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Sonic Riders

Why can’t I unlock Jet’s missions?

Games Guru: You need to do a lot of stuff before you can unlock Jet’s missions. You must beat Storm and Wave’s missions.

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  1. I got a gold[50 points] for the heroes cup and 42 points and a silver for babylon cup.I got first in both cups

  2. I got every thing, all players, all gear, and all tracks. So listen up you don’t need to get 50 points on the grand prix both hero and babylon, you need to at least get 48 points so win all of them but you get to lose one on but make it in 2 when you lose. To get all gold emblems its harder than it sounds but you need to practice practice practice untill you think your ready. To all the people who want to know how to get shadow beat the heroes season. spider says bye bye.

  3. i beat all the missions

  4. i creamed sonic riders

  5. i go gega fast thers a cheat that alows you to inf speed boosts

  6. i have a gamecube

  7. i beat the game in 15.65 mins with the cheat disk

  8. i play as super sonic a lot

  9. i beat the hole game

  10. i have unlocked super sonic that suck you have to use rings to fast

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