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Rogue Leader II

On level five, Razor Rendezvous, where is the main command center of the star destroyer?

Games Guru: Just like in the movies, the command deck of the star destroyer is the structure jutting up out of the hull of the ship. The trick is that you need to destroy all of the golf ball-shaped shield generators along the hull before you can destroy the command deck itself.

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  1. ddog says:

    my sister and i are doing the cooperative campaign on the gamecube, and we are on the raid on (or “at”, i can’t remember) bespin level, and they only let you use a-wings. the thing is, though, is that THERE IS ONLY ONE!!! is this just a glitch? i have entered in some codes, on of which gives me the naboo starfighter. did the naboo starfighter replace the second a-wing? if so, is there a way i can reverse the code? is there a secong ship i can use? PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  2. lol! faek cell phone! says:

    sorry the cheat code to unlock the t-16 skyhopper is lookout!

  3. lol! faek cell phone! says:

    star wars fanatic I have some rogue leader rebel strike cheat codes.t-16 sky hopper-look out!(include explamaton point)ps lookoutis the cheat code

  4. lol! faek cell phone! says:

    well ,if u want to have a good cheat type in !zuviel! then !benzin! and you unlock a convertible! (include explamation points)

  5. Star Wars FANATIC! says:

    If you have eney Reble Strike cheats please write them in.

  6. Star Wars Fanatic! says:

    If you like Rogue Leader try the sequil to it Reble Strike you get to run around with blasters and light sabers and play more 45and6 story mishens like rescuing Princess Lia and learning to use the force with Yoda.

  7. Star Wars FANATIC! says:

    If you don’t already know in level 1 when you get to the end of the trench fire to torpetos.

  8. corran horn 5 says:

    the book seriees is just as good as the games are if not better

  9. Eaghead says:

    Thank you Happyguy

  10. mrlegopower says:

    im probubly a master of games cuz i beat the beat the game and its seqal 3 ro 4 times!!

  11. Waluigi time! says:

    Im stuck on the level where you need to protect that one ship, does anyone know what I do after that?!

  12. scoutboy says:

    I need lots a cheat codes please

  13. Bohemian says:

    Is this the sequell to a game called Rouge Squadron which was on Nintendo 64 ? Or is it a sequell to a seperate game?

  14. flops42 says:

    does anyone know any cheats for the first game these all seem to be for rouge leader II

  15. kookster2 says:

    master of games blow up all the towers in orange using the targeting computer first, then shoot the droid starfighters, then go to the trench run and try not to get killed

    PS save at least one torpedo for the trench run

  16. a very good at cheating gamer says:

    master of games targeting computer should help

  17. WedgeAntilliesWing-man says:

    Rouge Leader’s best levels are Revenge of the Empire, The Battle of Endor, and The First Death Star Attack.

  18. Dfox says:


  19. Happy guy says:

    Master of games? are you sure kuz my brother must be better since he beat da game!

  20. Happy guy says:

    If u have it for gamecube I have lotsa cheats for u if u enter IIOUAOYE tHEN ENTER WIMPIAM! U will GET UNLIMITED LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!! but if u reallywant a cheat put in eeqq?ypl then enter che!ater you will unlock ALL of the one player missions AND bonus missions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will post the rest another time.

    P.S please try to pay me back for this

  21. Happy guy says:

    I beet da game!(well, actually my BIG brother did)What console do you have it for?

  22. Master of games says:

    HELOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I want sum hints!

  23. Master of games says:

    Sombody give me sum hints to level1!

  24. getreadyforsomeaction12344 says:

    I do but the problem is that i dont know how to play it

  25. star wars fan says:

    HELOOOOO.dosent anyone like this game?

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