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Lego Battles

Do you have any codes for DS?

Games Guru:

– QMSLPOE: Fast Building
– SHWSDGU: Unlock Ninja Master
– UGDRSQP: Unlock Islander
– XRCTVYB: Unlock Troll King
– ZVDNJSU: Unlock Space Criminal Leader
– BGQOYRT: Double Lego Bricks
– KVBPQRJ: Fast Mining
– PQZLJOB: Fast Harvesting
– UMSXIRQ: Full Unit Cap
– ZPWJFUQ: Long Range Magic
– DWFTBNS: Super Magic
– BGQOYRT: Double LEGO Bricks
– JRTPASX: Fast Magic

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15 Comments on Lego Battles

  1. Can you beat the whole game with a code

  2. Can’t beat king act 3 final level I need help

  3. The unknown // March 16, 2012 at 5:53 pm // Reply

    I’m stuck on the astronauts Act2! IT’S SO HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. look for an arrow pointing down it always points to something
    thow it’sreally hard to spot(it’s alway’s in resources)

  5. It is pretty good but don’t beat it realy fast

  6. I used a cheat code book, so I have all the red bricks! With “Invincible hero”, and “One-hit kill (Heros)”, I won the game in about 10 minutes! (exageration.):D

  7. mustard madnes // November 23, 2011 at 9:04 pm // Reply

    Not sure.

  8. Is it out on Wii?

  9. new LEGO battles!!!!!!!1

  10. can i have some cheat cods

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