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Angry Birds

How do I get the great eagle?

Games Guru: You have to give him a can of sardines. And you have to buy that can with real money at the store. Yep, they want your money.

I can’t pass level 18-15 in Birthday Party. Could you please help me?

Games Guru: This YouTube video should help: .

I saw my friend has this Golden Egg called “Angry Radio.” How do you get it? Thanks!

Games Guru: The golden eggs are on the Golden Egg page. This particular egg is on the bottom row, second from the right. Click it. Once you see the radio, click the two keys in the middle of the radio. Voila. You have your golden egg for the Angry Radio puzzle.

I don’t know how to beat these levels: Level 12 on Danger Above (not the first one, the one at night); The Big Setup, I can’t beat level 5 on the second page; Mighty Hoax, I can’t beat level 12. If you can please help me, please do.

Games Guru: It’s hard to explain this in a few words. Pictures work better.

Here’s one site that helps for Danger Above:

For the Big Setup:

For the Mighty Hoax:

Comments about “Angry Birds”

  1. awesome speedster says:

    i beat the whole game dude

  2. drew says:

    my brother loves this game. i see him playing it for hours. he is in love with the game.

  3. wii remote says:

    thears a new bird in angry birds seasons the orange one that blows up even when it get hit it deflates

  4. gamefreak101 says:

    my dad got the game for i pod touch and we beat the whole game. in fact my dad is so good at it he all the stars. P.S angry birds is

  5. mustard madnes says:


  6. AnonymousBoysLifefan says:

    Angry birds is #3 best game on the app store. But if you what to know what #1 and #2 i will tell you. #1 is Real Racing 2 Real Racing 2 is the best racing game on the app store evan if you do not like racing games or car games of any type you will like it any way it is so real ha ha. It is 6.99 so if you what to buy it it will go on sale like 1 tame a month a it will be 99. so buy it when it is 99.:). #2 Is well i do not know so if you what to you can tell me what it is.

  7. superyoshi says:

    I have the PC version and it’s fun!

  8. Lego fan says:

    My dad didn’t like it for some reason. I liked it though.

  9. jman says:

    Beat da game in 1 week. not kidding

  10. Anonymous says:

    anyone have (in the ipod version) the football golden egg?

  11. red bird says:

    is red bird,blue bird,yellow bird,black bommer bird,white bird,green bird,big brother,blu,and jewel to the app

  12. Meta Knight says:

    I have wings, so shouldn’t I be a bird and crash into pigs?

  13. reversed says:

    Angry Birds Rio is funny!

  14. purduecrazy99 says:

    Have you ever tried it on the Chrome?

  15. suzukiboy says:

    I never understood how people can get 3 stars on evry level. Also, if you are looking for how to get every golden egg, ther is a helpful website called angrybirdsnest

  16. awesome gamer says:

    What shotgun bird?

  17. GoHomeKidd23 says:

    I beat the game ! Too easy !

  18. Daiv Stargamer says:

    How do you get through the level 3.8?

  19. I love Japan says:

    i love angry birds! i dont have a iphone or a ipod touch, but my mom has iphone 3G (my mom is not very good with eletronics)

  20. hsa says: says:

    i love angry birds i finshed the lite version

  21. ayan says:

    i love angry birds!!!!!!!!!

  22. FoxFalco says:

    Most awesome game in the entire universe, and those who don’t think so HOW DARE YOU!

  23. Mikman says:

    OH,i can help u guys simply just keep trying and you will succeed.i beat the game on my dad’s iphone 4 and on my mom’s ipad it totally ROCKED.

  24. a says:

    best game ever

  25. quagmario says:

    i found this online its cool

  26. redman says:

    my dads on last level on 12

  27. Fliboys says:

    Never liked this game.

  28. Sebbie774 says:

    Angry Birds rocks

  29. jonbuddy1 says:

    THIS GAME IS AWESOME! No lie. Get it for the PSP.

  30. Elli poo says:

    The best bird is the boomerang bird.

  31. MOONMAN200 says:


  32. willehalf says:

    This game is AWESOME!

  33. bomb bird says:

    the three best birds there are is black yellow white the huge red birds and last the rare eagle.

  34. Boy im awesome says:


  35. raysxas says:

    I mean i never played a game like angry birds

  36. Pumpkin says:

    i found all the golden eggs:)

  37. P-man says:

    I know.It is way way way cool!

  38. karatekid says:

    I don’t have an Ipod Touch or whatever!

  39. [will] says:

    Yea, i’m stuck on level 12 too

  40. chobbs16 says:

    i love it

  41. bee says:

    angrybirds are asome because they fight big and little pigs with helmets

  42. slappy says:

    its so cool

  43. Xplant says:

    I don’t have an Ipod Touch or whatever.

    This game looks really boring, even though everyone says it’s epic.

  44. hello010 says:

    i beat the lite version

  45. capes says:

    I’ve beat thehole thing.

  46. capes says:

    Angry birds is awesome.

  47. syrupking says:

    i got o levle 10 and now in stumped

  48. ni890 says:

    I beat it 3 times!

  49. spike says:

    im stuck on a level between 10 and 13

  50. joey says:

    i know right im stumped on level 12 too

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