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Luigi’s Mansion

How do I beat the baby on area 1? After Lydia. PS. I rocked the horse and then what after he comes out? Help me, all-knowing Games Guru!!!

Games Guru: During the fight, you’ll see a ball on the floor. Use the vacuum on it. Aim at the baby. Release the R trigger. The ball will hit the baby, who’s none too thrilled. Now, he’ll get smaller. As Luigi, you take him to his crib. That’s all there is to it.

Comments about “Luigi’s Mansion”

  1. nyyt4e5w says:

    i can not get pastthe observatory?!?! please help!!

  2. michaelangelo says:

    on luigis mansion dark moon where is that boo on haunted towers level 2

  3. The Bible says:

    I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. zane from twilight says:

    hey do you guys know how to beat the heavens on twilight princess i am at the part were you have to hit a switch with your hookshot but its not long enouhg its were you first enter well can you help game guru

  5. Boo says:

    The old man is also mentioned in Super Mario Sunshine.

  6. tintin8765 says:


  7. Spyro says:


  8. mask60 says:

    My sister pre-ordered luigi’s mansion dark moon.

  9. tintin5462 says:

    has anyone got to the part where you beat the huge boo on the balcony and found the key to the power supply on the bf

    • Mr.Awesome says:

      I deafeted the game and discovered a secret room
      Go to the buttlers room and pull out your gameboy horror
      Go to the corner to the right of the doorp and zoom on the mousehole

    • tintin8765 says:

      yeah,I have it but…I beat the game and the years passed and I forgot again,at least I’ve got a better rank and the ghost are harder.

  10. super mario fan 64 says:

    is it for the wii

  11. yeerk slug says:

    Never checked the mansion. What does it look like anyway?

    Ps. I’ve played this game at Sebastian’s house the hidden mansion is CREEPY especially the talking pictures :0

  12. ahhhhhh!! says:

    this game also gives me the creeps I was about to beat it when it got a big scrach uhg!!!!

  13. yeerk slug says:

    HELP! I’m being chased by ghosts(and the living sled)HELP ME!!!!!!

  14. yeerk slug says:

    Man, I heard about this. Even though I don’t have it, rumor has it its haunted…

  15. luigi says:

    in paper mario and the thousand year door i finshd pit of 100 trails awesome NO

  16. Luigi says:

    It is a really good game. I just beat it. p.s Go to the gallery when you beat the game, Its all filled up and awesome!

  17. Some random guy says:

    That game gives me the creeps

  18. mike reader guy man says:


  19. smart says:

    what happens after you beat the hidden mansion?

  20. video game man says:

    i beat it like 8 times (its so easy)

  21. Your Mom says:

    How do you beat the ghost in the rocking chair??

  22. Jedi Sean says:

    I have this game for Gamecube (and beat it) but in the art gallery in the old man’s lab (the man who gave you the vaccum cleaner)I see on the map there is a corridor leading to a ladder behind the door he’s standing in front of. Is there any way into this corridor?

  23. star wars #1 fan says:

    what is this game about?

  24. fluffy bunnies go wild says:

    this game is awesome!!!

  25. Matt says:

    This game is cool but I can’t past the knight ghootses.How do I souch them up!?!?!?!

  26. bob says:

    i hate this game

  27. tony the tiger says:

    It’s great!

  28. supermariofan says:

    I love it after you beat once there’s another mode I don’t know it’s optional my brother did it the second time I did the first.

  29. Rdog9220 says:

    please who knows where pedro is please im crying becus i cant find him? :(

  30. TRENTONrocks says:

    IS IT COOL :D i wanna know

  31. Rdog9220 says:

    guru he is a copyer

  32. Rdog9220 says:

    to kill the baby use your vacuim to suck up the beach balls and then shoot them at the baby it,s that easy!

    • taze says:

      you use your vacuum, suck up the beach balls, then shoot them at him. He shoud take you to a “giant crib”. Dodge the rocking horses and suck up the giant beach balls (trust me if you do this right it will work). Shoot them at him until he “dies”. P.S. there is a gaint life restoring heart in his dresser (you can come back to this at any point in the game).

  33. mario says:

    What about me


  34. bobby says:

    that game coool

  35. cowboy says:

    this game is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. cowboy says:

    I cant beat bowser.

  37. reversed says:

    Find 100 red boos.

  38. green is mean says:

    it is the best game in the world

  39. Percy Jackson says:

    I say if there are Golden Globe awards for video games I would give this one a big award!!!!!!!!

  40. nick says:

    i would love love love to play this game

  41. fusion cheese says:

    that game is so easy i beat like 78 times

  42. red fred says:

    is this a good game??????????

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