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Pokemon Sapphire Version

Where do you find the hm underwater?

Games Guru: The Mossdeep space station — only it’s called Dive.

How do I get a Pokeblock case?

Games Guru: Speak with the little girl in the Contest House in Slateport.

I go to wally house, but his dad does not give me a SURF move. Help me…

Games Guru: Have you beaten Norman, “your father,” in the Petalburg Gym yet?

How do you get to space to catch something?

Games Guru: There is a persistent rumor that you can launch into space from the space station. I have never seen any proof of this.

How do I get the Waterfall move?

Games Guru: It’s in the same cave as Kyrogue, the cave of origin.

How do I make small evolving of Snorlax called Muchlax?

Games Guru: As far as I know, Muchlax is NOT on the Sapphire pokedex. Sorry.

How do you clone Pokemon in this game?

Games Guru: Of all the Pokemon games, I think I have played through this one the most and have never run into Pokemon cloning.

Where will I find Steven and Wallace together in Sootopolis City?

Games Guru: Look in front of the cave.

How do you catch the pokemon Feebas? What kind of rod?

Games Guru: Feebas is on Route 119, but he will only appear in a very small area, and that area changes around. I can’t give you a particular spot on that route; all I can say is hunt and hunt and hunt, and you should find one.

As for the rod, it does not appear to make much of a difference, though I recommend using the good or great rod.

Where do you get the TM move Surf?

Games Guru: Go to Wally’s house in Petalburg and speak with his dad.

How do you get gym leader Wallace’s gym doors open?

Games Guru: Once you have explored the Cave of Origin, Wallace will open the doors to the gym.

How do I defeat the Pokemon League?

Games Guru: I am assuming you mean the Elite Four. If this is not the case, please write back.

Beating the Elite Four plus Wallace (the champion) requires Pokemon of various types. Sidney, the first of the Elite Four, has a Shiftry and Cacturne that will cause you fits if you don’t take them out quickly. Fire and ice both work well on them, if you hit them quickly. Earthquake works well on his Mightyena.

Phoebe, the next member of the Elite Four, has ghosts. Use electricity on her Banettes and Sableye. Use water on her Dusclops.

Next comes Glacia, the ice queen. If she just had normal water Pokemon, you could take them all out with plants, but her Pokemon have cold attacks. Use electricity on her Sealeos and Walrein. Try fire on her Glalies.

Then there’s Drake, the really, really irritating dragon guy. His Pokemon don’t like ice attacks. Most of them are immune to earthquakes. Use electricity on his Kingdra.

Last but not least comes Wallace. If you have a strong electric Pokemon, this should go pretty well. If not, well, you’ll gain a lot of experience repeating your way through the Elite Four.

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25 Comments on Pokemon Sapphire Version

  1. To ren,

    I don’t support any bootlegged pokemon games. Are you sure about bagon, all of my sources say he should be comman and I found him in about 50 sec? Is he really that hard to find?

  2. bagon is not very easy to catch so take a pokemon that knows sweet scent with you and use sweet scent and i think it is better to try catching him at about 6:00 or 7:00 like JJG said 🙂

  3. bagon is not very easy to catch so take a pokemon that knows sweet scent with you and use sweet scent and i think it is better to try catching him at about 6:00 or 7:00 like JJG said 🙂

  4. pokemon quartz is the most sick game i have ever played! who agrees with me?

  5. To cory,

    On route 118 there is a fisherman on the other side of the water that will give it to you.

  6. where do i get good rod?

  7. how to get mewtwo in very easy

  8. I had the same problem catching Bagon. So i waited till later in the day and then i caught him. I think i caught him a little after 6 pm.

  9. To jirachi17170,

    Well if you are playing ruby or sapphire then you just haven’t been patience enough to find bagon. I have caught one in there myself so I know it is possible and they are very common. I am not certain if bagon are as common in emerald so my advice is just keep looking. Oh, and are you in the room with dragon claw in it? Just making sure you are in the right room.

  10. were do you find mew or mewtwo in sapphire

  11. jirachi17170 // January 29, 2008 at 3:17 pm // Reply

    To JJG,

    To find Raquaza, go to pacifalog town, then surf to the east a bit, then go through this maze of rocks, then you’ll find land with a cave. go into the cave, then go up a few stairs untill you get outside. then there will be the Sky Pillar.

    P.S. to get to Raquaza, you’ll also need a Mach Bike to get past the crumbling floor.

    P.S.S. Latias and Latios run all over Hoenn after beating Elite Four. Hope this helps!

  12. jirachi17170 // January 29, 2008 at 3:01 pm // Reply

    How do get bagon? i’ve already gone to meteor falls, into the small room, but then what do u do?

  13. jirachi17170 // January 29, 2008 at 2:43 pm // Reply

    When you go to mystery gift after unlocking it, what do you do next?! Please answer back.

  14. Its weird about the Wishtag thing because eveysite I have visited has said that it isn’t real and some have… but the lady standing beside that rock does say something about wanting a Wishtag… but that dosn’t really mean its in the game.

  15. To JJG,

    I have never heard anything about a wish tag but that might be because I have never owned pokemon stadium and that is what is required to get jirache. Chimecho is not a praticulary good pokemon but it is rare. It appears on the summit of Mt. Pyre less than 2% of the time. It is the chansey of the 3rd generation games so to speak. It took me longer to catch feebas and relicanth though.

  16. I have this hairbrained Idea that if maybe you were to find a friend who has a game shark or an instant replay, try to get as many Legendary pokemon as you can, then get fav., then work on all of them until they aer really strong, then go and use your new pokemon, or else borrow some really strong pokemon from a relative or a friend, making a deal with him/her to lend your pokemon…. does anyone have any valid cheat’s?

  17. My last comment said go west i meant go east then west non very far from Paciflog town.

  18. In my last comment I mean East then west

  19. Jarachi Dude // January 27, 2008 at 6:29 pm // Reply

    Pokemon Sapphire is pretty cool,but i still can’t catch Jarachi.My friend & i once built an entire party of legendary pokemon.I really want to catch JARACHI.

  20. Gameshark help // January 27, 2008 at 4:10 pm // Reply

    I need help!!!!Where do you put the codes in gameshark please answer!

  21. To koalsome,

    Rayquaza is on the north part of route north part of route 131 after you beat the elite four. You will need a mach bike. You can get a round tv at the lilycove department store close out sales. Watch your tv for them after you beat the elite four.

  22. To Koalsome

    To get to the Sky Pillar where Raquazza is you’ll first need to have beaten the eilte four and then go to Paciflog town and surf west just a little ways then you’ll find a way through the rocks that wasn’t there before.

  23. What is a wishtag? I read on the internet that if you get a wishtag and take it to the rock by Mossdeep Sapce Station that a Jirachi will attack you is true?

    P.S. I am trying to catch a Chimecho right now but having trouble. My little brother caufgt his really fast. Is this a good pokemon to be looking for?

  24. To hManz

    What are they… oh wait I don’t think you’re aloud to list cheats here are you??

  25. how to get a shiny pokwmon

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