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Spider Man 2

How can you defeat Doc Ock in the very end of the game level?

Games Guru: We’re talking about the final fight, yes?  If so, it’s pretty basic. Hide behind the pillars when Octavious is throwing stuff at you, then shoot webs at the targets on his machine, then jump down and beat him up until goes into remission. You will need to repeat this process a few times, but it’s really Basic Boss Battle 101.

Where do I find the switch to open the door to get the plane out in the level “Wind Tunnel”?

Games Guru: You are not trying to get the plane out, you’re trying to stop the plane and save the pilot. You do this by getting the plane to safety — clearing barrels out. Once you get the plane to the end of the line, you shoot webs on the left propeller, then the right and then the tail. With the propellers and tail wrapped, you will complete the mission.

Comments about “Spider Man 2”

  1. good guy says:

    this game is awesome in so many ways.

  2. boss says:

    ordered off amazon

  3. unkown says:

    I beat the game a few months ago cause doc ock keeps throwing me into his machine he made

  4. Scab98 says:

    Whats the game guru guy mean about a level with a jet? Is that in the first 1?

  5. Link says:

    I have a cheat: When you start the game, enter your name as HCRAYERT and you will start somewhere around level 16 with a bunch of trophies and hero points and stuff like that.

  6. Bud says:

    I think I have an idea to beat Doc Ock. You have to have 2 people playing. make both machines break at the same time and attack Doctor Octopus.

  7. ElectricalTy says:

    No not true. When he tries to hit you you dosge and then web him until all his arms are webbed, then beat the snot out of him

  8. Anonymous says:

    not true! when he tries to hit dodge it and then press the web button after all four of his arms are webbed then beat the snot out of him

  9. Anonymous says:

    this game is hard

  10. Swagman says:

    I beat the whole game in one day

    • Gamer Dude! says:

      Yeah, RIGHT!!!!! I’m pretty sure that’s IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!! If it is though, I want to know how you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. mit333 says:

    I like this awesome game but I am stuck when you have to save MJ. from Dr.Octavous.For the people who are on the parts when you distror your refection,defeting rino and more I know how.whoever did not get this game I sopose you get it this week!!!!!!!!

  12. spidey-freak says:

    wats the best way to earn hero points?

  13. rinho says:

    how do ya stop doc ock’s machine from exploding the first time ya see him it’s so hard

    • Huskydog says:

      I had trouble with this one too. It took me about 10 times to do it.Anyway you have to punch the controls.But you will have to dodge of lightning. You can do it another way too by going in the spaces on the sides.After that you have to run and jump to get to another corner punch one of the 4 controls.If you can’t do it from one way try the other one.(It worked for me the last time I played it.)Good luck.;)

  14. scabs says:

    legomiser!u must throw em before they git u.k?

  15. scabs says:

    the best way to defeat the walking tank is to make one fire at the other.

  16. wolfjungo says:

    to get 44% complete and 201,000 hero points and all unlocks, start a new game and type treyarch backwards, or hcrayert for the name, then make the file name what you want it.

    By the way, the step up combo is great for the robberies and such, though it won’t do well against the robots.

  17. tony hawk says:

    it took me 4 monthes to easy

  18. Legomiser says:

    I have this game and it is really awesome but im sorta stuck on the part where you battle your evil mirror twins in beck’s funhouse. I have beaten it before bt i cant seem to do it again

    • kingdomheartsinator says:

      All you have to do is run around the room and break all the mirrors. Then you attack the Spidey’s.

  19. pikachu333 says:

    to jfes, allyou do is……well,if you have any more spidy sense left,press it, doge all his moves,and web his tenticles down, then go……WA.POW!

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