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Sonic Riders

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  1. pie34 says:

    to get all worlds press X Y A B DOWN DOWN START when the little cube thing turns

  2. Anonymous says:

    My comment is:I love sonic’s rider.

  3. super naruto says:

    Plese tell me a gameshark cod to get supersonic.

  4. sid the bad kid says:

    buy loads of extrem gear and u can unlock supre sonic i herad sid is cool

  5. noha202 says:

    I’ve unlocked a lot of stuff like Jet’s mission, the tracks Sega Carnival and Sega Illusion, and the character E-100000G.

  6. robo cup winner says:

    I now how to get 2 guys with out having to get golds and stuff the first one you have to play for 15 hours I think you have to play it not leave it on for that long and the second one you need to play for 50 hours or something bigger then 15 I don’t remember how big it is but its like around 50 so do 50 and you should get him.Other people have all ready posted how to get the other guys.

  7. game lover says:

    I LOVE SONIC RIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    KNUCKLES IS AUSUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    My brother is A PRO. HA!!!

    I play a minichure chalenge as Knuckles.

    How do U difeet night chase?

    Well any way… :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


  8. robo cup winner says:

    Hey i got to the part after beating the big cup race thing and now i have to beat jet in a race were you are on a track that is like flying/blowing up and I CANT BEAT IT i got close one time but i saw my puppy get out of my room and ran to the room its not allowed in so i loosed anyone got tips are tricks or even cheats for beating that level or anything? ps:your help would be great

  9. robo cup winner says:

    I have this game on the PS2 and i have a memory that is not made buy sony note that this card does work i have all my saved games on it and i have A LOT of room left like something big its migabites not kigabites yet but the game wont let me save it says no card in 1 slot which Is were mine is or it says you have no room left on card I got a new game and saved on it to see if that was true and deleted it to save my sonic riders game on it I NEED help do i need to buy a card made by sony? HELP.

  10. spider says:

    Now that I have unlocked Nights, Shadow seems to be 2nd compared to him. If anyone else unlocked Nights than good for you!!! I would like to stay but I can’t, gotta run!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. choas gospelDS says:

    I agree that

    sonic riders is one of the easest sonic games EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. choas gospelDS says:


  13. choas gospelDS says:

    I beat the game 2 times

  14. gameman567 says:

    sonic riders is one of the easest sonic games

  15. spider says:

    i got the caos emerald, almost all the gear only 1 left, i won (50 points) in each cup, and unlocked all charecters, and beat the game.

  16. sonic16boy says:

    I got 50 pionts in heroes cup and babylon cup. who could beat me. And if you do that all the time your’ll unlock the three last caracters.

  17. sonic16boy says:

    I beat the game in three days. And to unlock super sonic is, you need to beat all the missions in gold, including jet’s missions. I have all the caracters. To sora, plaese tell me the inf speed boots code….. PLEASE I NEED IT.

  18. sonic speed says:

    How do you unlock super sonic

  19. sonic speed says:

    i rule I beat both cups with a perfect 50

  20. sonic speed says:

    I beat the game in 19:55 min

  21. irule says:

    I got a gold[50 points] for the heroes cup and 42 points and a silver for babylon cup.I got first in both cups

  22. spider says:

    I got every thing, all players, all gear, and all tracks. So listen up you don’t need to get 50 points on the grand prix both hero and babylon, you need to at least get 48 points so win all of them but you get to lose one on but make it in 2 when you lose. To get all gold emblems its harder than it sounds but you need to practice practice practice untill you think your ready. To all the people who want to know how to get shadow beat the heroes season. spider says bye bye.

  23. sora says:

    i beat all the missions

  24. sora says:

    i creamed sonic riders

  25. sora says:

    i go gega fast thers a cheat that alows you to inf speed boosts

  26. sora says:

    i have a gamecube

  27. sora says:

    i beat the game in 15.65 mins with the cheat disk

  28. sora says:

    i play as super sonic a lot

  29. sora says:

    i beat the hole game

  30. sora says:

    i have unlocked super sonic that suck you have to use rings to fast

  31. spider says:

    I beat the game in 39:42. SHADOW RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Super Sonic says:

    Fine don’t help i already beat it

  33. Super Sonic says:

    it is a AWESOME game…but im stuck on the babylon story mode.

    the part after storm and knukles have a fight and you play as wave to run away from the robot…any one wanna help

  34. CFB says:

    ok i can help you all out to get jets missions you must do the following

    1. beat heroes story

    2. beat babylon story

    3.beat heroes grand pri with 50 points (finish in first on all tracks)

    4.beat babylon grand pri with 50 points (finish in first on all tracks)

    this should of unlocked sega carnival and sega illusion tracks aswell as there missions in storm and waves if you have completed all of waves and storms missions including the sega track the jets missions will be unlocked

    now to unlock super sonic who is not a character he is extreme gear then do the following

    1. do as above

    2.complete jet waves and storms missions all in gold

    3. you should of unlocked the chaos emerald gear

    4. buy it its pretty expensive

    5. use it with sonic

    now you will play as super sonic cool but fast

  35. Shadow da hedgehog says:

    So, py, you have to get all gold emblems in Wave’s and Storm’s

    missions to get to Jet’s mission????

  36. py says:

    I’ve finished all 100 mission,i’ve unlocked all characters,and i’ve finished both storys.Now I need to get all missions in gold to unlock the last extreme gear.

  37. Shadow da hedgehog says:

    How do you get jets mission?????

  38. Knuckles says:

    i can’t figure out how to get ta jets mission…

    i finished waves and storms mission mode, and both story modes.


  39. yoshi says:

    i well tall ya how to get shadow all you need to do is complete heroes story and shadow is yours. (you well also get 2 more ppl).

  40. Ulala&amy lover says:

    i heard u need to acomplish all of wave and storm’s missions to get NIGHTS, the monkey ball dude and ulala. Check! but you also have to unlock SEGA carnival in world grand prix. Check! u also need jet’s missions but with all of those things, i didn’t get his jobs! it really sucks! oh how i want ulala. . .

  41. andy fandy says:

    all is easy for the man with air shoes, but all is hard for the person who has the chaos emerald.

  42. mega says:

    sonic riders is the best sonic game in the world but how do

    unlock super sonic i am suck on that.

  43. paul1324 says:

    THIS GAME ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But how do i unlock Shadow???

  44. JarJar says:

    It rocks!!!

  45. § Zihark § says:

    if u pass all of waves and the grey guy and jet’s missions

    u will get 3 more characters………..

    if u pass all the missions with a gold medal

    u get the last guy

  46. pizza says:

    how do you get shadow

  47. Videogame master says:

    it’s kinda fun if you are low on energy go to the pitstop and recharge if you see a wind flow go to it and zoom over it. If you accidently passed the pitstop and a guy is gaining on you get off your board and whack him .

  48. mumbie says:

    How do you get the last three character after you beat Babylon mode

  49. zzzz says:

    go to egg factory when the spinny thing comes up go inside it. be careful not to get hit . you will find a canister with 100 coins plus a level up.

  50. dino says:

    where is the best places to get lots of rings?

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