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Pokemon Silver Version

How do you get all 3 starter Pokemon?

Games Guru: You need to trade for them. You can only pick one, so you will need to get another cartridge and trade. Sorry.

Can you please give me some ideas on what I should do now that I have completed my pokedex with all 251 Pokemon and they are all at level 100? I really like Pokemon, but I’m running out of stuff to do on it.

Games Guru: Whoa! My friend, you should be telling me what to do. I have never caught ’em all and never had the stick-to-it stuff to train even 10 of my Pokemon that ultimate level. Have you found every TM? You must have. I am guessing that the only thing left for you to do is to get Pokemon Yellow or Crystal and start the quest all over again.

How can I open the cave of Mewtwo? And what do I need to have?

Games Guru: As I understand it, the only way to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Silver is to trade with someone who captured it in Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue. Please let me know if you hear differently.

How do you capture Mew, MewTwo and Celibe? Is there any trick to catching the three legendary Pokemon?

Games Guru: I have never gone after Mew or Celibe, but I have caught MewTwo a time or two. Your best bet is to use a Master Ball — the one-size-fits-all Pokemon catcher. If you don’t have a Master Ball, try freezing MewTwo. He’s easier to catch when he’s frozen.

How do I get the generator piece?

Games Guru: Have you searched the pond in the Cerulean Gym?

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25 Comments on Pokemon Silver Version

  1. Warning: the glitch I told earlier (See below) will NOT work with Red and Blue versions. I have tested it and the result is you loseing your save data.(only in Red and Blue versions) On Silver and Gold it has been tested on multiple copys of the games and works fine, but one more time do NOT use it on Red or Blue

  2. how do you get mewtwo in pokemon pearl?

  3. To fred,

    Talk to the old man in Pewter city to the right of the pokemon center.

  4. where do i get rainbow wing and catch luigia???

    for silver

  5. ive caught mew and got him and mewtwo and all legendary birds and dogs on level 100 i cant seem to find celibi without a cheat but i have 2 on level 100

  6. To p,

    Talk to the lady with green hair on the first floor of the radio tower in Goldenrod city. If you answer her questions right she will give you a radio card. Hit start and pokegear and the radio will now be an option.

  7. how do i play the radio cause i dont have it when i cheack in my gear

  8. the only pokemon i want to catch is the 3 lendary dogs

  9. if u get all the legendary dogs( entie suicune ricue) and birds (zapdos articuno moltres) go to varidian city in Kanto to the trainer house there should be a lady she’ll give u a GS BALL go to ILEX FOREST put the GS BALL on the SHRINE and CELIBE should apear (LV 5)

  10. I know a glitch that allows you to duplicate pokemon (cheat also works on gold version) you go to a P.C. and deposit the pokemon you want to duplicate. Next switch boxes and while it is about in the middle of the saving message you turn it off. when you turn it back on you will have 1 of that pokemon in each area (your team and your P.C.)This works because it saves that the pokemon you duplicated is in your team and in the P.C. at the same time(items held are also duplicated).

  11. To mace231,

    Why dont you ask on firered? Well anyway, no you can not withouht a gameshark or going to a nintendo event.

  12. To master456,

    No. The games are to diffrent and firered will not recognize the cords that the 2nd generation games used to trade.

  13. can you tell me if i can get cindaquil on pokemon fire red.

  14. can you trade pokemon off of gold on to fire red.

  15. To cristian g,

    I am sorry but you can only get a GS ball in the Japanees version of crystal version. I can tell you how to do mystery gift if you would like though. First talk to the girl on the fifth floor of the department store in Goldenrod City. After you do this been you turn your gameboy on you will notice a button that says mystery gift below the continue button. Select this and with a friend hold the black squares at the top of your game boy colors together and then press A at the same time. Note: this only works in crystal version.

  16. to Nanoo 1992 says: how do you do mystry gift? plese tell me cuz i know that you need a gs ball to get celebi but do i activate mystery gift?

  17. To ash,

    Thank you for that post but it has some errors. Lugia can most easily be reached from the Northeast entrance, it is Burned tower in Ecruteak city not slowpoke well that you see the legendary dogs, and you do not get them on your pokedex after this accounter you have to randomly find them in the wild before you can track them down.

  18. i know where is lugia is….it is in one of those four island in johto!!!!! and i know how u can capture all the three lendary dogs! first u have to go in the slowpoke cave and just kept going until u saw three different color of animal and that is the three lendary dogs but first don’t go near it’s or other wise it will run away from u…….just go near it a little bit then open ya poke’dence to see if it’s on there…..and then u can go near but let tell u one thing because when go near its…it’s going to run away from u but its ok because it’s is int ya poke’dence!!!!

  19. To 123-doggy-456,

    The only way to catch Celebi is to give Kirk the GS ball and a day later he will tell you there is something wrong in the forest and when you go to its shrine it will battle you at level 30. I hope I didnt get your hopes up though because the GS ball can only be obtained through the Jappense version, don’t belive any other ways people say, I have investigate them all and none of them work.

  20. 123-doggy-456 // December 24, 2007 at 8:29 pm // Reply

    where can i get celebi in pokemon silver?

  21. To i rule,

    It is quite simple to trade the legendary birds from red/blue/yellow version. If you have a chord that can connect two gameboys just go to the top of any pokecenter (or the right in the older games) in both of the games and follow the instructions. Just remember, you can’t have any pokemon that have been discovered yet or that know moves that don’t exsist yet. If this is not what you are asking let me know.

  22. can anyone tell me how to get the pokemon like the 3 legedary birds or how to trade with the people red and blue?

  23. To kp

    how did you get that cave to open? could i get specifics? that sounds awesome.

  24. To Johncow2,

    Excuse me, I too have caught all of the pokemon but you still can’t catch celibie with out a Gs ball which can only be obtained in the Japanese version. I would do some more research before you say that the unanimous comments of this website for three months is wrong for we know for a fact that by not using a cheat you can not catch Celibie on the English Version of the game.

  25. its borin

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