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Pokemon Sapphire Version

Where do you find the hm underwater?

Games Guru: The Mossdeep space station — only it’s called Dive.

How do I get a Pokeblock case?

Games Guru: Speak with the little girl in the Contest House in Slateport.

I go to wally house, but his dad does not give me a SURF move. Help me…

Games Guru: Have you beaten Norman, “your father,” in the Petalburg Gym yet?

How do you get to space to catch something?

Games Guru: There is a persistent rumor that you can launch into space from the space station. I have never seen any proof of this.

How do I get the Waterfall move?

Games Guru: It’s in the same cave as Kyrogue, the cave of origin.

How do I make small evolving of Snorlax called Muchlax?

Games Guru: As far as I know, Muchlax is NOT on the Sapphire pokedex. Sorry.

How do you clone Pokemon in this game?

Games Guru: Of all the Pokemon games, I think I have played through this one the most and have never run into Pokemon cloning.

Where will I find Steven and Wallace together in Sootopolis City?

Games Guru: Look in front of the cave.

How do you catch the pokemon Feebas? What kind of rod?

Games Guru: Feebas is on Route 119, but he will only appear in a very small area, and that area changes around. I can’t give you a particular spot on that route; all I can say is hunt and hunt and hunt, and you should find one.

As for the rod, it does not appear to make much of a difference, though I recommend using the good or great rod.

Where do you get the TM move Surf?

Games Guru: Go to Wally’s house in Petalburg and speak with his dad.

How do you get gym leader Wallace’s gym doors open?

Games Guru: Once you have explored the Cave of Origin, Wallace will open the doors to the gym.

How do I defeat the Pokemon League?

Games Guru: I am assuming you mean the Elite Four. If this is not the case, please write back.

Beating the Elite Four plus Wallace (the champion) requires Pokemon of various types. Sidney, the first of the Elite Four, has a Shiftry and Cacturne that will cause you fits if you don’t take them out quickly. Fire and ice both work well on them, if you hit them quickly. Earthquake works well on his Mightyena.

Phoebe, the next member of the Elite Four, has ghosts. Use electricity on her Banettes and Sableye. Use water on her Dusclops.

Next comes Glacia, the ice queen. If she just had normal water Pokemon, you could take them all out with plants, but her Pokemon have cold attacks. Use electricity on her Sealeos and Walrein. Try fire on her Glalies.

Then there’s Drake, the really, really irritating dragon guy. His Pokemon don’t like ice attacks. Most of them are immune to earthquakes. Use electricity on his Kingdra.

Last but not least comes Wallace. If you have a strong electric Pokemon, this should go pretty well. If not, well, you’ll gain a lot of experience repeating your way through the Elite Four.

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25 Comments on Pokemon Sapphire Version

  1. where do u get the coin case? PLEASE TELL ME!

  2. I was in Paciflog Town and I went on the currents and I came across a place where you dive. Then I went and got my little brothers GameBoy to play his Sapphire (because I’m using a emulator and can’t see under water) then I followed where I was going on the GameBoy then I came across a place with dots on the wall and when I used dive again I was in a cave? (Any other place where I used dive to go back up It took me to the beginning) Does anyone know what these are. I read on the Interenet that this is where you find one of the Regi pokemon… but you need to other pokemon I don’t have.

    P.S. The cave has Boulders with dots on them and at the very top there are some on the wall????

  3. To JJG,

    I think I already answered this in another game but just to make sure; you give the fossil to the scientist on the 2nd floor of the devon corporation building that is in the bottom right hand corner in Rustboro City. SHOAL cave is on route 125 which is above Mossdeep City. It is Spheal and Snorunt.

  4. Where is the cave ( I forget what it is called) that you catch speal ( or whatever his name is) and the pokemon who evolves into Glaciers( Don’t quite remember what his name is)

  5. To Froggy,

    I just like to cheat. The only thing that really sucks is that my pokedex dosn’t show all the pokemon I used with cheats ( Lugia, Raikou. Mew, and Celibi all at level 100 but I only use Mew now and I’ll soon give him up when I find Latiaos or whatever he is) on my pokedex and my Hall of Fame is corrupt and I can’t take them to the battle tower because it sais I have to many pokemon even if I don’t and the battle tower thinks my Celibi is a bad egg? Whats up with that??

  6. Where do I take my Claw Fossil. I have done it before… but now I forget.

  7. I almost got a Salmalence!! 🙂

  8. To JJG,

    I respect your Kyogre, Metang, Swampert because you trained them but the other three are kinda cheap. I would work on getting three other pokemon too so you can have a respectable team. For example in my crystal version I have 15 level 100 pokemon but my faviorate team is at level 60.

  9. To JJG,

    Oh I love Metagross, I said I am dissapointed I cant breed more of them, some times I didnt like him when I was training him though for he would get masacered against Magnetons. It evolves at level 20 into Metang and level 45 into Metagross. What level was your Raqauza at? What nannoo said was preety much right I just wanted to say that Bagon evolves at level 30 and Shelgon at level 50 into salmance; and Traponch evolves at level 35 (I would wait to 41 though so it learns dig unless you still have earthquake), and Vibrave evolves at level 45 into Flygon.

  10. Please rate my team:

    Ludicolo- lvl 97- knows Nature Power, Surf, Strength, Mega Drain

    Kyogre- lvl 53- knows Surf. Waterfall, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump

    Metang- lvl 40- knows Strength, Hyper Beam, Psychic, Take Down

    Swampert- lvl 57- knows Strength, Surf, Earthquake, Protect

    Mew- lvl 100- knows- Fly, Surf, Psychic, Ancientpower

    Raikou- lvl 100- knows Thunder, Crunch, Rock Smash, Dig

    (The last two I used a GameShark, and the first one I used a GameShark to catch a level 96 lotad………………… hehe And also I just got Metang and Kyogre)

  11. 814 – JJG… For Shelgon, you must catch a Bagon in Meteor Falls, for ArMaldo, you must get his fossil, and for Flygon, you must evolve him from a Trapinch.

  12. Where do you get shelgon??

    Or Araldo?

    Or Flygon?

    The Elite four have these pokemon but there is no where to get them. Is it because there are different pokemon that evolve into them??

    I want them really bad.

  13. I hate Raqauza. I took him to the Pokemon League and he was deafeted in the first battle!!

  14. To Froggy

    What level does Metang evolve?

    And why don’t you like him. (Even though I have never used him in battle) I like him.

  15. To JJG,

    I have my Metagross at level 60. I think it sucks that it can’t breed though, I want more of them.

  16. I’m just putting this out there but..

    I LOVE MY BELDUM (The Pokemon that evolves into Metagross) right now as I’m posting this I’m in the Pokemon League raising his levels. I gave him a EXP. SHARE and I’m using my level 100 MEW(witch I got by cheating) and since level 100 pokemon can’t gain points all the exp. points go to Beldum.

    P.S. I don’t think anyone cares.

  17. To alia,

    Sky pilliar can be found on the north part of route 131 after you beat the elite four.

  18. where do u find the sky pillar

  19. do you know anything about emerald

  20. how do you clone pokemonon the version

  21. To suppokemon,

    I would give your team a very low score for you did not raise or train any of them. I do not no the rules for pokemon sapphire but in the older games these pokemon would not obey you. The only time you should use action replay is to complete your pokedex, not to beat the main quest of the game.

  22. To Fluffy Bunny,

    You trade a seadra that is holding a dragon scale.

  23. To Fred,

    I must say I am impressed. Your team can take out 15/17 types with a super effective move. But, if you took out machamp and put in a strong dark pokemon, and made the fourth move for Marshtomp, (by the way you should probably evolve it), Brick Break than you would be able to have a super effective for 17/17 types. Just take this in to consideration for your team sounds very strong.

  24. i need help with the Battle tower Accidently presed enter

  25. For the battle tower I have a:

    Alakazam : Ice Punch ,fire punch, thunder punch, Phscic

    Machamp : Cross chop, Karate chop, strength, vital throw

    Marshtomp : Earth quake, Surf, Hydro pump

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