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Rocket Power: Team Rocket Rescue

I need help in stage 1 where the rollercoaster is. Where are all the bike parts?

Games Guru: There are eight bike parts scattered around the theme park. The seat is hidden behind the building to your left when you enter the park. The front wheel is by the roller coaster. Once you enter the park, if you walk straight forward you will come to a tent. Go left to the next building and look up to find the steering wheel. The bicycle frame is almost directly across the park from the steering wheel, over the building to the right side of the tent. Keep looking in that area and you will find the back wheel, too. All that leaves are the pedals, which are by the sky torpedo.

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  1. yes says:

    This game is actually based on a cartoon show that aired on Nickelodeon from 1999 to 2004. The main character was named Oswald.

  2. mrmustache says:

    Hmm… “Team Rocket”… That’s totally not a Pokemon rip-off!

  3. Mman717 says:

    Cool This really helped!! I could only find 2 bike parts!! thanks again :)

  4. sonyinformer says:

    its not pokemon it based off of a tv show with these kids with skate boards PS it is ps1 game

  5. RocketForever says:

    Awesome they made a hole gme for TEAM ROCKET! AWESOME!

  6. MarioKartMan says:

    What is this game? Did it just come out? Coolio, im on the 1st page!

  7. Kino .S says:

    I have never heard of this game before! Did the game grew make it up or something like that?

  8. homy says:

    i my game i have to find 2 passwords to rescue the pokemon in the 5th island team rocket have traped them i have one password goldeen but i need to now ware i can find the other on plzzz tell me

  9. squid says:

    when did this game come out.

  10. magma ruler210 says:

    wow. they made a game for this? this is scary.

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