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What is the best weapon, and what is the best armour set?

Games Guru: Full Dragon Armor is the best armor I know. My son swears by the Crystal Bow for best weapon. I’ll go with his expertise.

Is there any way to make a lot of money in one day?

Games Guru: The only way I know to make money in Runescape is to open a shop and sell stuff. I don’t know any way to get rich quick. Sorry.

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  1. lee says:

    i am lv 60 combat i kill hobgobbies to get limproots

  2. jAMll says:

    does it have any codes?

  3. sniperazar600 says:

    this only works good for nonmembers

  4. sniperazar600 says:

    If you want to make quick $$$ Join a merch clan, see what item they’re merching, and make, fish, mine, etc. as many as you can get. then sell it full price to grand exchange. I’m level 68 and i got a zamorak platebody from doing that.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i am level 111. 90 atk 89 hp 86 range 80 def 81 mage 99 wc xD

    with full dragon except the full helm and AGS a.k.a. Armadyl Godsword = 78M with 54M cash currently going for 99 fishing.

  6. Mr.T says:

    the best way to make money is by anvansies but you need over 70 range
    or fishing or wcing
    a quick member way is to flax
    buy some flax and find a spinning wheel and make bowstring
    you make double wat u paid for on flax

  7. orion_wmson says:

    im also lvl 23 i think i havent played it in a while

  8. noob slaya227 says:

    i am a ranger with attc and str wate should i do to complet d slayer qest

  9. flynnflan says:

    Uh,please……. I want to know about this game pleeze!

  10. 66 wise katy says:

    hi i have 7000mill and im only leval 99 and mem

  11. sirajkpeter2 says:

    im a lvl 79 now and i hav 100 billion gp!!!!!!!!! i used d long to get them

  12. sirajkpeter2 says:

    easly just get high str and about 50 def and att and get a couple off games necklaces(they dont buy any more) if they dont for u then tele to fist of guthix with ring of dueling, take food and go north to green drags, if u get both green dragon hind and d bones i takes about 10mins full invent is about 62k but if u get full invent of d bones its 72k but takes about 20-30 mins tho!!! happy money making

  13. ty says:

    for mems the easiest way 2 make $$$$$ is to go to hobgblin point by crafting guild and colloect the snape grass its easy to get and is worth 1k per 1 snape grass or something lik that not recommended for low levels because of lvl 28 hobgoblins

  14. fish says:

    if you are a member you can go to camelot and then woodcut yews i did this ontil i got a whip and now i have like 3 mil hope i helped!

  15. mr.coca cola says:

    oh when i was level 4 i beat a level 7 now i can duel anybody and win who wants to duel me

  16. swish448 says:

    personally i think the “best” armour is just a personal preference, and depends on what style of fighting u do (melee, range, mage).i would probably say dragon is the best melee armour.idk, tho

  17. 911is411 says:

    the best armour is SARADOMIN WITH THE GODSWORD

  18. Toa says:

    If you are a mem you can mine pure rune essence and sell it on the GE. There is always demand for more and its worth quite a bit. Thats what I did to get rich.

  19. swish448 says:

    u can’t be a lvl 150, i think it only goes up to like lvl138 (cb lvl)

  20. halo1234mast says:

    i love runescape it is so much better than any other game.

  21. imac says:

    the game guru is wrong thats for combat black dragonskin for ranging
    in not dure about mage though

  22. Lt Billson says:

    I’m level 15 and got a crossbow & rum

  23. mario/pokemon master says:

    hey fireball what does the godsword look like?

  24. Gamertooth17 says:

    These are ALL my skills-
    70 Strength,70 Attack,64 Defence,66 Magic,55 Ranged,69 Hitpoints,84 Woodcutting,
    49 Mining,55 Fishing,55 Slayer,27 fletching,32 Farming,30 Summoning,57 Firemaking,47 Prayer,99 Awesome,41 Agility,51 Thieving,34 Runecrafting,30 Herblore,43 Smithing,53 Cooking,50 Construction,24 Hunter,54 Crafting,

    I rock.

  25. Gamertooth17 says:

    Best armour is Dragon Full Set(Full helm,platebody,platelegs,sq shield,boots,and gauntlets). Wear fire cape,a Godsword(its 2h),Abby whip(1h),or Dragon Scimmy(1h)
    Barrows degrades :(
    There is no point in getting one point of getting one part of a Barrows set without getting the whole set.
    I tried Verac Flail,Dharok greataxe,and Torag Twin Hammers!
    Epic fail.
    Dharok is good,Verac,Guthan,and something else is good.

  26. shadow 222 says:

    i cannot find a way to find the enterance to the underground pass for the underground pass quest :(

  27. HelpfulHints says:

    A easy way to get money is to sell lots of honeycombs

  28. fireballblaster says:

    i am level 123 with godsword

  29. dave says:

    i cant find adamant chest plate helllp

  30. cameronr mcy says:

    hw do you make clay int soft clay

  31. Callka says:

    Add Callka for questing tips, I’m lvl 76 and have 150 quest points. Plus if you you wish to challenge me in a minigame, I’m, well, game.

  32. morka134 says:

    4 good money go 2 the field of cows near lummy and collect cowhides then sell on ge! enjoy the cash!!!!! 100000 cow hide is 1mil CASH

  33. midnight says:

    if u dnt believe me i hang on world 76 and my outfit says it all <3

  34. midnight says:

    im a level 87 atm and my wcin lvl is 77 and i cut magic trees and i have made 4.5 million in 2 weeks! i think its alot but i have a spending problem lol but how long do you think to get bandos chest plate?

  35. Darrell says:

    How do I go to the second floor in Legend of Zelda : The Minsih Cap ?

  36. fred says:

    the highest lvl u can get 138 de de de

  37. who? says:

    to booster1684: you can only get 90 billon, not 1 trillion.

  38. Mega Fire32 says:

    If ur a member u can picp up flax and sell it for 100gp repeat it for 100k (im not really a member :( )

  39. LittleEpp says:

    No non-member skillcapes

  40. LittleEpp says:

    well ssshim what i think you should do is sell clay minej ust south-west of varrock then run to the bank and repeat it sells for 111gp each at the grand exchange and 160gp for the soft version that’s about 3,150 and 4,800gp per inventory which takes roughly 30 seconds to 1 minute so in 3 hours you would have almost 600K

  41. ssshima says:

    i have been selling big bones 4ever and limps i now have over 400k but i know there is a better way 2 make $$$$ my goal is 2 make my first mill is there a faster or better way (lvls-53deff-53att-53str-50mage-16range-26agility-40mining-24smithing-combat66) allw/ these lvls i could make it worth ur while if u tell me and it works

  42. adamhotstuff says:

    good ways to make money are fishing lobs(one of the best f2p), woodcutting yews,(a bit slow) runecrafting is good. and merchandising. ive got a mil not much but ok for a non mem.
    Are there any skillcapes that are non mems?

  43. wonderstone5 says:

    im lvl 150 and i make about 70m a day by selling battle staffs!!!!!!!! its so easy!

  44. booster1684 says:

    i have 1,000,000,000,000 and that how much i have on runescape

  45. Callka says:

    The ew game on FunOrb is awsome!

  46. !@#$#@!^ says:

    Oh, for a free 10K every day, go to the staff shop in Varrock, talk to Zaff and select “buy battlestaves” you can buy 8 per 24 hours. It will cost 56k, as they are 7K each. Then take the 8 battlestaffs and go to the grand exchange. Sell them for 8250gp each. You will end up with 66k. Do that every day and you’ll end up with 70K a week. =)

  47. ^%@#%^ says:

    I’m level 106, I have around 95M. If you want to make money, visit the runescape forums, and search the threads for “Money Tips”. It’s a sticky thread. There are some decent ways to make cash there. Or search the threads for “A Green Dragon Guide”. Using that method you can make about 250-350K an houe. Once you get about 10M, you can invest your money in the grand exchange, in items that you think will go up. Then sell them, and make profit. The best armour in the game is barrows-Torag’s set with a dragonfire shield. The best weapon is probably a godsword, although I like my drag claws >.>

  48. doulmages says:

    i think runescape should have a wood cuttin guild i would put oak in and nomal trees and yews and make a gate for members which would have magic trees and all those super rare trees i mean whats wrong with wc? ps add doulmages and tell me if you have a high lvl acount about 50 oh something and tell me its details! thanxs

  49. mannytest61 says:

    the quickest way i make money is minning it took me `1 day to make 500k well in mem world
    p.s. this is not my account

  50. clone52405 says:

    im lvl 80 and i kill ankous lvl 75 and make about 300k each trip and i cut yews and make about 1 mill in 5hours and im so rich from that so far i have 800mill from all that so if you need any help add clone52405. p.s. ill probably be playing on fun orb!!!!!!!!!!

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