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Pokemon Pearl

To get to Sunnyshore City, I visit all the lakes but the guy that stays near the steps is still there. Please help.

Games Guru: You know, I had the same problem. I found that once I finished the side quests, the guy just went away. Are you sure you finished with Lake Valor?

What attacks and what pokeballs do you use to catch Garitina?

Games Guru: Having never gone after one myself, I had to do some research on this one. From what I can find, you are going to need a Pokemon with Defog and preferably a dark type Pokemon. The experts seem to think you should take timer balls, dusk balls and ultra balls for this battle.

How do you get to Sunnyshore City?

Games Guru: Take Route 222, just east of Valor Lakefront. After you beat Palkia, the

way should be open.

How do you get to the last town, past the man on the steps who tells you the town is having a blackout? Thank you.

Games Guru: The blackout guy leaves on his own once you complete a number of side quests. Have you visited any lakes to help Professor Rowan?

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10 Comments on Pokemon Pearl

  1. Necromancer96 // October 18, 2007 at 8:46 pm // Reply

    I have 30 lv100 mews and every legendary exept Deoxys And Ho-oh! (Darkri shaymen and arceus if u count them,though there really event pkmn)

  2. Necromancer96 // October 18, 2007 at 8:43 pm // Reply

    My Teams Ownz Take a Look

    Dialga Lv100 Draco Meateor, Roar of Time, Aura Sphere, Earth Power

    Heatran Lv100 Magma Storm,Fire Blast,Heat Wave,Flamethrower

    Giratina Lv100 Shadow Force,Draco Meteor,Earth Power, Aura Sphere

    Regigigas Lv100 Thunder,Thunderbolt,Zen Headbutt,Superpower

    Raquaza Lv100 Hyper Beam,Focus Blast,Dragon Claw,Outrage

    Lucario Lv100 Close Combat,Aura Sphere,Dragon Pulse,Dark Pulse

    I ROCK OUT LOUD!!!!!

  3. I have been into pokemon since I was 10. Now i’m 17 and i’m still into it. When I was younger people use to tell me that you could get a pokemon to level 1000. When I got one to level 100 I wouldn’t go any further. So is this cheat true??????

  4. I rock i’ve beat the game 27 times and i have two level100 mews a celebi a deoxys and 6 more level 100s.

  5. and how get all hacks like wall hack

  6. my fave team would be can someone give me them on wi fi

    lvl 100 basterdon

    lvl 100 aerodactyl

    lvl 100 rampardos

    lvl 100 kabutops

    lvl 100 omastar

    lvl 100 armadelo

    and how get red garados and shiny

  7. could some one tell me how to get arceus and darkri oh and manphy and phoine and shymin and diagla on pearl without trading oh and well all the other lengendaries without trading and migrating

  8. anonymous did u catch palkia yet :?: if u didnt then u need to

    then you can go to sunyshore

  9. How do you get to Sunyshore City?

  10. I am having problems in pokemon pearl.There is a man saying that the road to sunyshorecity is closed because of a major blackout at sunyshorecity and i have done the side quest.can you help me?

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