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Rayman 3

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  1. Carbison says:

    I really want Raving Rabbids Travel in time and TV Party even though there bad I WANT THEM!!!

  2. rayman3fan194 says:

    I know all of the secrets of Rayman 3, i have explored the entire game. I found all the Matuvus and Tribelles. I also found the biggest secret of all!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. scout dude says:

    i dont like the rabbids i like rayman

  4. Rabbid in desk says:


  5. bubba says:

    T V party is awesome!!!! DAAHHHHHHHH

  6. jöye says:

    need help getting past monsters in level 29.

  7. Rayman knight says:

    the underlands is the knaaren desert right before you enter the cavern.

  8. andy says:

    i need help on the invincibee kneerens

  9. Waluigi time! says:

    I have beaten this game several times. If anyones got any questions, feel free to ask me.

    • Barfhead says:

      Hey Waluigi Time! How do you get past the first kneerens around the acid pit? I know that you hit the gong but then what?

  10. Blah says:

    One secret is on the final level in the area where you walk up the stairs to fight Reflux, there is a secret door that will open if you have gained enough points throughout the entire Tower of the Leptys area.

  11. bob says:

    i want to know about the secrets of the tower of the leptes.

  12. Blah says:

    The underlands is supposed to be the Knaren Desert……..I think.

  13. RRR lover #1 says:

    Love the the first and I love the sound of this but I have two more plunger to go put on

    the wall on the first!

  14. willtheboyscout says:

    i beat rayman 3 on pc. the end is insanely hard. but i beat it!!!!! by the way i do not know what youre talking about ”underlands” and ”zombie chickens”.

  15. Radiated Rayman Raver says:

    Hi can you tell me how to get past the level where you turn into the mini car in that building and go under the door then pop up to normal size. Does anyone understand me or know what to do ???


  16. ghoss may apeare aolt he leyden says:

    raving rabbids is fun

  17. A random person says:

    Rayman 3 is awesome but im stuck on the last level because i keep losing my life are there any cheat codes like unlimited life or something for the Pc?

  18. monkeyboy says:

    I used to play that game a lot. I beat it, and once every while I restart a level. Yep, it’s a great game!

  19. rayman-fan 5567 says:

    plz some-one respond i need help !!!!!!

  20. rayman-fan 5567 says:

    I need help i cant get past reflux he’s the guy that you fight after you get past the monsters in the caves plz help !!!!!!

  21. Gingy says:

    Raving Rabbids is awesome!! The videos are funny and it’s also funny when they say DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    • Carbison says:

      Yea they are funny. The only videos iv’e seen are Bunnies Can’t Date, Bunnies Never Close Doors, Bunnies Can’t Cook Turkey, and Bunnies Can’t Stand Christmas. I like it at the end of them where it’s like But They Can Dance. Also on Bunnies Can’t Cook Turkey at the end it shows them dancing with turkey stuck on their heads!

      P.S. Sorry for the long comment

      P.P.S. That’s funny there

  22. Rayman-lost says:

    I need help. Please help me. I don’t know how to get past the toilet-guy? HELP HELP HELP

  23. Videogame master says:

    it’s good except the new 1 rayman raving rabbids is better.Why? It’s for the wii and the wii rocks and number two you get beat the pulp out of bunnies

  24. sam says:

    I love that game and I am on the last level!

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