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Sonic Battle 2

How do you get past the final level using all the characters?

Games Guru: This is a staged team effort: Tails must destroy the security door. Eggman must retrieve the time switch. Rouge must drain the liquid from the cannon’s core. Knuckles must destroy the next security door and get past the squid monster. Shadow gets to battle Biolizard. In their super forms, Sonic and Shadow finish off the final boss.

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  1. snakeman says:

    can 1 of u guys tell me what sonic battle2 is and if that game is real

  2. Kirbychu says:

    actually, the name is Sonic adventure 2, but is called Sonic adventure 2 battle on gamecube.

  3. FelixFox says:

    It is not Sonic Battle 2, it is Sonic Adventure 2, READ THE COVER!!!!!!!

  4. umm.... says:

    this is NOT called sonic battle 2 it is simply sonic adventure battle 2

    • lightscout says:

      That’s right

    • A Ninny Mouse says:

      Actually, it’s Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. This game is a remake for the Gamecube of the original Sonic Adventure 2 for the Sega Dreamcast, the “Battle” part was added to define that it is slightly differant, (improved graphics, etc.) and that it has 2 player BATTLE mode, unkike the original.

      • Felix The Fox says:

        Battle mode was actually in the original SA2 (Sonic Adventure 2). The differences are that:
        SA2:To get the extra characters you had to get A ranks on all the levels (except Cannon’s Core)
        SA2:B: They are available from the start.
        SA2: There are 9 levels, 3 for each mode: Race, Shooting, Hunting.
        SA2:B: There are more than 9 levels.

  5. Dark Spike says:

    Is Dark Super Sonic official?

  6. Duckman says:

    How do you beat underwater mine?

  7. ddog says:

    how do you beat the entire game from the begining?

  8. Zangestu Tensha says:

    Sonic Adventure is a sequel to Sonic Battle

  9. Zangestu Tensha says:

    Theres no Sonic Adventure 1 because its a sequel to Sonic Battle

  10. ninja says:


  11. SonicMegaHero34 says:

    Oh yeah and there is no series of games called Sonic Battle. There’s only Sonic Battle. That’s right, there is no Sonic Battle 2, Sonic Battle 3, Sonic Battle 4, etc.

  12. SonicMegaHero34 says:

    Why does it say Sonic Battle 2? As far as I know, the only Sonic game with battle in its name is Sonic Battle and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. And Paul, is there a cheat code you want or a part of the game you need help in for Sonic Adventure? I have it, so I can help.

  13. Chill says:

    What do the AR Chao Sets do?

  14. Hotdog Hero says:

    i need to get past were your rouge and you have 5minutes toget 3 chaos emralds

  15. shadow player says:

    did you know that you can get a grim reaper choa by turning it evil then by giving it a shovle

  16. Tailsy says:

    it’s easy, first, u hav 2 find a door,[not really a door, more of a big opening], then hit the switch being guarded by a liquid monster.

  17. bob says:

    how do u get past final level part 3 with rouge

  18. Super Sonic says:

    esguerra, you’re right, but I got past that part & I NEED HELP WITH KNUCKLE’S PART! I NEVER GOT TO THE FINAL BOSS! & IT’S NOT FAIR THAT YOU CAN’T USE CHAOS CONTROL IN LEVELS! @#%& THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    i dont like this no offense 1 star

  20. esguerra says:

    part 2 on cannon’s core is very hard and it’s annoying because of the blue alien robots!

  21. Anonymous says:

    i have sonic battle but i want sonic battle 4 and i dont know were it is

  22. sasa says:

    i like this game

  23. aggron says:

    sonic battle 2 is the dreamcast version of sonic adventure battle 2 the only diffrence the name and theres chao gardens

  24. da man says:

    if there was one it would look cool!

  25. evilremains says:

    naa there is no chaos garden

  26. shadowthedevil says:

    i have a normal chaos chao and a dark devil chaos chao and there isn’t any chaos gardens but if you find one tell me

  27. nikki says:

    i cant beat CRAZY Gadget somthins blockin the goal ring

  28. demontownsend says:

    Sonic Adventure 2 is for dreamcast, Sonic adventure 2: Battle is for Gamecube, the only difference is multiplayer mode hence the “battle” in the name. So they use the same stategy guide

  29. tails says:

    I love Evie so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  30. paul1324 says:

    i beat game… THE FINAL HAZARD was the easiest boss ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Knuckles says:

    I mean I’m not sure if sonic adventure 2 is sonic adventure battle 2…

    or is it Sonic adventure 2 Battle??

    I don’ know

  32. Knuckles says:

    I’m not sure if ” Sonic adventure 2″ Is sonic adventure 2 battle..

  33. yoshi says:

    is sonic battle 2 sonic adventure battle 2?

  34. Paul says:

    Guru why isn’t sonic adventure 1 on the list?

  35. awsomeness says:

    it is easy once you do the final room but its hard to explain plus the fact i havent played it in forever

  36. paul1324 says:

    In the level CRAZY GADGET how do you beat the final room?

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