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Shrek 2

How do you get past the fairy godmother?

Games Guru: It depends on which time and platform. The first time you run into her in the console and PC game, you must beat her as Lil’ Red by pelting her with apples. The next time you see her, you are Shrek riding Donkey and you must keep hitting her with your lance. I believe the next time you see her, she shoots spells at those blue circles on the ground. Avoid the circles and you can defeat her.

Comments about “Shrek 2”

  1. 7 ....years ask says:

    how i select the next levels….?

  2. Teh mighty Ogre says:

    On The Gameboy Advance Version How do beat Book 1 Chapter 5

  3. emogirlie says:

    how do i beat da hero time on da level cookio cookie???
    mhe and mii friendz play it all da time and wen da time gtz to 0 it goez 2 27:36 or smethin…
    plz help!!!

  4. nobody says:

    just keep shooting the ballons so they dont hit the cookie

  5. 8yearold says:

    how do you get past the part where you have to blast allthe ballons?i’ve gotten to two seconds!

  6. gamer123 says:

    u have to play all of the kings misions and beat all of them

  7. Marco Polo says:

    If you want to know how to defeat the fairygodmother I have the answers.(this is for Nintendo gamecube) first she is hiting you with her spells,doge them and hit her with your apples. after that she rolls the floor like a tredmoble hit her again with your apples. then she puts boxs on the floor jump over them and doge her spells, hit her with your apples, and she will be defeated.

  8. 8yearold says:

    how do you fairy godmother when you’re on the conveyor belts?

  9. supercoop says:

    how do you save the cookie moster on “cookie cookie”

  10. 8yearold says:

    whats the code for skipping levels?i cant get past ogre killer!

  11. sonicfan says:

    In book five chapter five on the Gameboy, what is the easiest way to avoid Fairy Godmother’s blasts? Because every time I try, the blast curves and hits me. Also, are there any cheat codes on the Gameboy version?

  12. sonicfan says:

    How do you beat the Fairy Godmother on the Gameboy?

  13. takanuva says:!

  14. peyt says:

    how do you get all of levels? you buy them.

  15. 8yearold says:

    how do you enter codes?

  16. 8yearold says:

    tom,once you’ve done all the things the king tells you to do you go to one of the red circles and go to “go to next level” and press x.

  17. ella says:

    i think it is a good game but amm really stuck on cookie cookie. I have deafeted the knights and now am really stuck. My friends are stuck on it as well. Can you believe it??!!

  18. HeyYa'll says:

    I can’t get past the second level! (Graveyard) But then my little brother found a bunch of cheat codes online so we just skipped that level…but we still can’t win the game! HELP!

  19. A random person says:

    This game is awful bad graphics boring gameplay but you should watch the movie can’t be this bad.

  20. MR.DONKEY says:

    dude,I am sorry to say this,but there is no cheat to finish the game.

  21. Saturos says:

    This game is pretty fun, but kind of easy. I like beating up the people attacking Cinderella. That is a great way to get lots of coins fast.

  22. Meboy says:

    Me too that game is sooooooo easy once i beat it i never played it again

  23. Darkboy says:

    i have 2 friends who r friends 2,and belive it or not,1 is stuck on cookie cookie and he had it 4 years,and the other 1 has it 4 not too long now and he’s on final fight.weird,huh

  24. jah says:

    i past this game its boreing

  25. Ruler of the World says:

    This game is alright

  26. Eagleboy498 says:

    The only reason I like this game is because you get to explore diffrent terrains

  27. Jd rocks and you dont says:

    Its so easy… i beat every single level with my younger bro except for final fight

  28. Skywalker says:

    put in on gamecube for all levels-left,up,A,X,Left,up,A,X,Left,Up,A,X,Up,Up,Up,Up,Up

    The directions are to be put in on the D-Pad

  29. Skywalker says:

    Been there, done with that!

  30. game dude ash34 says:

    how do you get all the levels

  31. maddog says:

    the way that you defeat the final fight is that youdodge the giant circle rays by moving.(dduuhh.) Then when fairy god mother shoots the balls on the ground all you have to do is wait till it comes close then jump! Then when fairy god mother’s shield goes down then you go to her and attack.But when you are attack you only have a little time.SO HURRY!!!!!!!

  32. Bytuwa says:

    It is easy. I beat every level including final fight! :-)

  33. marko says:

    how do you get past the canyon run.

  34. dude says:

    Is there a cheat to finish the game?

  35. Polio says:

    What do you do after you beat Final Fight?

  36. tatertot12345 says:

    Pause the game, select Scrapbook and press left, up, X, O, left, up, X, O, left, up, X, O, up, right, down, left, up to restore health at any time!

  37. Berlin23 says:

    Tom, you must complete missions that the king gives you, if you find him.

  38. Runner boy says:

    How do I get past final fight??????

  39. tom says:

    how do i get past far far away town sqare?????

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