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NBA 2K11

What are tips for NBA 2K11?

Games Guru: Here are a few:

Hold LT (L2 on PS3) and quickly move the analog stick from side to side to perform ankle-breaking crossovers.

From a standing dribble, press the Y button (Triangle on PSE) to create space before shooting the ball.

When driving toward the basket, hold Turbo and move the Shot Stick (right analog stick) in different directions to perform a variety of different dunks.

Press LT + B (L2 + Circle on PS3) to throw an Alley Oop to a teammate that is cutting toward the basket.

Hold LB (L1 on PS3) for a quick Pick & Roll play.

You can Call For a Screen by simply holding LB (360) or L1 (PS3). The nearest offensive player will slide over and set a pick for you.

When you’re playing defense, you can put your hands up by moving the right analog stick toward the ball handler.

When you complete all 10 Jordan Challenges, an entirely new mode called “MJ: Creating a Legend” will unlock.

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  1. M4nslideYT says:

    How do you get all 40 Jordan’s without earning them?

  2. anisha says:

    i love it

  3. nba freako says:

    Is there a secret way to make good shooting in my player?

  4. B-ball star says:

    Would that be on Wii too?

  5. jabird123 says:

    Kobe dunk yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. fghfgh says:

    go thunder

  7. Jack says:

    Go to cheat codes and type in “icanbe23″ to unlock MJ: Creating a Legend! You don’t even have to play the 10 Jordan Challenges!

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