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  1. silverisawesome99 says:

    why is jet so stubborn

  2. silverisawesome99 says:

    how do you get gold embelems

  3. pac-man-iac says:

    on sonic r pc why are there green squares on everything that moves besides player ( except during spindash)

  4. yogomonco says:

    how do i get all the other riders like ulala etc and the other tracks

  5. supersilver98 says:

    I’ve beaten ALL of Storm’s and Wave’s missions, but it is not letting me do Jet’s missions. Why isn’t that?

  6. kflyer says:

    man im the most unbeatle peson on this game i win first place all the time .i even put 40 laps and still won first place im the ultiment

  7. sonic fan says:

    i wish super silver is in it like sonic the hedgehog ‘O6

  8. Samus the Maurth hunter says:

    “You need to become one with the wind. If you don’t, you mine as well kiss the ground and go home.” -Jet Hawk of the Babylon Rouges

  9. slex3 says:


  10. sonicboom says:

    how do you get HyPeR SoNiC!?

  11. very very VERY fast sonic says:

    how do you beat babalon garden?

  12. unknown says:

    how do I beat skyroad on villans!?

  13. sonic lover 3 says:

    to smk007:
    to get mission mode in any Sonic Riders that is out is to beat the Hero and Babylon story mode.

  14. smk007 says:

    how do you get mission mode in the frst sonic riders

  15. shadowstar says:

    to get supersonic you have to get the chaos emerald gear, to get it beat every mission with a gold emblem

  16. silversonic says:

    hey super sonic do you know

  17. silversonic says:

    can i have my answer today,ive waited hours

  18. silversonic says:

    how do you beat the last level of sonic riders 1 for ps2?

  19. fiddler63 says:

    to shadow_rocks to beat jet if u r a speed guy then grind on rails and for amy just attack her all the time thats how i did it. hope this helps!

  20. Ultimate life form says:

    How many characters are there in sonic riders

  21. eded says:

    on ramps that go up on sonic riders 1 hold down and jump until the top of ramp

    streight ramps hold up and jump till top

  22. Shadow_rocks says:

    how can i beat jet in heroes story?

  23. Shadow_rocks says:

    how can i beat amy in babylon story?

  24. sonic's #1 fan says:

    I like shadow with power gear, they even match.

  25. sonic says:

    How do you beat the balon leval in hero mode?

  26. jude says:

    how do u unlock al riders

  27. Hiya says:

    how do you beat wave

  28. Anonymous says:

    In Sonic Riders,how do you unlock super sonic PLEASE TELL ME TODAY PLEASE ok.

  29. katie bear says:

    How can you get the chaos emeald

  30. lucky says:

    how did you get super sonic

  31. NovaXP says:

    I Have EVERONE! Even Super Sonic

  32. red the hedgehog says:

    they have allmost all the sonic games, they just need sonic cronicles: the dark brotherhood.

  33. chaimpein6 says:

    to matt to unlock storms and waves mishion you have to beat hero mode

  34. Super Silver says:

    i hav both games and i beat them both in 4hrs.

  35. sonic fan 101 says:

    ok i have a wii now wer do i by sonic riders 0 gravity?

  36. Matt says:

    I can’t unlock Jet’s missions because I need Storm and Wave’s missions! PLEASE HELP ME!!!:lol:

  37. Super Sonic says:

    I’m stuck on Mobius Strip! I was so close to destroying the master core but time ran out!! P.S. This battle is familiar to babalon gaurdian!

  38. Super Sonic says:

    I have zero g now because I have a wii. Now I’m stuck on Meteortech Premises!

  39. Shadow says:

    I only need to unlock one more charecter.

  40. sonic riders Z.G. says:

    this game is awsome (i mean the 0 grav vers.)
    my fav character is tails and the yellow tail

  41. shadow says:

    how do you unlock Nights!?!

  42. shadow says:

    to go super Hi press x and hold down when you get to a ramp let go of x but hold down
    still, and poof!!

  43. shadow says:

    How do you unlock repair Manules

  44. Super Sonic says:

    DJW, no cause` it’ll have the same data. P.S. Don’t turn a game cube game into game stop because the memory will be the same. game boy & DS games have their own memory inside them.

  45. Super Sonic says:

    I CAN’T BEAT SKY ROAD ON THE KEEP YOU’RE SPEED ABOVE 140 ON WAVE’S MISSONS! P.S. CAN ANYBODY TELL ME HOW TO GET THE FASTEST GEAR’S REPAIR MANUEL?!?! (the one that you unlock in misson mode) Other than that, I’ve unlocked on misson mode, I’ve unlocked the other three! (I don’t know what the second one is called) THE Legend gear is the BEST at finding high place shortcuts! I’ve ONLY gottento the roof of the tower on future city. (or night chase)

  46. DJW says:

    Why won’t you turn it in at Gamestop and buy a new one?

  47. Super Sonic says:


  48. Super Sonic says:

    I have sonic riders! (NOT 0 GRAVITY!) On my 1st file, a friend of mine helped me beat the game! I HATE THE HOVERCRAFT GEAR BECAUSE IT’S TURNING IS REALLY BAD! The magic carpet is AWESOME! It gives you theese 2 combinations: speed+fly and power+fly.

  49. yoyo says:

    i have this game, but i can only do story mode, when ever i do normal race, when it says press start i do, but nothing happens. WTH DO I DO?

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