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Pokemon Silver Version

How do you get all 3 starter Pokemon?

Games Guru: You need to trade for them. You can only pick one, so you will need to get another cartridge and trade. Sorry.

Can you please give me some ideas on what I should do now that I have completed my pokedex with all 251 Pokemon and they are all at level 100? I really like Pokemon, but I’m running out of stuff to do on it.

Games Guru: Whoa! My friend, you should be telling me what to do. I have never caught ‘em all and never had the stick-to-it stuff to train even 10 of my Pokemon that ultimate level. Have you found every TM? You must have. I am guessing that the only thing left for you to do is to get Pokemon Yellow or Crystal and start the quest all over again.

How can I open the cave of Mewtwo? And what do I need to have?

Games Guru: As I understand it, the only way to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Silver is to trade with someone who captured it in Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue. Please let me know if you hear differently.

How do you capture Mew, MewTwo and Celibe? Is there any trick to catching the three legendary Pokemon?

Games Guru: I have never gone after Mew or Celibe, but I have caught MewTwo a time or two. Your best bet is to use a Master Ball — the one-size-fits-all Pokemon catcher. If you don’t have a Master Ball, try freezing MewTwo. He’s easier to catch when he’s frozen.

How do I get the generator piece?

Games Guru: Have you searched the pond in the Cerulean Gym?


Comments about “Pokemon Silver Version”

  1. HARNSTROM says:

    I used to have it for the game boy version.

  2. Matty says:

    But at least I activated two gamesharks, letting me encounter wild shiny celebi they are pink but I hate pink…

  3. Matty says:

    I hated Gen. II My fave Gen. Is gen VI it going to be on a 3ds :D this generation is awsome gen 2 was not

    • 3rdgen&underrock says:

      Though this is a matter of opinion, I believe 1st 2nd and 3rd generation pokemon games are better because beter stronger pokemon, and putting actually a tiny bit of effort going through the storyline.

  4. mustard madnes says:

    I didn’t like this game very much.

  5. anoymus says:

    I am the genie of sliver (not s.s.) version

  6. pokemonproob says:

    I catched the all legendary pokemon not lieing and the game was rocked

  7. paw-paw says:

    do you know how to catch the three legendary pokemon?suicine,raiku,and entei??/

    • kamon says:

      abot the three legendary pokemon u need to have a gengar or haunter at level 39 with hipnosis on top of ur party and a lot of fastballs.than u need to see one and hunt it down til it goes on route38.when its there it cant escape so u place that hunter in front and use repels so that no other pokemon below 39 level exept the legendary ones will come out.(ps:if u find on on this route,than the other 2 r with him so just keep looking around after u catch the first one)

  8. pizza says:

    witch ball should i use to catch grodon besides a master ball?

  9. Pokefrk says:

    There is a weird rumor going around called Mew3 (that is how it shows up on the game). It is supposed to be the ultimate mew that eventually destroys the other mews.

  10. cool guy says:

    u can catch mew2 in pokemon soul silver in the cave near Mistys gym

  11. Anonymous says:

    how do i get ho oh

    • helper says:

      around Brock’s gym there is an old man on a hill he gives you rainbow wing then go to the new bell tower a man sees the rainbow wing and letts you head up the ladder ounce at top of bell tower you better have 40 ultra balls ready.

  12. conwere says:

    how do you clone on S.S.?


    • mew2000 says:

      I heard that to clone, you must put a Pokemon on to the pokewalker. Then, while it is saving, turn off the DS. It will then be on your pokewalker and in a PC box.

      I have never tried this and have heard complaints that people’s Pokemon were lost (not because I told them about cloning), so test it on something that is level 2 and that is easy to find and catch.

  13. gigarock101 says:

    free celebi,right here right now!,get em whil theyre fresh!,FREE CELEBI!

  14. gigarock101 says:

    poll: if u cud have1 legendary pokemon wich wud it b?(poll ends 6/28)

  15. gigarock101 says:

    tip: if u chose totodile it will b eser to beat your rival caus it learns ice fang

  16. pokemon409 says:

    i need help on deafeating the elite four of soulsilver. i beat everyone but lance

    • red says:

      sens his main pokemon is dragonite use charzard and dragon type pokemon.

    • waffle says:

      just get a bunch of dragon pokemon p.s. it is really easy and how do get to sinnoh (i know you can)

    • lucario says:

      first off, make sure all of your pokemon are at least level 50. second, make sure they all have good S.T.A.B. moves. finally, 5 of his 6 pokemon have double weaknesses, so have 3 ice-types for each of his dragonite, a rock-type for his charizard, an electric-type for his gyrados, and a steel-type for his areodactyl.

    • helper says:

      make sure your lugia is a lv100 and knows extrasensery.

    • d man says:

      to defeat lance, you must have a ghost type that has learned curse. before you battle the elite four, buy all the hyper potions and revives you can get your hands on then during battle use curse on his first pokemon then use a revive and hyper potion then use another pokemon to finish it off. then use curse on the second pokemon and so on…

  17. Bubbles says:

    How do you wake up the Snorlax in front of the cave? I need help!

    • froggy17 says:

      It is pretty complicated… you have to get the radio card from the Kanto radio station. To get that you have to find the power plant’s missing piece. To get that you need to check the Cerulean City gym for a team rocket memeber. If you need more details feel free to ask.

    • helper says:

      upgrage radio at top of radio poke flute

    • pizza says:

      how do you evolve silcoon on soul silver, i caught one in the bug show and its a level 30 so what do i do to evolve it?

    • piplub says:

      first did you get the genarator peace if so tell me please and then go to a guy in lavendor raido tower and then you get a flut from the guy your flut will be on your pokegear radio and thats how you do that but you have to be in front of it.

  18. wolf man says:

    i like suicune the pokemons awsome

  19. zzac says:

    i’m stuck on fog badge leader and have rattatatta in play but his gengar used scary face so i can’t bring out my croconaw and i need i so i can use ice fang on them HELP!!!

    • froggy17 says:

      Since normal moves don’t affect ghost pokemon I would not try to use rattatta. If you have any pokemon that know earth moves now would be the time to use them, oh and if it knows surf that would do probably do a good amount of damange. If you tell me your team and their levels I can help but you will probably have beaten him by then.

  20. pokemon master says:

    ihave all pokemon but i need raquaza were do YOU GET RAQUAZA!!!! IN POKEMON SOUL SILVER I WILL EVEN GIVE YOU A JAPNESE MEWTWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • trainer awsome says:

      -To pokemon master
      Getting one is tough, but it’s worth it. You have to get Groudon or Kyogre (Kyogre=HeartGold Groudon=SoulSilver). Then, you have to get the other in a trade. Take them to whoever gave you the blue orb or the red orb (blue orb=HeartGold red orb=SoulSilver). They will give you another orb (I think green?). You take the orb to the place where got Kyogre or Groudon. There you will see Rayquaza. Hope that helps!

    • red says:

      you cant there not in the johoto rejion!!

    • poke master says:

      well you have to go to prof. oak and get the red orb and go to the embedded tower on the way to the safari zone then catch groudon.after that trade a kyogre with a friend and go back to prof.oak he will give you the jade orb then go back to the embedded tower

      PS:bring plenty of dusk balls or
      a master ball

    • cable says:

      To get raquaza in soul silver/heart gold, get kyogre or groudon depending on your version of game, andget the other in a trade and raquaza will be unlocked!!

    • darkri89 says:

      you need the red orb from pokemon soul silver and the blue orb in pokemon heart gold.

    • j-man 57 says:

      First,u have to get KYOGRE by trading with some one who has heart gold. Next,talk to prof.Oak and he will give u the Jade Orb.Finaly,go to the same place u caught GROUDON. RAYQUAZA WIIL BE WAITING!!!

  21. trainer awsome says:

    How do you defeat Pokemon Trainer Red in Soulsilver? I know what Pokemon he has and what leevels they are, I just need help defeating him. Also, did you know that the 2010 Video Game Regional Championships is coming up? I heard that you can get a Shiny Eevee there. The winner of the Regional Championships will get to go to the National Championship in Indianapilios, IN. The winner of the National Championships will go to the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. But to participate, you can only use Heartgold and Soulsilver game cards.

  22. Frog girl says:

    I have the wing and the bell for pokemon soul silver for how to get Lugia and i ahve all 8 gym badges and i beat the 5 girls in Ecreck city and i can’t find Lugia in whril islands! Help me!

  23. envy says:

    i am having trouble finding what evolves from a sunstone on silver, can
    anyone help me out plz?

    • froggy17 says:

      Just two pokemon evolve using a sunstone. Gloom evovles into Bellossom and Sunkern evolves into Sunflora.

  24. Bandit says:

    I’m looking for mewtwo in the cerulean cave and it’s impossible i looked on youtube and nothing but how to capture him in red blue crystal p.s. have you heard about pokemon black and white 2011?

    • Prof. Oak says:

      I think that before black and White Versions come out the movie that will proced it will be Pokemon Champion Z and the movie should air in spring or sumer 2010 on Cartoon Network

      • Insert name here says:

        The next Pokemon movie actually looks pretty good (and I’m not an anime fan). It appears to feature a shapeshifting Pokemon, Celibi, the shapeshifter’s pre-evolved form, and the three legendary dogs (or the shapeshifter taking their form).

    • j-man 57 says:

      look up “how to catch mewtwo in pokemon soul silver.”

  25. pokemario 101 says:

    I just got the game yesterday and I just got to Cianwood city. I didn’t beat Chuck yet though. But not just yet, and I’ll write when I do beat him.

    —Pokemaio 101

  26. pokemon master says:

    It was easy my starter pokemon was Totodile. And I got Kanto and all 16 bages on soulsolver version. And I got Joto and Kanto.

  27. pokemon master says:

    I got soulsilver 1 day ago and I beat it.

  28. pokemaniac says:

    where is strength???

    • froggy17 says:

      Talk to a man in the restaurant in olivine City and he will give you the HM, all you need to use it is the Plain Badge (which you should already have if you got that far).

  29. pokemon guru says:

    i’ve got all 493 pokemon

  30. pon says:

    how do you catch lugia on pokemon soul silver?

  31. super mario says:

    Poll: Who’s your favorite legendary beast?


    Post your answers on the Pokemon Platinum board. Poll ends April 13.

  32. Best trainer16 says:

    okay Im beat Red and all that stuff but now im trying to get to the 2nd floor of the Kanto radio station can someone tell me how?

  33. Best trainer16 says:

    I have a Garchomp lv 92 from training it and how do i get people in that dojo in saffron city

  34. nionios says:

    red orb is there 27 route.

  35. dude says:

    i need to know how to get to the waterfall at whirl islands! i have no clue plz help!!

    • froggy17 says:

      This is for Silver Version, not sure if it is true in Soul Silver. Enter the North East island, take the the ladder at the top, not the one next to the pokeball. Take the next only availible ladder, surf down the water fall, enter the cave, and you will find Lugia.

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