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Sonic Advance 3

Where and how can I unlock Knuckles, Amy Rose and the Chaos Emeralds? I have only Sonic, Tails and Cream.

Games Guru: You unlock Amy Rose by beating Zone 4 Act 3 with Sonic as the leader. You unlock Knuckles by beating Zone 2 Act 3 with Sonic as the leader. To find each zone’s Chaos Emerald, you must unlock the special stage for that zone. To unlock the special stage, you must collect all 10 chaos found in that zone.

Comments about “Sonic Advance 3”

  1. cream the rabbit says:

    i love chao

  2. sonic waffles says:


  3. Tails says:

    I think that knukes and cream are the best

  4. mario101 says:

    somebody help me on chaos emerald #7!!!! :(

  5. king dedede says:

    Tip: The best combination is Cream & Sonic. With Cream and the Chao Ball Attack, you can just jump high enough in Altar Emerald to get the Eggman part of the machine, so you don’t have to wait for the red explosive balls.

  6. Yoshi lover says:

    How do you get the chao in zone 7 act 2? I have all the other chaos emeralds but the last one…

  7. cvbcarson says:

    how you get the keys

  8. metal sonic says:

    im also best with knuckles! (:

  9. metal sonic says:

    ive almost got all the emralds. it took awhile but im almost there

  10. sonic x says:

    i’m best with cream!

  11. sonic x says:

    chaos angel is hard but its easy if you use knuckles, tails, or cream

  12. sonic x says:

    i got all emeralds & all characters!!! and the final boss is so easy if you use tsils or cream!

  13. Sonic Fan #1 says:

    Twinkle Snow boss is easy if you are teamed with Sonic and Amy together, because when Sonic jumps teamed with Amy he is easy to move. That’s how I did it!

  14. shadow* says:

    shadow rock’s!

  15. knux the echina says:

    i have 7 chaos emeralds so now i can be super sonic but gmerl machine i cant beat

  16. Anonymous says:

    to get cream you do cyber track act 3 with sonic as leader

  17. sonic boom says:

    what’s wrong with cyber track act 3? it’s IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. super sonic says:

    how do you get cream the rabbit

  19. super sonic says:

    i have defeated eggman many times like 20

  20. Super Sliver says:

    It is hard to get the last chaos emerald

  21. sonic the hedgehog says:

    how do you get cream

  22. silver the heghog says:

    Where the heck are the chao in all the levels

  23. Super Christopher says:

    Man, Chaos Angel, act 1 is hard! I keep falling in the bottem less pits!

  24. Nazo says:

    How can i ge t the chaos emerald in zone ?

  25. Anonymous says:

    how to get shadow?

  26. Sora says:

    how do you get all the chao?

  27. nanosonic says:

    you can’t play as espio.

  28. super sonic says:

    to get super sonic get all emralds and beat the non agrasion boss at the end by beating final zone with sonic with all the emralds

  29. super sonic says:

    you can not unlock espio or shadow in sonic advance 3

  30. fencing dude says:

    how do you unlock espio?

  31. Master emerald says:

    I dont know how to get all chao in every stage.please tell me all the locations of all chao

  32. sonicfanthemegahog says:

    I just defeated the bosses but I don’t have all the emeralds it was tricky in the special stages but you guys should know that I unlocked all the characters

  33. pie says:

    how can i get supersonic

  34. clydethehedgehog#1 says:

    does anyone have any sonic advanced 3 button combination cheats to beat the game? by the way, clyde the hedgehog rocks!

  35. clydethehedgehog says:


    • Mito says:

      use sonic as the leader and beat zone two act three and it will let you unlock knukles use him thouhtout the game use knukles as the leader and tails as the partner

  36. mytho says:

    tails ROCKS

  37. nanosonic says:

    hey,coolguy just use one of your keys to get the next choas emerald.

  38. Super Sonic says:

    Twinkle snow boss? It was hard but, I beat it & to beat it you have to jump on the platforms, dodge the spike ball & he’s finished! The platforms fall & sometimes they’ll fall onto Egghead. I’m doing a QUIZ so, QUIZ TIME! True or False: There’s a Tenison Gauge in this game. P.S. MAKE IT AS FUNNY AS YOU WANT!!!!!

  39. suppjiuftjdrusssssss says:

    cant beat twinkle snow boss

  40. sonic#100 says:


  41. matt says:

    i got to the last zone but i cant beat act2 and and act3! can someoneeel me how?

  42. falling rose says:

    to supersonic rules#1 u go past the boss thing and there will be a ring with an eggman symbol in it… enter it or beat egghead

  43. sonicchaos says:

    where are the chao of zone 4 act 2?i need these chao, please…

  44. Coolguy says:

    I need to be super sonic I wish someone told me a Button cheat code

    if I want super sonic

  45. Coolguy says:

    Please, I wish to have seven chaos emeralds, but I cant get the 7th one,

    I got 6 of them and I tried and tried and tried. but still… no chaos emerald.

  46. Snowy says:

    …..Its so hard to find all the chaos….

  47. Axonn says:

    i need help with a chao. i’m still missing the third chao in Zone 5, Act 2. Please tell me where it is!

  48. LionTest says:

    How To beat Final Zone:

    Play as Knux with the leader

    Jump up & Use his fly on the glass

  49. sonic#100 says:

    i finaly beat the game!!!!!!!yes i did it!!!!!!!YAHOO!!!!!

  50. sonic#100 says:

    i only got three chaos emeralds i am dieing here help me

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