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Sonic Advance 2

How do I beat the boss on the Techno Base world?

Games Guru: This is a really tough level due to some spectacular jumps you have to make. There are no real bosses in Techno Base. But there are various Badniks throughout the level. It’s your job to avoid them, including the hovering silver Badnik at the end of the level. Avoid it by jumping on the left square platform, which will spring you up and away from the Badnik.

Where are the five special rings on the leaf forest level? I can’t find them!

Games Guru: As I understand it, there are seven rings in this stage. Here are some hints to lead you to the first four:

  • Ring 1—Instead of going through the loop, jump on top and spin dash up the rail.
  • Ring 2—You will find a trampoline at the base of a slope. Jump on it, then use a special team ability to get higher, and you will find the second ring.
  • Ring 3—There is a spiral on a ledge. Explore the ledge for ring 3.
  • Ring 4—Go to the end of the spiral and turn right. You will find a giant loop. The next ring is on the top of that loop.

On the Sky Canyon world, I can’t figure out how to beat the boss (Dr. Eggman).

Games Guru: First you must destroy the cannon, which sounds easy but isn’t. To do this, you must charge at the cannon the moment the hand stops attacking. Jump attack the cannon and back off. Repeat this until the cannon is gone, and make sure to get out of the way after attacking the cannon so you don’t get slapped.

Next, avoid the hand and go for Dr. Eggman. The hand is still going to go after you. Use a hit-and-run strategy. Slip in, hit Eggman, slip out. It will take eight hits to defeat this very challenging boss.

Comments about “Sonic Advance 2”

  1. cop (the police) says:

    yes sonic and amy are ok because they fell in love p.s super sonic is not mean p.p.s vanilla is not in sonic the heghog vanilla is in super lady 5

  2. Sciencedud says:

    i beat the game with Cream! The best game boy game ever!!!!!!!!

  3. Carbison says:

    Tyrone, on the boss, you are wrong about his name. Dr. Robotnik is Dr. Eggman’s grandfather. Just so yoo know.

  4. The Noob Rapter says:

    around 5 years ago I did some type of cheat thet gave me everyting Sound test, chao garden, amy rose. You name it but A frend who borrowed the game accedently deleted the file. Do you know the cheat the did that thing five years ago?

  5. sonicboom says:

    I have beaten the game time and time again. It was practically too easy. Sonic advance 3 is better. I own sonic advance one, two, and three.

  6. hyperflex says:

    Hey ya’ll! how do I defeat the boss (Dr. Eggman) at the Techno Base?

    • gameexpert39 says:

      Well, when you face him, it’s all on timing. There is about three seconds between when the platforms perform an action. So in that time just jump over any lasers floating around and aim straight for his head!

  7. knulecles1 says:

    where can i find all the sp rings of all stages

  8. King DeMott says:

    Man, I’ve had this game for as long as I can remember!

  9. Speedster says:

    There is one chaos emerald within each zone. To get access to the secret room where the chaos emerald is, you must collect all seven special rings in either of the the zone’s two levels in adventure mode. If you can finish the area while holding all seven rings, you will make it into the secret room. Once there, you must collect 300 rings while being chased by Zero to find the chaos emerald.

  10. Miles Tail Power says:

    I need all 7 chaos emerals to unlock Amy.How to get them with Cream,Knuckles,Sonic and Tails?

  11. sonic says:

    i said green sonic because i saw one when i typed in scourge(a.k.a evil sonic) and saw a green sonic in sonics slot.

  12. Playstation says:

    This is THE BEST game boy Advance game that i own! Once ur in egg utopia, it gets really hard though. :-(

  13. POKEMON says:

    Sonic is really blue.

  14. sonic says:

    how do you 1) make a green sonic 2) find amy.

    if you want to find all the specil rings, go to google and do images. type sonic advanced 2 maps or somthing like that. print the maps!!youll find that the maps are very useful, and youll be happy at the end.

  15. trojan says:

    you just press R

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. SonicSounds says:

    I love this game but i cant beat Sky Canyon with Sonic because there is like arrows going up and all but he just wont go up. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. mighty says:

    this game is awsome but i cant beat sky canyon with

  19. Kirby fan says:

    I need a cheat for all sp rings in all worlds

  20. demango says:

    i agree with LOLOLOL

  21. ABC says:

    Have you unlocked amy? :)

  22. ma m8 says:

    i need help with egutopia and technobase secret rings please sombody help

  23. LOLOLOL says:

    Cream is the best!!!

  24. sonic x300 says:

    awsome game

  25. jb says:

    has anyone here, beaten this game? I have!

  26. Bubba says:

    This game is really fun! Exept geting all the Chaos Emralds and fighting Eggman with Super Sonic.

  27. Herio01 says:

    where are the emeralds in techno base and egg utopia???

  28. Chose Bulbasuar says:

    Do You Think That Sonic&Amy Are A Good Coupale?

  29. Chose Bulbasuar says:

    It’s Sonic Advance 2:(

  30. shadow says:

    Where are all of the SP rings in the music stage?

  31. jr. says:

    i like this game

  32. goten says:

    how do you get emralds

  33. someone says:

    (i beat this game.) didn’t you see the invisible (Heh Heh) robot suck vanilla up?

  34. Sonic says:

    Use Cream to attack from a distant with her chao. If she is not that far, then use the character you have to jump on the platforms and attack it

  35. cory says:

    how to get all thechaos emeralds? on Sonic Advanced 2

  36. Tyrone says:

    In the techno base level I can’t beat the boss (Dr. Robotnik)

  37. magma ruler210 says:

    secrt stage area 54 is very hard you must get ALL CHAOS EMRALDS! and is it REALLY worth it to get amy at the end

  38. bleh says:

    the secret rings-impossible 2 get all of them…):

  39. Tyrone says:

    How did eggman kidnap vanilla? And didn’t they say super sonic is a villain?

  40. Unknown says:

    This game was easy, but the Boss Time Trial is useless except to get stuff

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