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Pokemon Sapphire Version

Where do you find the hm underwater?

Games Guru: The Mossdeep space station — only it’s called Dive.

How do I get a Pokeblock case?

Games Guru: Speak with the little girl in the Contest House in Slateport.

I go to wally house, but his dad does not give me a SURF move. Help me…

Games Guru: Have you beaten Norman, “your father,” in the Petalburg Gym yet?

How do you get to space to catch something?

Games Guru: There is a persistent rumor that you can launch into space from the space station. I have never seen any proof of this.

How do I get the Waterfall move?

Games Guru: It’s in the same cave as Kyrogue, the cave of origin.

How do I make small evolving of Snorlax called Muchlax?

Games Guru: As far as I know, Muchlax is NOT on the Sapphire pokedex. Sorry.

How do you clone Pokemon in this game?

Games Guru: Of all the Pokemon games, I think I have played through this one the most and have never run into Pokemon cloning.

Where will I find Steven and Wallace together in Sootopolis City?

Games Guru: Look in front of the cave.

How do you catch the pokemon Feebas? What kind of rod?

Games Guru: Feebas is on Route 119, but he will only appear in a very small area, and that area changes around. I can’t give you a particular spot on that route; all I can say is hunt and hunt and hunt, and you should find one.

As for the rod, it does not appear to make much of a difference, though I recommend using the good or great rod.

Where do you get the TM move Surf?

Games Guru: Go to Wally’s house in Petalburg and speak with his dad.

How do you get gym leader Wallace’s gym doors open?

Games Guru: Once you have explored the Cave of Origin, Wallace will open the doors to the gym.

How do I defeat the Pokemon League?

Games Guru: I am assuming you mean the Elite Four. If this is not the case, please write back.

Beating the Elite Four plus Wallace (the champion) requires Pokemon of various types. Sidney, the first of the Elite Four, has a Shiftry and Cacturne that will cause you fits if you don’t take them out quickly. Fire and ice both work well on them, if you hit them quickly. Earthquake works well on his Mightyena.

Phoebe, the next member of the Elite Four, has ghosts. Use electricity on her Banettes and Sableye. Use water on her Dusclops.

Next comes Glacia, the ice queen. If she just had normal water Pokemon, you could take them all out with plants, but her Pokemon have cold attacks. Use electricity on her Sealeos and Walrein. Try fire on her Glalies.

Then there’s Drake, the really, really irritating dragon guy. His Pokemon don’t like ice attacks. Most of them are immune to earthquakes. Use electricity on his Kingdra.

Last but not least comes Wallace. If you have a strong electric Pokemon, this should go pretty well. If not, well, you’ll gain a lot of experience repeating your way through the Elite Four.


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  1. yl says:

    how do you catch raqaza

  2. Mr.Man says:

    My team is-

  3. PkmnTrainerWhite says:

    Can play this game on the DS/DS lite?

  4. nicholiboom says:

    my team
    feraligatr 100
    pellipper 100
    meganium 100
    aggron 100
    sableye 100
    typhlosion 100

  5. grassfire69 says:

    i found out that if you get the national pokedex by trading from different pokemon games like sliver.then you go to the space staion then they send you to space

  6. squeekeee...... says:

    this is squeekee with a new cheat: tired of seeing eggs all over ur pokemon storage? u can get rid of them faster this way:
    find a pokemon with the abilities FLAME BODY or MAGMA ARMOR. magmar and slugma are the best 2 i know of for this cheat. get ur mach bike, and put ur egg next to slugma or magmar. the egg hatches 4 times faster. this cheat works for ruby, sapphire, and emerald. happy hatching!!!

  7. I'm an addict says:

    Wow the champion is Steven not wally! And the best pokemon for beating the elite four and STEVEN are: kyogre and blaziken! Blaziken needs to know blaze kick sky uppercut mirror move and arial ace!!

  8. shinx 45 says:

    my best was my level 58 blaziken my other backup was my lev. 42 breloom

  9. reversed says:

    I kow how to get 1000 master balls (P.S. its true.)

  10. pokemon409 says:

    where is a good place to train so that you can get through victory road and beat the elite four?

  11. black-out says:

    is it true you can go to space to catch deoxes
    and if you can how many rocket launches does it take ?????Please reply

    • ethanhen says:

      You can catch the spaceship launch and in doing so catch a legendary (either Deoxys or Celebi) only in the Japanese versions, so unless you cheat or have international versions of the game, sorry you don’t get to ride the rocket.

  12. sigma45 says:


    • coteup says:

      keep going from route to city dont just go around randomly. Just go from slateport, up, and down again, eventually it will be in your route

      • hobo joe says:

        actually refer to your pokenavigator it shows u the location

      • sigma45 says:

        that isn’t the problem it is at red health, and nothing works to catch it, plus, I don’t have a pokemon fast enough to put it to sleep or anything like that.

      • brendan & may says:

        get a pokemon with shadow tag and a crobat w/ mean look
        you also need a timer ball
        stock up other balls so u could increase the no of turns in the battle then
        you might get lucky

  13. squappy says:


  14. pokemaster577 says:

    can you go to space?

  15. TwilightGurl says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get to route 127 to get to ever grande town? I can’t seem to get there

  16. ready to catch 'em all 20984 says:

    how do you get a rayquaza? and if you can get a groudon where is he?

    • sigma45 says:

      you can find raquaza in the sky pillar

    • Chimcharman says:

      For rayquaza, you need a Mach Bike and you need to fall to the middle of the second floor of Sky Pillar.To catch Kyogre,Surf near R119.Dive then there is a rock. when you finish reading,go to the other side and go into the room. Use RSmash,go in the room, and youll find it.I suggest having abilty Shadow Tag and Arena Trap.

  17. sigma 45 says:

    how do u get tm fly plese help

  18. brendan & may says:

    can anyone give me the list of tickets that will take u 2 the islands that have legendary pokemon?

    • froggy17 says:

      Sure: eon ticekt in sapphire version takes you to latios, ruby takes you to latias, aurora ticket takes you to deoxys in emerald version, mystic ticket takes you to Ho-oh and Lugia in emrald version, and the old sea map takes you to mew in emrald version. If you want to know about other games feel free to ask.

  19. brendan & may says:

    do the three legendary dogs appear in this game?

  20. jarod93 says:

    i heard somewhere th at if u give ur starter pokemon a whiteflute then go to that girl in vanderturf town thate rates how much ur pokemon loves u and show her ur starter with the white flute and u must have an acro bike then goto that guy in mauville city that says even if ur riding a bike wild pokemon can jump u then goto the last patch of grass in route 110 and hop there ull find a celebi is this true

  21. brendan & may says:

    hey everyone. this is my first time posting.
    before i can say anything can anybody rate my team?

    Blaziken 58
    Raichu 53
    Roselia 53
    Azumarril 54
    Flygon 53
    Wailord 53

    • froggy17 says:

      I would give it an 8/10, you don’t need two water pokemon. I like the rest of your team though, good job not usuing all legendary like some people do.

      • brendan & may says:

        i know i don’t need 2 water Pokemon but i don’t want a Pokemon with 3 hm moves

      • brendan & may says:

        oh i forgot to say. i don’t like legendaries for my party. besides i like to use diff Pokemon every-time i play anew game.

      • froggy17 says:

        I understand what you mean but you rarely need dive or waterfall, so you could just take out the pokemon when you need to use it, or I would suggest having an ice pokemon to learn them instead of two water. I know what you mean, on ruby I have three teams worth of pokemon that I rotate out to keep it interesting.

    • winner68 says:

      my team
      Blaziken lv 100
      Swampert lv 100
      Swellow lv 69
      Kyogre lv 96
      Raquaza lv 74
      Skeptile lv 70

    • conwere says:

      yes and no. you need to train if you want to beat the E4. I yoused 2 pokemon to win

    • coolguy says:

      nice team. is good

    • pokemaster577 says:

      2/10 thats a horrable team you need aleast a level 100 on there but not counting levels 10/10 thats a great team beat the elite four 87 times then the game was stolen out of my back pack you can catch rayqaza by going to the tower by the floating town no you can not catch groudon

    • Sciencedud says:

      @brendan & may

      i give ur party a 5 out of 10

      • brendan & may says:

        i made a new game w/ the same party
        then i worked really hard 4 it
        i have no trade buddies so i used up all my time training and evolving all pokemon now i have 171 pokedex data w/o a single trade

  22. Untouched says:

    Where in the world do you get dig
    and if you say diglit/dotrio where can i find him/her

    • froggy17 says:

      Talk to the fossil maniac on route 114, either he or his freind give it to you. The only pokemon that learn it naturally on this game are Nincada at level 45 and trapinch at level 41.

  23. Bacon says:

    How do i catch rayquaza after beating the elite 4?

    • froggy17 says:

      Check the top part of route 131, you will find that a gap has formed letting you enter Sky Pillar, make sure to bring a Mach Bike.

  24. cotelp new smarter version! says:

    poll:best fire pokemon?


    poll ends june 2nd

  25. alex says:

    where do you find ghost typ pokemon

  26. alex says:

    list of fire ice electrice

  27. alex says:

    if you beAT kyroge can you get another chance

  28. mike says:

    I found a treeko in tall grass bofor

  29. j zorn says:

    how do you get to wallace in sapphire?

    • froggy17 says:

      Watch the submarine get stolen in the Slateport City harbor. Then go to route 137 and dive underwater. Find team aqua’s base and watch kyogre vanish. Go to the cave of origin and catch Kyogre. Then you can battle Wallace.

  30. Patouth7 says:

    Theoretically, the Elite 4 are the former Pokemon league champions, right?
    So therefore, Phobe, the Ghost trainer, beat Sidney, the Dark trainer, and Glacia, the Ice trainer, beat Sidney and Phobe, but was defeated by Drake, the dragon trainer.
    Dark beats Ghost and Ice beats Dragon.
    So how does this work?

  31. Kasa says:

    If you want to clone a pokemon I heard you deposit the pokemon and then save but when it says saving don’t turn of power turn off then on.

  32. Kasa says:

    The champion is Steven!!!

  33. sapphire player says:

    i can’t get my pokedex own number over 166 how do i get it higher than that?

    • froggy17 says:

      I know on ruby the most you can get with out traiding is 178 so it is most likely around that on sapphire. Tell me some of the ones you are missing and maybe I can help you find them.

      • winner68 says:

        on my pokedex I have 266 pokemon but thats only because I have sapphire ,emerald ,ruby and leaf green

  34. toprangerlvl.10 says:

    How do you catch a Raquaza?I reallllllly want one. Will it help me defeat the elite four & Wallace?

    • sapphire player says:

      you catch rayquaza after you beat the elite 4

    • serp101 says:

      If you wanna Rayquasa, go to sky pillar. Get a Mach Bike.GO to third floor,and fall to the second floor’s middle.Rayquasa will know:Fly Outrage Dragon Claw Rest.I would use FALSE SWIPE while rayquasa used REST.

  35. pokemon409 says:

    im making a new team for the elite four. also, how do you beat wally? thanks

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