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Shadow the Hedgehog

On the second level, how can you stay alive when the whirlwind hits you with giant walls in normal mode?

Games Guru: You can dodge most of those walls. Those you can’t dodge you can take out with missiles.

How do you beat the jail level?

Games Guru: Prison Island is a pretty big level. Do you have a question about the boss or a certain trap? Please give me a better idea about what is giving you problems.

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  1. speedoboat says:

    to COOCOO – No, there are no cheat codes.

    to shadow – To beat egg dealer, use homing attack on the three yellow dots that are on the machine. When eggman falls down, attack the cockpit.

  2. wart king says:

    i love shadow the hedgehog but i was a bit suprised when i got it because shadow sonic knuckles and the gun comander swear i mean 8 years old and a sonic fan but i never imagened a sonic game with swearing i cecked this website and it said that shadow the hedgehog had fantasy vilonce and mild language

  3. shadow says:

    How do you beat the egg dealer

  4. Pichu2 says:

    superd98 it took me 4 hours to get to EGG DEALER.

  5. mememememe says:

    shadow is a good guy after all

    i should know i beet the sonic the

    hedgehog battle2 something

    (he ends up saving everyone)

  6. COOCOO says:

    I have beat 4levals is thar cheatcods?

  7. COOCOO says:


  8. zak attack says:

    i have all 71 lvls plus last sory i beat it alll and got all the weapons but when you fite black doom alongside rouge shes says u can teleport, how??!

  9. Blah says:

    38 – shadowluva says:

    September 4th, 2007 at 6:56 am

    i have all 71 lvls plus last sory i beat it alll and got all the weapons but when you fite black doom alongside rouge shes says u can teleport, how??!

    No she said and I quote: Black Doom can teleport just like you.

  10. limpit9000 says:

    hi gg i compeeled level 1 dark misssion but the next level is 2 hard 4 me can you


  11. limpit900000 says:

    how do you get all level s

  12. shorty 123 says:

    shadow the hedgehog is awsome Iwant there to be another game!!!!!

  13. shadowluva says:

    i have all 71 lvls plus last sory i beat it alll and got all the weapons but when you fite black doom alongside rouge shes says u can teleport, how??!

  14. I love Sasuke Uchiha says:

    i beat normal mode in less than a week. when i was NINE.

  15. jah says:

    i have this game

  16. superd98 says:

    it is awesome! I think its hard but still. It only took me two weeks to get to the egg dealer!(final boss if you do normal the whole way through.)

  17. Tono says:

    I don’t love it but I like it. But he cusses every time you get hit.

  18. gjgfygyy says:

    how do u beat the boss on the second level of avatar

  19. Shadow pwnes all says:

    can you go golden or super shadow anywhere besides the last story if you can please tell me how

  20. ooghhh says:

    yeah shadow the hedghog is a fun game, its just to many sloppy controls.really. fighting is a pain in the neck, and i run into walls all the time. but, i really do like the game. its jsut sonic adventure 2 battle was better cuz it was about running not fighting

  21. a very good at cheating gamer says:

    sonic16 tried my system wont save it stinks got it to the one above it (aka Black Comet)can’t get past the dudes that teleport

  22. Pieman says:

    I like the dark side, cahos blast is awesome!

  23. Pieman says:

    Black Doom doesn’t help Shadow, the last boss i fought was eggman, the last fite, it says shadow is actually the second of 10,000 different androids, and the first 1 died when he was launched at the Earth, so that’s why shadow cant remember anything, i should know, i beat the game

  24. chocolate milk says:

    shadow rocks he can drive and is still the ultimate life form.

    1 shadow



  25. sonic16boy says:

    I beat shadow the hedgehog 6 times! All you have do to is put new game.But don’t worry it will save what you did eailer.

  26. a very good at cheating gamer says:

    I NEED codes for this game! The guy with the slots:can’t hit the buttons.

  27. Red Comet/Final fantasy Lover says:

    Favorite Character: Shadow

    2nd Favorite: Knuckles

    3rd Favorite: Super Sonic

    you know I was playing Sonic 3 earlier I was on that Carnival level and there was this thing that bobbed up and down Tails pushed me off the edge of it and I thought I was going to be crushed but……. I turned into Super Sonic I only had 2 Chaos Emeralds and

    30 rings Definately NOT enough to turn into Super Sonic, and yet…… I Did….. Weird.

  28. pie says:

    paul1234 use the any gun you can and try to follow it when you get to the part with the bombs

  29. po says:

    i`d agree with yoshi`but it is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. love shad says:

    hey i love shadow he is no.1 but can enyone tell me the charactors in sonic underground

    such as my 3 rd faveriot manic come in comics and games and has big wallpapers cuz i love him too




  31. SuperSonicPlayer says:

    Melee man, If my sisters knew where you lived, they would KILL YOU! Do you hear me? KILL YOU! Shadow is a good guy! I like him, he kicks uhhh….. patuca, KILL YOU! Shadow would think the same thing. Okay the swearing SEGA won’t do anymore thank goodness. If you want to insult somebody, insult Eggman, Black Doom, that stupid general guy with the crazy eye, kill them I don’t care.

  32. Midnight the Tasmanian Devil says:

    Shadow kicks major alein butt! He’s cool,dark,AND can use chaos control WITHOUT a chaos emerald. For the reatard who said he’s stupid becaus he coulden’t remember anything he isn’t stupid! He suffers from amnesia! Try NOT having amnisia after catapulting at the earth at 56 MPH! ( Oh, for experts,how does shadow go t the bathroom? It is urdgent for me to know.)

  33. steve says:


  34. magma ruler210 says:

    hint 2 player mode. heroes can be played during game play and cant die. just plug in two controlers

  35. mat says:

    how do you get epert mode

  36. paul1324 says:

    In one level with the escape pod how do you destroy the escape pod??

  37. read me says:

    SHADOW ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! choose to be on the good side so you can use chaos control ;)

  38. yoshi says:

    and yes the player can make shadow do chaos control but you need to be on the good side to do so.

  39. yoshi says:

    the game is so easy that i dont play it anymore:P

  40. paul1324 says:

    In Shadow the Hedgehog can the player make Shadow do Chaos Control?

  41. Melee fan says:

    plus this game doesn’t follow the sonic story line because he uses guns instead of rolling into balls like the other of the sonic games. Galactic Marine is right, i wouldn’t recommend this game eather. a lot of parents would probly ban you this game if they know about sonic games because the other sonic games don’t cuss and use guns and wepons.

  42. Melee fan says:

    i don’t like shadow to much. to me, shadow is a stupid hedghog that cusses, uses guns, and doesn’t know who he is(that’s why he’s stupid).

  43. gunny260 says:

    shadow is the cool version of sonic and he uses guns

  44. Videogame master says:

    It’s pretty fun but if you’re on the good side the soldiers shoot you. It gets annoying.

  45. Galactic Marine says:

    Would’nt recommend this game. Heard about frequent cursing and disrespectful talk about people who died in game.

  46. Knuckles says:

    Put out fire with street sign.

  47. Robonic kicker says:

    For: cheater to kill the guy with slots on his suit you run after him when the slots are facing you jump and press a again at his slot buttons! IT’s that easy! Hit the buttons three time’s each button once until you get on bomb or missles and egg man will shoot himself with his own attacks! Reapet until he is dead. Good Luck!

  48. sonic says:

    oh yeah i beat game

  49. bitoo says:

    shadow the hedgehog makes me feel all powerful.

  50. cheater says:

    how do you beat the boss that has the slots on his suit?

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