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Plants vs. Zombies

Do you know any hints?

Games Guru: Buy stuff in the store with your points! My strategy? Plant many sunflowers. Always use a bomb or a peashooter of some sort. Plant a rock and put that giant purple zombie-eating plant behind it. Grind, grind, grind your way through.

Dear Games Guru, What are the strategies for defeating the zombies in the fog? Thank you!

Games Guru: Arm yourself with Planterns, which have sufficient illumination power to cut right through a sizable area of fog. Also plan to use the Torchwood (in combination with the pea-shooter strains of course, for fireball effect); the Torchwood doesn’t illuminate as much foggy area as Plantern, but is somewhat effective. Also the Blover plant, normally used for blowing back the balloon zombies, is helpful in pushing the fog back – temporarily!

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26 Comments on Plants vs. Zombies

  1. wow plants vs zomdies is between borning and awesome
    but it’s ok and if u what to play it u got to have
    a fast computer have fun +D

  2. This is the best game ever

  3. it is fun!

  4. How do you play?

  5. I once played this game at Staples

  6. How do you beat 5-8???? It’s reallllllly hard!!!!!

  7. I can’t get through the darn water levels1

    • @ Rampage, make sure you have Sunflowers, Lily Pads, and Potato Mines. When you start, start cranking out sunflowers like crazy! But don’t plant em in the water. When a zombie comes, plant a Potato Mine 6 squares away from the zombie, and it’ll eventually die. (The zombie not the Potato Mine)You should have 2 rows of Sunflowers on the land by the time the second zombie dies. Hopefully you can manage from there.

      Oh yeah, and get Cattails ASAP, you plant em on Lily Pads, and they’ll attack any lane. They PWN!

  8. A random dude // December 10, 2010 at 3:11 pm // Reply

    Does anyone know how tall the tree of wisdom can get? I’ve already grown it 101 feet, and I’m wondering if it’s a waste of money.

  9. To add on to what Fire Emblem said, keep in mind that cabbagepults and kernelpults do damage to one zombie, but melonpults do damage to all of the zombies in the vicinity of the initial zombie the melonpult was targeting. Spread out your melonpults. Also, Jalepenos do a sizable amount of damage to Dr. Zomboss. Just don’t use them while Dr. Zomboss is frozen, it will completely defrost him.

  10. Zombie Killer // December 8, 2010 at 5:23 pm // Reply

    How do you deafeat Dr.Zomboss?

    • He’s REALLY hard. When he makes an ice ball, use a Jalepeno in the lane the ice ball is in, it will melt the it. Use a freeze shroom ANYWHERE to get rid of the fire balls. MAKE SURE you always have at least one of each. And it helps to use a freeze shroom on Dr. Zomboss to inflict more damage when his head’s vulnerable (as long as you have an extra one of course) Hope that helps!

    • There are cheat codes for this game too!

      future: gives most zombies funky futuristic glasses.

      mustache: ditto.

      trickedout: turns lawn mowers into mini-monster trucks.

      daisies: makes daisies grow over places where zombies die.

      Regrettably, none have any practical effect.

    • you dont

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