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Pokemon Silver Version

How do you get all 3 starter Pokemon?

Games Guru: You need to trade for them. You can only pick one, so you will need to get another cartridge and trade. Sorry.

Can you please give me some ideas on what I should do now that I have completed my pokedex with all 251 Pokemon and they are all at level 100? I really like Pokemon, but I’m running out of stuff to do on it.

Games Guru: Whoa! My friend, you should be telling me what to do. I have never caught ’em all and never had the stick-to-it stuff to train even 10 of my Pokemon that ultimate level. Have you found every TM? You must have. I am guessing that the only thing left for you to do is to get Pokemon Yellow or Crystal and start the quest all over again.

How can I open the cave of Mewtwo? And what do I need to have?

Games Guru: As I understand it, the only way to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Silver is to trade with someone who captured it in Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue. Please let me know if you hear differently.

How do you capture Mew, MewTwo and Celibe? Is there any trick to catching the three legendary Pokemon?

Games Guru: I have never gone after Mew or Celibe, but I have caught MewTwo a time or two. Your best bet is to use a Master Ball — the one-size-fits-all Pokemon catcher. If you don’t have a Master Ball, try freezing MewTwo. He’s easier to catch when he’s frozen.

How do I get the generator piece?

Games Guru: Have you searched the pond in the Cerulean Gym?

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10 Comments on Pokemon Silver Version

  1. How do u get to Clair in the Dragon’s cave

  2. to:tbone

    you can find horsea,garydos,and dratini ithink those are the only ones you can catch

    dratini:dragons den

    garydos:lake of rage


  3. celebirulezz222!!! go to Goldenrod City, go to radio place on left and talk to the front desk

  4. where are the dragon types located. and what time

  5. where do you find the rainbow wing?

  6. dratini, bagon, dragonite, etc.

  7. what are dragon type pokemon. plz name them.

  8. celebirulezz222!!! // May 11, 2007 at 4:23 am // Reply

    to tbone.

    the way you get rock smash is in crystal silver or gold is after you have beaten the golden rod gym leader you go to the flower shop place just above the gym and talk to the lady watering the flowers and she will give you a watering can next take it upto the tree blocking your way to the next city water it and it will attack you after you have killed or captured it go to the right and it will take you to violet city and talk to the fat man just next to the tree and he will give you rock smash

  9. celebirulezz222!!! // May 11, 2007 at 4:17 am // Reply

    to m.e.

    there is only one way to get a fire stone and that is to show bills dad in cerulian city (after you have beaten the pokemon league) a vulpix and he will give you a fire stone

  10. celebirulezz222!!! // May 11, 2007 at 4:15 am // Reply

    to king beaner.

    a good sight to find cheat for silver version is at cheat geniuse or cheatcc

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