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Rock Band 2

Are there any cool codes for the extras menu and other things like that?

Games Guru: Here you go:

– Unlock All Songs: Press Red, Yellow, Blue, Red(2), Blue(2), Red, Yellow, Blue to unlock all songs. Alternately, press Y, B, X, Y(2), X(2), Y, B, X on a controller. But be careful: This code disables achievements and online features.

– Select Venue Screen: Press Blue, Orange(2), Blue, Yellow, Blue, Orange(2), Blue, Yellow to unlock all venues. Alternately, press X, LB(2), X, B, X, LB(2), X, B on a controller. Be careful: This code also disables online features.

– New Venues: Press Red(4), Yellow(4) to unlock new venues. Alternately, press Y(4), B(4) on a controller.

Comments about “Rock Band 2”

  1. ilikeyoshi says:

    they should make one based on country music because country music is better

  2. mustard madnes says:

    I have been playing this game for so long, I getting tired of it.But it is so addicting, I can’t stop playing it.

  3. 54 bergman says:

    funnest game i’ve played ever sense MORTAL KOMBAT DECEPTION!!!
    actully MORTAL KOMBAT DECEPTION better

  4. Me45 says:

    I started over because I got tired of playing in huge stadiums.

  5. D-man says:

    Awesome game!!!

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