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Sonic Heroes

What happens after you get all chaos emeralds?

Games Guru: By locating all of the chaos emeralds, you open a final story in the game. If you beat the game with all four teams and collect all of the emeralds, you unlock team Super Sonic. Wow!

Can I please get some codes for this game? I am also having some trouble with team Sonic and team Dark with the part where the lava rises from the floor.

Games Guru: While I’ve been able to locate several unlockable items for this game, I’ve never found any codes. I doubt this is what you are looking for, but the part of the game you’re talking about, the end of the Power Plant, is really, really tough. All I can tell you is to fly up the crates and dispense with enemies as quickly as you can.

Please provide secret codes.

Games Guru: The only code I know is this: When you hold the X and triangle buttons after selecting your level in two-player, your characters become metallic.

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10 Comments on Sonic Heroes

  1. Team Rose is so easy!

  2. if u have any action replay codes then please post it would be very appreciated

    Action Replay – apart from the ones from codejunkies i got them already

  3. team metal sonic or something PLEASE HELP ME!

  4. rockman and roll // April 29, 2007 at 8:43 pm // Reply

    to sonic dude, its the same here! gota collect more emeralds! i completed all the teams! now to unlock the last stage…..*sigh*

  5. how to be super shadow

  6. I think the last boss and mystery monster is Metal Sonic, ya know, spiny robot dude Eggman built. I can’t get there yet, but I saw a close uup of it in the opening movie> Have fun turning him into scrap!

  7. how do you unlock metalsonic

  8. how do you unlock supershadow

  9. i no who the mystery monster is… it is metal sonic but this time he is stronger in two

    new forms.

  10. if you are still missing a few torches even though you went through everything, retrace your steps. it helped me but it’s not garenteed to work 100%

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