32. froggy15 says:

    To JJ,
    Do you need help unlocking them, getting into their tombs, or catching them?

  33. JJ says:

    i am in a room with a lot of code in braile plz HELP

  34. mitchie says:

    how do you catch Racwawa

  35. froggy15 says:

    To nick,
    Ok, L=left, R=right, U=up, and D= down.
    Starting from the stairs: U, R, R, U, R, R, D, R, U, U, U, L, L, D, L, U, L, D, D, L, L, D, L, U, L, D, L, U, L, U, U, R, D, R, U, R, D, R, U, R, and finnaly U to the stairs. I think I did that right, let me know if something in that is wrong.

  36. JJ says:

    how do you get the regis in sapphire???

  37. froggy15 says:

    To Alec$,
    No problem, figured that’s what you were doing. Remember it is only in the tiny room filled with mostly water that has the tm for dragon claw in it.

  38. froggy15 says:

    To king o games,
    That is a really boring team…

  39. froggy15 says:

    To kai,
    Action replay (or gameshark which is pretty much the same thing) as flyingblaziken said, or if your lucky you can find one of the few Nintendo events and go to one of their wonder spots to get them.

  40. nick says:

    how do u get through the 3rd path of ice to get to wallace on pokemon ruby version?PLEASE SEND BACK!!!!!!

  41. Alec$ says:

    Dear froggy15,

    sorry about the meteor falls thing! I forgot I already went there! I guess I got confused with everyone saying Bagon are actully there!

  42. king o games says:

    to al3. you need to enter a nintendo event to get the aurora ticket,old sea map or mystic ticket

  43. king o games says:

    my team is:
    RAYQUAZA LV 100 X6

  44. king o games says:

    to clone go to battle tower.put in 4 pokemon to the pc.make sure it is the only 4 in the box.come out of the game.go back into the pc.take out the 4 go to the link battle to the lady.she will ask you to pick two pokemon.DO NOT CHOOSE THE POKEMON YOU WISH TO CLONE! after this she will say you need to save the game.there will be a two second pause.then she will ask you to save the game.TURN THE GAME OFF NOW!turn the game back will be standing on front of the lady.look in your party.the pokemon will be there.they will also be in the box you put them can also give the pokemon you clone items. cloning is 100% safe in emerald.i would not advise you to try this in a different game! THANK YOU FOR READING!!!!!!

  45. king o games says:

    u need 2 go 2 a nintendo event to get lugia deoxys or mew

  46. flyingblaziken says:

    Kai, The only way to get that stuff is with Action Replay. This is the first edition of flyingblaziken Science.

  47. kai says:

    how to get old sea map, mystic ticket?

  48. flyingblaziken says:

    I agree froggy15. And you only get 3 bp every 7 battles? It’ s not worth the time.

  49. froggy15 says:

    To Alec$,
    If you have played this game than you have been there. Go west of Fallarbor Town, then go south and through the mountains and you will end up in Meteor Falls.

  50. bronx? says:

    i got 5 raquazaz lv100 ,5 enteii lv 100 , 10 mew two lv 100, 4 regi trios lv80, 2 groudons lv 100 , 1 kyogre lv90 , 3 zapdos’ lv 100,3 articunos lv 50,3 moltres’ lv 80

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