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Angry Birds

How do I get the great eagle?

Games Guru: You have to give him a can of sardines. And you have to buy that can with real money at the store. Yep, they want your money.

I can’t pass level 18-15 in Birthday Party. Could you please help me?

Games Guru: This YouTube video should help: .

I saw my friend has this Golden Egg called “Angry Radio.” How do you get it? Thanks!

Games Guru: The golden eggs are on the Golden Egg page. This particular egg is on the bottom row, second from the right. Click it. Once you see the radio, click the two keys in the middle of the radio. Voila. You have your golden egg for the Angry Radio puzzle.

I don’t know how to beat these levels: Level 12 on Danger Above (not the first one, the one at night); The Big Setup, I can’t beat level 5 on the second page; Mighty Hoax, I can’t beat level 12. If you can please help me, please do.

Games Guru: It’s hard to explain this in a few words. Pictures work better.

Here’s one site that helps for Danger Above:

For the Big Setup:

For the Mighty Hoax:

Comments about “Angry Birds”

  1. cool says:

    this is awsome

  2. The Doctor says:

    On Kindle Fire HD, you have unlimited mighty eagles, but but you only get one every 15 minutes of gameplay.

  3. outofnameideas says:


  4. jeffgordonman24 says:

    First, its called the mighty eagle. second, u have to buy the full version. Third, buy the mighty eagle on the app. enjoy

  5. YankeesMan19 says:

    I get stuck very often so can someone help?

  6. HAxXeROr says:

    the great eagle? IT IS CALLED THE MIGHTY EAGLE! and you have to pay for the eagle.
    on chrome you have the eagle for free but I can’t remember if it is just 1 eagle or you have unlimited,if it is unlimited in chrome, if you use it, it takes the fun out of angry birds after launching a lot of shots

  7. a.o.trans says:

    I’m stuck on 18-3 and 20-7. can you help?

  8. a.o.trans says:

    I’m stuck on two levels, 18-3 and 20-5? How do I get passed those levels?

  9. David says:

    in the corner of the screen there will be a picture sometimes, click on that, and it will ask you if you want to buy the evil eagle for $0.99

  10. MDofficial says:

    Angry Birds gets boring when you start playing bad piggies.

    • HAxXeROr says:

      treasure chest gold egg is some where on the first levels, no need to use a bird because 1 it is an enclosed space(that is not rock,wood,or glass)2 you can just tap it

      replying to the guy up there with the emoticon like this :(

  11. Boo says:

    Bad Piggies is awesome!!!!!

  12. 55 + 77 = 132 says:

    Where is the treasure chest golden egg? I can’t find it

    • Jabberjaws says:

      If your looking for the treasure chest golden egg,go to poached eggs level eight and when you see the treasure chest tap on it until you get the egg.

  13. (dude)^2 + 4*(dude) + 4 says:

    I cannot find the treasure chest golden egg. :(

  14. (dude)^2 + 4(dude) + 4 says:

    How do you get the treasure chest golden egg?

  15. A Bird says:

    3 stars evey level ever word ever golden egg, golden pig. i got the cake and three stars 18-15 NO joke

  16. ShrewManChew says:

    after you get the white hen bird then go to any level and pause it and hit the question mark button to bring up the tutorial hit the check until you see the hen bird touch his egg after he drops it (it should be golden)

  17. hotsonicfan1234 says:

    i like how the pigs giggle wen u FAIL

  18. captain underpants says:

    they should make ANGRY BIRDS vs HAPPY PIGS

  19. star wars fan says:


  20. jerky says:

    I know wear a golden eggs are!!!

    1. tap the sun 2 times fast and you will get a golden egg.

    2. go in danger above. go to page 3. then keep scrolling and you will find one.

    3.go in the information. (press the settings buten, then the i.) go up. Then you will get a you know what.

  21. (dude)^2 + 4(dude) + 4 says:

    1: Any Golden Eggs in Surf and Turf?

    2: If you scroll to the right “too far” in danger above, you get a golden egg!

    3: How do you get the “secret cake” in level 18-15 (I think it’s 18-15)?

  22. robert says:

    I want to get the PC version of this game that can be downloaded and installed onto your computer and played for free

  23. King Pig says:

    the birds are beating me up for just borrowing there eggs for omlets

  24. wiirule says:

    Angry Birds is so coooL!

  25. king says:

    yo i wanted the game

  26. the destroyer says:


  27. Ninjabomb12 says:

    im having trouble with angry birds space. could you help?

  28. BatmanvsJoker says:

    Im the bomb at this game

  29. Carbison says:

    PERFECT catchphrase for the bomb bird: “I’m the bomb”

  30. angry birdsguy says:

    how do I get all the golden fruit in angry birds rio carnival levels

  31. zoomer says:

    how do you get past lvl 50

  32. lego Lego LEGO says:

    I have unlocked every bird, but only two golden eggs.

  33. the self destruct says:

    Angry birds space O-U-T-!-!-!

  34. CoolDudeinVA says:


  35. kwade says:

    I think that angry bird is a fun game and i love playing.

  36. LEGO Universer says:

    LADY’S AND GENTLEMEN,BOYS AND GIRLS,you will want to mark your calender for March,22 2012.Why you ask.Because of,ANGRY BIRDS SPACE!

  37. K man says:

    I love angry birds.

  38. LEGO Universer says:

    If you have a kindle fire you can download the full version for free.The only thing different is the adds

  39. Need a little help says:

    On angry birds seasons how do you get 100% destruction on year of the dragon, level 1? Thanks!

  40. yeerk slug says:

    Sweet I have this game for iPhone and iPad it is awesome.

  41. burgerbeard the pirate says:

    yeah! arrrrr!

  42. LegotOgo says:

    Yeah what about angry birds rio

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