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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Stardust Accelerator

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  1. Serperior says:

    I suggest Shockopus for monsters with HIGH attack. it rids all attack.

  2. Kibaman galaxy eyes says:

    yah right i have 2 malefics

  3. samurottfantic says:

    i mean seruissly there is like a huge war between digimon yugioh and pokemon i like all of them but not a lot of people can

  4. hotboy says:

    i have magesticstar dragon

  5. Dolanator says:

    any hints to defet the 4 clones of your self
    Mabee a list of cards to put in the deck to defeat them

  6. majestick stardragon accelerator says:

    im a pokemon/yugioh fan i like them the same also i want the game a lot but my parents wont let me also ihave a majestic star dragon from a dulst collert box it was like 13$ and i found it in a booster pack in side

  7. blaster says:

    Yeah, i dont know either, its frustrating!

  8. pedro says:

    i dont know either, guru, can you help us?

  9. bob says:

    how do you solve the puzzles in the cafe, boootleg.

  10. coolblaster5 says:

    Pokemon fails Yu-gi-oh OWNS

  11. arceus says:

    i think this game is going to be awsome because of the show i wonder if every kind of duel is turboduel because on tv yusei always is on a duel runner when dueling

  12. rex217 says:

    is it for ds?

  13. kbsugarrush says:

    I think yu-gi-oh!5D’s Stardust Accelerator loo’s cool to play because the show is awsome.P.S it’ on cw

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree yu-gi-oh 5ds and all other seasons of yu-gi-oh are epic and im 13! sadly, few people respect the show anymore, I think it’s on number 2 in the list of most hated things in middle/high school just under pokemon.

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