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Sonic Adventure

How do you get your chaos to turn evil?

Games Guru: You can get your chaos to evolve into evil-looking chaos by giving them red and purple animals.

In chao garden, what does the color of their dot, halo or spiked dot mean?

Games Guru: I have never heard that the cosmetic differences on these sedate creatures make a lick of difference.

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11 Comments on Sonic Adventure

  1. i like the chao races(but i never won 1.)

    i think amy is sweet as candy

  2. I never played this game,but i heard about it.(If it’s SONICADVENTUREDX i played it.)

  3. Sonic adventure is the best game ever. My most favorite part is when super sonic and hyper shadow fight the final hazard.

  4. i'm not sure if i have a name // May 12, 2007 at 5:53 pm // Reply

    wih the missons on the good team u know how if u go back to the same place u can do the next mission there… welll on the third mission how do u find the lost chao?

  5. i agree with Video master SHADOW DOES ROCK!!!!!!!!

  6. this game rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i beat it!! it was so easy

  7. If I had this game. Which ones will be easy? Sonic vs. Silver vs. Chaos vs. Espio?

    Or Cream vs. rouge vs. shadow vs. Metal Knuckles?

  8. Videogame master // April 8, 2007 at 3:58 pm // Reply

    cool game …..Shadow rocks

  9. I like to go to the chao garden with Sonic, Tails and rarely Knuckles. The evil is Shadow and Rouge. (Eggman dosen’t deserve to go into the chao garden.)

  10. I don’t get what you just said, but I know what they mean. If you are kind to your chao with a Hero (such as Sonic or Tails) your chao will have a halo when it evolves. If your chao has a Evil character (such as Rouge or Shadow) be nice to it, it will grow to have a spike. It is the same if you are mean to the chaos too, being mean with a Hero will raise a spiked chao, and vise versa.

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