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Monster Jam: Path of Destruction

What can you tell me about Monster Jam?

Games Guru: Here are some tips that might help:

To master tight turns, pick a sponsor banner on the side of the track as a reference point to hit the brakes. That way, you’ll always turn at the right speed on that track.

In freestyle, bonus time is the time to go for broke. Take every jump as if it’s the last one. Breaking down or getting stuck upside down doesn’t end the freestyle run, but it does forfeit the bonus time, so respawn only when necessary.

You can steer with the front AND rear wheels. Use this to your advantage by turning both together for tight turns and doughnuts.

Rear steering lets you save your truck from rolling over and being stuck on its side. Turn both front and rear wheels toward the sky and power out back onto all four wheels.

During circuit racing, use big jumps outside as shortcuts.

After a jump, get under control before turning or hitting the gas. The tires and suspension will cause secondary bounces, so stable out before tearing off to the next jump.

To do a slap wheelie, jump and shift your weight forward in the air so the front tires land first. When the tires bounce, hit the gas and your truck will push forward, causing your front tires to rise higher.

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  1. anx says:


  2. monster jam fan says:

    I have it for the wii and there is bonus time.

  3. Nascarboy says:

    I have it for DS. Okay but there is no BONUS TIME!

  4. I love Japan says:

    my friend has it, played it at his place before, awesome game!!!

  5. wig says:

    How do they jump

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