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Are there secret codes?

Games Guru: Of course there are secret codes for SimCity 4! This is, after all, a Maxis game — those guys live to slip weird stuff past you. Here are the three most useful codes:

  • FightThePower—to remove power requirements
  • HowDryIAm—to remove water requirements
  • WeaknessPays—to add 1,000 SimBucks to your treasury

To access these codes, hit the Control and X buttons at the same time, then type any of the code phrase.

Comments about “Sim City 4”

  1. Hocky521 says:

    Hocky521: Love the game

  2. yo_Trudeezy says:

    hey i need the installation code my mom threw it away and i need a code that works plz

  3. DWadeManiac says:

    Try Sim city 4 deluxe, it’s great. It’s better.

  4. I love Japan says:

    i have simcity creator, is it diffrent than Sim city 4?

  5. angus says:

    how do you build a huge city

  6. angus says:

    this game is awsome

  7. sims83 says:

    if you build a cemetery in sim city 4, ghosts & zombies will appear but they only appear in the 10th month

  8. DJ says:

    What do you do if you lose your product key? I have lost mine.

  9. acepilot says:

    Hey i’ve tried the “you don’t deserve it” cheat. FYI- it doesnt work. the “i love money” cheat-also not working!! but the other cheats Thanks they’re great! :) see ya

  10. Me says:

    Set the tax levels at 7% to encourage growth. To discourage growth, set the taxes at 20%. For example, if you want high tech industry to move in, but want dirty industry to stay away, set the tax level for hight tech at 7% and the dirty industry’s level at 20%.

  11. Me says:

    Speaking from experience–many power plants, when they get too old, explode. A coal power plant will explode ~74 years after it is built, and a nuclear power plant will explode ~138 years after it is built. When the nuclear power plant experiences a meltdown, it spreads enough radiation to cover a small city. The Sims move out of the blast zone, and your mayor ratings plummet. The coal power plant only destroys a city block. Both leave a steaming crater and destroy any nearby buildings. When your city advisors tell you to replace your power plants, do it quickly, or not very few Sims will want to live in your city.

  12. Me says:

    To get the any reward building, enter you don’t deserve it. Be careful; some of the buildings (such as the Nuclear Power Plant, Toxic Waste Dump, Area 5.1, Disease Research Center, and others) emit radiation, which makes your Sims very unhappy.

  13. angus says:

    you get the rocket from doing the cargo train missions

  14. simcity manic says:

    Hey? anyone know any easy way to get the marina easier than with a mission? Does anyone have cheats?? tia.

  15. yellow bellow says:

    hey guys ive got something that will make u so happy!! Ive got a cheat code that unlocks everything!! hit Control+X then type in you don’t deserve it.

    Ive also got one for infenit money but im not sure if it works it is lovemoney

  16. Bulborb says:

    I have one of the original sim cities too. It is called Sim Town, and the graphics are terrible!

  17. saskman says:

    after a few months of using cheats it is good to start a new game from scratch and really learn what the game is about…

  18. Me says:

    To go back to the original god mode after you have started your city, press and hold ctrl+alt+shift and click on the god mode button. You will be able to change the terrain, plant trees and place wild animals for free. Once you leave the god mode, it will go back to the normal settings.

  19. Me says:

    Hit ctrl+x to get the window to enter cheat codes. Below are some codes you can enter:
    dollyllama – turn your advisors into llamas
    whererufrom – change your city name
    hellomynameis – change your mayor’s name

  20. game lover226 says:

    I like the game.

  21. pit_bull_lover says:

    hey i want to use the simcity exchange but i can’t find the serial number..does anybody know where it is?

  22. fasdg says:

    the acsess code depends

  23. Tomare! says:

    I have what I think is the 1st Sim City (in Japanese and for the Super Famicom)

  24. dvftnynb,,onv says:

    u control the city

  25. FLYGIRL says:


  26. profclyde says:

    Sorry,”Jesse james” and “TEETOWN” I don’t own the game. I’m just looking at the comments for any random game that I can help with!

  27. savingangel says:

    hey guys i got the answer to the qst ur all asking …. here’s the code … it works for sim city deluxe and sim city 4!!:D don’t thank me thank GOD!!


  28. otrater says:

    dilzy, u unlock the space shuttle

  29. DADDY says:


  30. Dilzy says:

    Seriously how do u get a space shuttle?

  31. Jesse james says:

    Hey guys you are all my last hope i bought this game after enjoying simcity 3000 and now i have my own computer and the installation code is missing.Anyone please help me.I know alot of people have asked for it so please please please i am bored out of my mind

  32. TEETOWN says:


  33. charzaird says:

    Hey do you control a city or Sims?

  34. thinker says:

    how can i enter theu drive it mission

  35. killswitch says:

    where’s the cd key on the case I cant find it and i want to play.

  36. monoxide says:

    i lost the install code for my sim city disc

  37. Executive says:

    For all you who run out of money easily, theres a trainer online which can freeze the money on the game so you never have to worry about spending anymore.

  38. son says:

    this rocks

  39. CalmGuy says:

    Wow that code is a killer. Looks like it must be re bought

  40. Sim4 says:

    how do you get the space shuttle to go into space

  41. she-b says:

    how can i get another code for it? I lost it.

  42. bill says:

    I am making at least $140,000 a month in all the cities the regions can hold, i have every thing, and im bored. what do i do now?

  43. RJ says:

    how do u get the rocket thing

  44. death to all rebel scum says:

    maby i could use that extra money cheat and have a disease research center with a milatary base

  45. death to all rebel scum says:

    man i always bankrupt my city by previding to many civil servises say i have a city with 2,000 people in it i usuly buld a large fire station a large police station a large elementy school a large high school a city collage and a city park bult and now you know why i go bankruped so quickly

    PS i got the large police station through the driving missions because of the small populis

  46. surviver says:

    someone post the game code in the manual plz. my sis lost it, and now I can’t install it! Grrrrrr…

  47. Connorthefirst says:

    1 Press control x

    2 type in weaknesspays

    3 hold shift

    4 push enter

    5 push the up arrow key

    6 repeat steps 4 and 5 over and over again still holding shift and every time you press enter you get 1,000 bucks.

  48. nana says:

    you don’t deserve it is a cheat to unlock everything

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