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Plants vs. Zombies

Do you know any hints?

Games Guru: Buy stuff in the store with your points! My strategy? Plant many sunflowers. Always use a bomb or a peashooter of some sort. Plant a rock and put that giant purple zombie-eating plant behind it. Grind, grind, grind your way through.

Dear Games Guru, What are the strategies for defeating the zombies in the fog? Thank you!

Games Guru: Arm yourself with Planterns, which have sufficient illumination power to cut right through a sizable area of fog. Also plan to use the Torchwood (in combination with the pea-shooter strains of course, for fireball effect); the Torchwood doesn’t illuminate as much foggy area as Plantern, but is somewhat effective. Also the Blover plant, normally used for blowing back the balloon zombies, is helpful in pushing the fog back – temporarily!

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  1. i’m gonna put a gatling pea behind a torchwood & see what happens

  2. Its cooL

  3. i have this gam for itouch; LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  4. i have the trial version on my computer. crazy dave wont let me go any farther (cause i dont have the full version.) any tips?

    • Sorry, but in order to progress through the game, you will have to buy the full version. You can download it from the Pop Cap website for $20.00

    • if u do not want any trouble with downloading or paying a lot, just get plants vs zombies on the ipad or iphone for $1!features:zen garden,minigames,quick play,and adventure mode cost features the same things except it has higher quality & multi-touch.

  5. A random dude // January 27, 2011 at 2:15 pm // Reply

    This is an awesome game for the DS because you can do vs. mode.

  6. Can anybody tell me some cheat codes for this game? (Besides future,
    mustache, trickedout, and daisies)

  7. It’s out for the DS now and the graphics are CRUMMY!

  8. if you want to use things like daisies and dance you need to have your tree of wisdom 1000 feet tall

  9. i realy want to play this game so can anybody give me tips on how to defeat dr zomboss?

    • A random dude // January 27, 2011 at 2:21 pm // Reply

      Just keep your plants in a straight orderly line. You need to save your freeze shroom and your jalapenos. When he launches an ice ball use the jalapenos in the same lane as the fire ball. And when he launches the fire ball use your ice shroom. It does not matter where you use the ice shroom. But make sure you have some extra room for your jalapenos.

    • first put the watermelon pults in the back second put the kernal pults inthe second row third put the cabbage pults then put a row of flower pots in front when the boss leans use the ice shroom to freeze him when you see a fire ball use your ice shroom when you see a ice ball use your jalepeno

    • I’ve already said in my message to Zombie Killer.

    • Just save up on flower pots, jalapenos, and ice-shrooms and you’ll survive if he throws a car at your plants or if he barfs out a fire or ice ball

  10. buy the xbox 360 pop cap collection if you have. one it is only $20 and it has zuma, plants vs. zombies and peggle

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