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Rampage: Total Destruction

There seems to be no end to this game. What should I do? (I’ve used codes to play it.)

Games Guru: The last level is the New York level, which has 10 challenges. And at the end of that is at the Empire State Building. Just slowly finish each city, and you’ll get to the end soon enough.

How do you unlock Shelby?

Games Guru: Beat the San Francisco level as Lizzie and you should unlock Shelby.

Comments about “Rampage: Total Destruction”

  1. Carbison says:

    My favorite character on here is Ralph the Werewolf

  2. the dude says:

    type 986960 for the wii to be able to not get hit by military

  3. kirbyman says:

    I love It

  4. five foot three guy says:

    dude the gorilla is kinda freaky but not scary to my opinion

  5. i says:

    cant wait to play

  6. Tyranozord says:

    How I used the cheat 141421 on WII and it worked, But you have to enter it every time you start the game, so I’m trying to unlock my favorite monsters, but i beat the game and I can’t find my favorites: Nick and Edwin. If you know how to get those monsters, please help!

  7. legogameman/DSdude says:

    Is there a version for DS?

  8. bob says:

    climb on top of it and jump on it ok

  9. Matheus says:

    Is possible to destroy the empire building?

    I destroy every window but the building don’t fall!

    • winner68 says:

      the reason why it didn’t work is because you have to go to the top of the empire state building and do the ground pound.

  10. awesomeman says:

    i did it and it worked

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