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Sonic Adventure

How do you get your chaos to turn evil?

Games Guru: You can get your chaos to evolve into evil-looking chaos by giving them red and purple animals.

In chao garden, what does the color of their dot, halo or spiked dot mean?

Games Guru: I have never heard that the cosmetic differences on these sedate creatures make a lick of difference.

Comments about “Sonic Adventure”

  1. mr.cow says:

    this is truly my favorite sonic game

  2. meta527 says:

    Why does everyone hate Sonic nowadays? They hated him even before Sonic 2006 came out! By the way, I have yet to play this game. P.S. Robotnik (The cartoon version) says “Snooping as usual, I see!” to you.

  3. gamer 3 says:

    Is this sonic adventure DX?

  4. Some Kid says:

    wish i could try this, sonic unleashed is so darn fun. Sonic rescues Amy in it from monsters!!! When will they bring Blaze the cat back?

  5. Giant Piece of Food says:


  6. super chaos says:

    for me dude it toof me about 2 years to finish it. ps;sonic and amys last level took a while since i had to figure out the puzzle sequecnce

  7. darklord says:

    this game is AWESOME

  8. Pierules says:

    I like this game!

  9. Super Christopher says:

    I love Mario and Sonic.

  10. cubscout says:

    eggmans full name is docter ivo robotnic

  11. evmagma says:

    I was at the last level on eggmans ship then my memory card lost it memory D: can you beleive it man *sob*

  12. sonic says:

    my name in Japan is Realy Sonikku

    that is until america changed it to sonic.

    Keep the chalanges comin eggman!

  13. Kahu789 says:

    Have any of you played the very last level?

    It’s the one where you get to play as Supersonic.

    I beat that level twice.

    What is your favorite character?

    Mine is E-102 Gamma.

    Of course, it’s because he has the most advanced targeting system I’ve ever seen!

  14. commenter says:

    actaly sonic knows eggman is robotnic but to make fun of his circular size he called him eggman.

  15. speedyboy539 says:

    dude anyone can tell that and eggman is like something a three year old would come up with

  16. keke says:

    Sonic is a great game to play it is fun ,exciting, and a blast of fun.

  17. poopy says:

    i have to say sonic is a wonderful game

  18. bigjh says:

    thhat was nice

  19. alex says:

    thi is awsome

  20. Eggman says:

    Actually, guys. Eggman is my name in Japan and it’s always been that. It was changed to Robotnik for America and Europe, at least in the earlier games. Later, it was decided to use my original name, Eggman, globally.

    I rather liked my nickname Robotnik, though..

  21. Darkboy says:

    i have a pink emerld. it looks like a chaos emerld

  22. Ganon says:

    Eggman’s his nickname.

  23. dyl says:

    i agree sonic underground is the best i like sonic does anybody know who q.a is shes robotnic/eggman

  24. Jefferson says:

    Eggman is his nickname. Robotnick is his real name!

  25. pokeperson says:


    your right, and wrong. Robotnik’s his last name, but eggmans his 1st name. youd know that if u played the recent sonic games.

    i agree with paul1324 and videogame master

    SHADOW PWNS!!!!!!!!

  26. alchemey5 says:

    if u guys want to lvl up your chao then get those crtals but heres a tip dont i repeet dont keep wakeing it up or all your work that u done will be gone cuz it needs sleep or it’l go in the egg thing when it turns to a heaven chao or evil chao also feed all your chaos twice or three times a day or it’l do the same and disepera isept if it dset sleep it gose back to when u ferst got it.

  27. Asod says:

    His name is Dr. Robotnic! Not eggman!

  28. Darkboy says:

    i like the chao races(but i never won 1.)

    i think amy is sweet as candy

  29. Darkboy says:

    I never played this game,but i heard about it.(If it’s SONICADVENTUREDX i played it.)

  30. inuyasha says:

    Sonic adventure is the best game ever. My most favorite part is when super sonic and hyper shadow fight the final hazard.

  31. i'm not sure if i have a name says:

    wih the missons on the good team u know how if u go back to the same place u can do the next mission there… welll on the third mission how do u find the lost chao?

  32. paul1324 says:

    i agree with Video master SHADOW DOES ROCK!!!!!!!!

  33. paul1324 says:

    this game rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i beat it!! it was so easy

  34. Tyrone says:

    If I had this game. Which ones will be easy? Sonic vs. Silver vs. Chaos vs. Espio?

    Or Cream vs. rouge vs. shadow vs. Metal Knuckles?

  35. Videogame master says:

    cool game …..Shadow rocks

  36. SpikeEX says:

    I like to go to the chao garden with Sonic, Tails and rarely Knuckles. The evil is Shadow and Rouge. (Eggman dosen’t deserve to go into the chao garden.)

  37. Heresjonny says:

    I don’t get what you just said, but I know what they mean. If you are kind to your chao with a Hero (such as Sonic or Tails) your chao will have a halo when it evolves. If your chao has a Evil character (such as Rouge or Shadow) be nice to it, it will grow to have a spike. It is the same if you are mean to the chaos too, being mean with a Hero will raise a spiked chao, and vise versa.

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