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Pokemon Pearl

To get to Sunnyshore City, I visit all the lakes but the guy that stays near the steps is still there. Please help.

Games Guru: You know, I had the same problem. I found that once I finished the side quests, the guy just went away. Are you sure you finished with Lake Valor?

What attacks and what pokeballs do you use to catch Garitina?

Games Guru: Having never gone after one myself, I had to do some research on this one. From what I can find, you are going to need a Pokemon with Defog and preferably a dark type Pokemon. The experts seem to think you should take timer balls, dusk balls and ultra balls for this battle.

How do you get to Sunnyshore City?

Games Guru: Take Route 222, just east of Valor Lakefront. After you beat Palkia, the

way should be open.

How do you get to the last town, past the man on the steps who tells you the town is having a blackout? Thank you.

Games Guru: The blackout guy leaves on his own once you complete a number of side quests. Have you visited any lakes to help Professor Rowan?


Comments about “Pokemon Pearl”

  1. Salamence101 says:

    I meh SAY meh MEH meh A meh LOT…… meh

  2. skater boy says:

    I do not think that this game is as good as pokemon platinum.

  3. coolboy1158 says:

    how do you catch darkri without a action replay

    • Salamence101 says:

      as of now, you will have to go back in time to catch the event. Good luck building a time machine!

      Don’t cheat to get Darkrai. He isn’t all that good.

  4. luxray man says:

    i’m not very far on my do you beet mars the first time?

  5. dog says:

    I just got a moltres and I got a zapdos.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am typing this on x-mas! i w3as playing the game earlyer and i beat cynthea with nothing but a pikachu! level 89

  7. palkia394087 says:

    no dialgas roar of a time can beat palkia any day in one hit

  8. rachiu109 says:

    Anoymous: to get cressilia u must beet the Elite 4,then po to the man who takes you to iron island. there go into his house and talk to his whife. then talk to him.he will take you to an island wre you will see cresselia. then pick up the tthing it left behind and take it too the sailor. then track it down like you do for Mespirit

  9. andy says:

    pokemon pearl is a good game . i like that game. the end

  10. Anonymous says:


    • Salamence101 says:

      Cresellia is on fullmoon island. After beating the E4 and Obtaining the national dex, go talk to the sailor that will take you to iron island. He will ask you to go to fullmoon island. Once there, find cressilia and talk to her. She will fly away and you can find her roaming the grasses of Sinnoh. I highly recommend the master ball here. She is the hardest to catch of all legendarys.

    • Jace says:

      1. Beat E4 (sorry!)
      2. Go to canalave city
      3. Do sailor’s quest
      4. Cressila now wanders, good luck!

  11. Salamence101 says:

    To dracometeor90,


    50 TIMES!?!?!?!?!? IS THAT ALL YOU DO ALL DAY!
    I was beating them all day and i only got to like 10!

  12. pokeboy says:

    how do you get the blackout guy to move?

  13. bob89 says:

    pearl stinks! dey took out aron and larvitar!!!:(

  14. dracometeor90 says:

    I’ve beat Cynthia 50 times!

  15. dracometeor90 says:

    How do you get all legendaries with out mirgrating and trading?

  16. dracometeor90 says:

    What level does Pupitar evolve?

  17. Salamence101 says:

    To cheese man,
    NO, BAD. Action replays are BAD!!!!!! Not only can they mess up your game; they make it no fun after you use all of those cheats. Don’t buy one. You will regret it. I bought a gameshark for my GBA and now i wish i didn’t. I restarted my game cause it was so cheated. I would throw it away if it wasn’t worth $20.

  18. cheese man says:

    to popcorn to get darkri you need to buy a thing called acton replay its a thing that has bunch of cheatcodes on it once you get it use the walk through walls cheat and go to the island with cressila (sorry for spelling) and keep running to the right then you will go to a weird island go into the woods and you will find darkri p.s.ask someone else about the island where cresila is(spelling)

  19. PikaPika321 says:

    I LOVE Ditto :)

  20. SuperSwampertRocks!!!!!! says:

    got a level 100 cacturne. and a giratina.

  21. Anonymous says:

    i nbeed to now how to get the manaphy egg a master card to get darria and i want to get arceus can some one tell me or show me a video

  22. Salamence101 says:

    To Pokefreak6464,
    My answer is C, more than 2

  23. pokefreak6464 says:

    NEW POLL!!!
    how many level 100 monsters do ya got?
    A) 1
    B) 2
    C) more than 2
    post your answer on the fire red page.

  24. Salamence101 says:

    To pokefreak6464,
    Yes, i have beaten Cynthia… 15 times.

  25. pokefreak6464 says:

    questions anyone, happy to help.

  26. pokefreak6464 says:

    have you guys been to the GTS yet?

  27. pokefreak6464 says:

    to popcorn!, sorry to tell you this but darkari was only available in june last year at a special download, that is where i got mine,
    and shamin can’t be received without an action replay. sorry. i’m disappointed about the shamin thing too, I can get him because i have an AR, but i hate hacking my game.

  28. pokefreak6464 says:

    oh, by the way, does anyone know how to get arceus without mystery gift? i am so desperate to find him i will even result to action replay.

  29. pokefreak6464 says:

    no one answered my poll. :(

  30. popcorn! says:

    Pokefreak6464 i desperately need your help! i cannot find darkari, where is he, or she, or… whatever! Please help me! (also my friend wants to know where shamin is)

  31. SuperSwampertRocks!!!!!! says:

    Thanks but i found that out yesterday

  32. momoint says:

    TO superswampertrocks:


  33. pokemaniacj says:

    To SuperSwampertRocks!!!!!!
    Yes, You need the National Pokedex to Migrate.

  34. Salamence101 says:

    Questions anyone, i’ll be happy to help.

  35. pokefreak6464 says:

    to popcorn!, use fire on the first guy, ice on the second, water on the third, and dark or ghost on the forth.

  36. SuperSwampertRocks!!!!!! says:

    Do u hve 2 have da national dex to migrate? srry abowt my speling.

  37. pokefreak6464 says:

    If anyone needs help on this game I can help you, just post your question on the Pokemon FireRed page, but your answer is gonna be here.

  38. froggy16 says:

    To pokefreak6464,
    Try 5% at route 227 or Stark Mountain, and the chance of a shiny is always the same at 1 in 8192. Normally I don’t correct people but your numbers seem a little off.

  39. pokefreak6464 says:

    to BlastBurningBlaziken, the odds are 42 out of 745 of finding a Skarmory, but the odds of finding a shinning Skarmory are 16 out of 8592.

  40. pokefreak6464 says:

    here is a poll for ya!
    have you beaten Cynthia yet?
    1) yes
    2) no
    post your answer on the Pokemon FireRed page, THANK YOU!
    (P.S, the poll ends September 30, 2009)

  41. pokefreak6464 says:

    to blackout, this is a myth, but if you beat the battle tower 100 times in a row you go to the Hearthrome city pokemart and there will be a man in green, talk to him and he will give you a flute. go to spear piller and as soon as you walk out of the cave pause the game and go to the key items pocket of your bag and use the flute. a stairway will open up. save the game BEFORE you walk up the stairs and then you walk up. (REMEMBER: this is a myth so it may or may not work)

  42. pokefreak6464 says:

    my team:
    Shiny Ho-oh level 100
    Lugia level 100
    Mewtwo level 100
    Giratina level 100
    Blaziken level 100
    Swampert level 100

  43. pokefreak6464 says:

    HEY EVERYBODY!!!!! I’m back! i have not written a comment about this game in MONTHS! But I am BACK!!!:]

  44. BlastBurningBlaziken says:

    What are the chances of finding a skarmory?

  45. PokeRed says:

    To lugia lover pokemon could only go to level 100

  46. wolf says:

    To get Palkia you need strong Pokemon, a Master Ball and you will need to go to Spear Pillar in a mountain range.

  47. blackout says:

    how do you get arceus

  48. wolf says:

    To Bobtheduck89: Hoe do I get Palkia or Dialga?

    • Anonymous says:

      On Platinum you have to beat the pokemon leauge(sorry for spelling)then talk to the elder of celestic town then go to spear pillar and find the blue portal catch Dialga then go back in the tunnel and then out again to find the pink portal catch Palkia I used ultra balls

  49. Salamence101 says:

    To bobtheduck89,
    Actually, the Individual values and effort values don’t matter here, as a 0 IV, 0 EV regigigas will have 229 attack with a neutral nature. Dialga, with a 31 attack IV and 252 (max) EV in attack, brings it’s attack to 226, just short of minimum regigigas.
    P.S. Your not the only pokemon master.

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