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What is the best weapon, and what is the best armour set?

Games Guru: Full Dragon Armor is the best armor I know. My son swears by the Crystal Bow for best weapon. I’ll go with his expertise.

Is there any way to make a lot of money in one day?

Games Guru: The only way I know to make money in Runescape is to open a shop and sell stuff. I don’t know any way to get rich quick. Sorry.

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25 Comments on Runescape

  1. enilolater // March 15, 2008 at 3:40 pm // Reply

    where is the watch tower and is it a member place

  2. enilolater // March 15, 2008 at 3:37 pm // Reply

    wats better god armer or dragon armer

  3. rune hater // March 8, 2008 at 1:19 pm // Reply

    all you peple are big runescape nerds i m lvl 2567Q and im the best in the game with plasma armor and the tryppus sword. i have 9349857 mill and the best way to make money is too sell feathers 1mil feathers = 200k

  4. Runescape Rocks! I Rock! best armor is crystal or granite

  5. the skulls above ur head are if u are a pker but they have recently taken pking away so they are no longer available excpept in bounty hunter

  6. i am srry but the godswords are the best weapon but they are mem items and they are at the least expensive 35mil if u dont beleive me look up god sword on youtube and watch the guy hit a 102

  7. jonnyboy976 // March 1, 2008 at 2:15 pm // Reply

    hey all u guys who ask about money u can kill chickens and sell the bones for 77gp each so if u get 1000 bones u can get 80k at the g.e.

  8. i say the best way to make money is to mine pure essence and sell it. (you have to be a member and lvl 30 mining) or you can mine rune essence it is not as good but you don’t have to be a member all you have to do is finish the duke’s quest.

  9. 10k is 10000

  10. how do i gwet money real easy

  11. how do u get those signs abuv ur hed .an how do u turn in2 an eg??????????????????????

  12. whats ur guys fletching lv

    mines 72

  13. for making lots of money if you are a member do law runining and for free players by best option is tommine gold in crafting guild……….i made 8mil by law runing in 3 days played only 1hour a day

  14. Im a lvl 132 in runescape and i have full drag and still hace 30mil left the easiest way to get money is to get fishing up to 40 and fish for lobbys 10k = 1mil

  15. enilater,when you r on your bank acount go 2 the bottom rite and click on withdraw as note

  16. Best way i know is to stack them into the bank. Then withdrew them with only one space it should be a piece of paper with a lobste ron it. I hold 1,000,000,000 bronze bars like that.

  17. how do u turn anything into a paper so I can fit 30,000 cooked lobsters in my bag

  18. Best way to level is to work on defence strength magic rnage and prayer and also cokking.

  19. I want to know how to get my lvl up 😉

  20. Dear Games Guru,

    How do i get rich and get my mining lvl up uithout the pain of mining ang buying new picaxes when one breaks?

  21. i need 5k plz

  22. i need help

  23. Hey who can give me 20k

  24. monstertje52 // January 26, 2008 at 5:16 am // Reply

    how can make a armour set be open

  25. The best way to make mony is to make bronze bars and sell them in The Gran dExange

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