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What is the best weapon, and what is the best armour set?

Games Guru: Full Dragon Armor is the best armor I know. My son swears by the Crystal Bow for best weapon. I’ll go with his expertise.

Is there any way to make a lot of money in one day?

Games Guru: The only way I know to make money in Runescape is to open a shop and sell stuff. I don’t know any way to get rich quick. Sorry.

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  1. nra says:

    sell logs at grand exchange it makes crazy good money fast! i know it sounds crazy but it isnt

    • thebrave124 says:

      A good way is to go to the hill giants in the place near Varrock and run around with the other people and get this root thing, you get a lot of it and it gets you a lot of money.

  2. rpgmasterpiece says:

    Runescape runs very slow on myc omputer. I have Mac OS X, what’s going on? It used to play fast all the time.

  3. marioman says:

    dear Jagex:
    My friend Anthony has a member account on runescape and now when he tries to log in to it, he said it says”account expired” do you know anything about that?

  4. Anonymous says:

    zamrokian god sword is the best and full dragon is best Armour GOOD LUCK:^_^

    • Dazed Mich says:

      nah, best is ags, bandos tassets, and bandos chestplate, plus the onyx enchanted necklace. oh and d boots. helmet is helm of netiznot.

  5. #1 gamer says:

    try looking in the dungen underneath the castle with lumbrige bank on top and search the piles also try to kill the guy in the back to get the statue and then sell it to get money

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure about the best armor but if you use your hachet as a weapon deposit your whole inventory into the bank you can fill your whole inventory with logs and sell them at the grand exchange.

  7. Anonymous says:

    try fishing it gets you alot of money

  8. Th3 Beatdown says:

    The best armor set is debateable. The most popular armor set is full bandos with dragon boots, barrows gloves, chaotic rapier, dragonfire shield, helm of neitznot, berserker ring(i), and an amulet of fury.

    The best way to make money is either doing alot of godwars, corporeal beast, or pking. Ive earned doing all of these including 35m+ from godwars. And 20m+ from pking. Also I got 99 hunter and earned around 40m.

  9. Professo says:

    Selling cowhides at the Grand Exchange sells for a lot of money. They also sell fast.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Try selling potatoes or bones at the grand exchange in varrock. Later around lvl. 20/30 you can safely go and kill hill giants in the wilderness and sell big bones, and any other profitable itiems they drop

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