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Lego Battles

Do you have any codes for DS?

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– QMSLPOE: Fast Building
– SHWSDGU: Unlock Ninja Master
– UGDRSQP: Unlock Islander
– XRCTVYB: Unlock Troll King
– ZVDNJSU: Unlock Space Criminal Leader
– BGQOYRT: Double Lego Bricks
– KVBPQRJ: Fast Mining
– PQZLJOB: Fast Harvesting
– UMSXIRQ: Full Unit Cap
– ZPWJFUQ: Long Range Magic
– DWFTBNS: Super Magic
– BGQOYRT: Double LEGO Bricks
– JRTPASX: Fast Magic

Comments about “Lego Battles”

  1. Levis says:

    Can you beat the whole game with a code

  2. Levis says:

    Can’t beat king act 3 final level I need help

  3. The unknown says:

    I’m stuck on the astronauts Act2! IT’S SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. agent c says:

    look for an arrow pointing down it always points to something
    thow it’sreally hard to spot(it’s alway’s in resources)

  5. battler says:

    It is pretty good but don’t beat it realy fast

  6. ET says:

    I used a cheat code book, so I have all the red bricks! With “Invincible hero”, and “One-hit kill (Heros)”, I won the game in about 10 minutes! (exageration.):D

  7. mustard madnes says:

    Not sure.

  8. terratop says:

    Is it out on Wii?

  9. peanut says:

    new LEGO battles!!!!!!!1

  10. peanut says:

    can i have some cheat cods

  11. Fastmike says:

    On the level 1000 tree woods use the two workers to build a small base but protect the workers build a small force of troops and just start going through the woods level won. The game was easy!!!

  12. Super mrio glalexy master says:

    To: The King
    what 4th level? I can help but what story? Is it King,Wizard,Brickbeard(pirates),Broadside(admaral guy),Gemma (astronaught),or alien?

  13. Super mrio glalexy master says:

    Dose anybody know the 5 codes that he didn’t mention?

  14. legoman says:

    its fun i just havent gotten all the people and red bricks…Ive got all the minikits

  15. Carbison says:

    Yeah they made a sequel to this. It’s called LEGO Battles: Ninjago

  16. link says:

    love it !!!

  17. marioman says:

    when is the lego ninjago lego battles out?

  18. cool ghost says:

    iwant the new lego battles.

  19. cool ghost says:

    please dont erase my coments

  20. wet says:

    i want the new one but i hope it has cheats beacause i always use the cheats.

  21. lewanuva says:

    The game was awesome! It’s like
    Lego Mars Mission(the game),
    but portable!

  22. Bookworm says:

    It’s OK.

  23. The King says:

    The 4th level is hard 4 me

    • Coleman says:

      there are five more codes he didnt say. I forgot what they are, but i know because i have the game and i unlocked all the codes.

  24. jacen6 says:

    get ready because there is a new lego battles will be lego ninjago lego battles

  25. Treecko says:

    I can’t get through the level THE 1,000 TREE WOODS. It’s so hard for me because you can’t make more men.

    • Silver says:

      you make as many men and defeat enemys around you then have your builders harvest

    • s.l.d says:

      the map on 1,000 wood trees is in the middle of the map.there are many skeleton towers guarding it so use your king and hope he won’t get killed. Tip: use calvary to guard your king.

  26. Zoydz says:

    I love this game because I love legos. I have at least 100 sets ant a ton of mini figures but this game is also sort of hard. But only one level I’m not telling you what level.

  27. MoonMan says:

    hippiescout151-I could help you on that.Just one question to you though: have you gotton the scoll yet?

  28. The Owner says:

    I’ve beat the game.

  29. hippiescout151 says:

    how do you get thru the thousand tree woods without being killed

  30. bob says:

    Its amazing

  31. super mario says:

    100% in one day!!!!

  32. dino565401 says:

    QMSLPOE for fastbuilding

  33. Anonymous says:

    those codes are wrong ive beaten the whole game in one day

  34. jason123 says:

    lets do this thing!

  35. grossboy says:

    is this game any good? i’m thinking about buying it if its good

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