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SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

Could you please tell me how to get past the robot arms in chum bucket?

Games Guru: Have you tried firing cruise bubbles in the sponge brain to shut it down?

I am having trouble getting past the Chum Bucket area. The cricket keeps getting me when SpongeBob is down.

Games Guru: Let’s talk terms.

You are not fighting SpongeBob here — you are fighting the SpongeBot, and those “crickets” of which you speak are actually “Planktonbots.” I just want to make sure you have the right names so nobody’s confused.

The goal here is to destroy the 9 green lights on the SpongeBot. That should be easy because the SpongeBot is low on endurance. He takes a couple of hits and falls to recover, so you just attack him while he’s down, right? Only, the Planktonbots step in and protect him while he’s down.

So here’s the deal: Use cruise bubbles to take out his lights and avoid the floor at all costs. If you can, bubble bounce onto the SpongeBot’s hand. If you get knocked off the hand or your platform, use a trampoline and get back up to safety because those Planktonbots will zap you quickly while you’re on the ground.

I’m stuck on the Flying Dutchman’s graveyard level. I can’t find the third sock. I found one on the platform in the first part and one over the bus stop sign on the robot ship. Where’s the other one?

Games Guru: After meeting Krabs, work your way to the deck of the ship. Activate the cannon on this ship, then get to the next ship and bubble blow the paddle to lower the platform. Time to change to Sandy Squirrel. Go up that platform, then make your way back to the cannon on the first ship. Fire the cannon and you will find a treasure chest and a cannon in the back of that ship. Go to the chest and fire that cannon. Now you will find platforms leading to the top of the ship and a third cannon. Firing this third cannon will reveal the last sock.

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11 Comments on SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom

  1. I think it is great also.

  2. TONY another thing you can do is wait until you have the cruise bubble and destroy the robot that way

  3. TONY, he means to hit the buttons with the viking hat thing and aim it for the island.

  4. Meele fan is correct 99%. the robots are called planktonbots.

  5. I watch SpongeBob on Nick.


  7. Big boss // May 8, 2007 at 3:34 pm // Reply

    I love SB sooooooooooooooooooo much!

  8. to beat Songe-Bob robot you have to use your Bubble Rocket move on all of the green lights spreaded on his body. hit only a few and eventually, he will knock out and pliton robot will try to shoot you with some lasers. use your Bubble Rocket on him once and he will go away and Songe-Bob robot will wake up again and learn a new move, Karate hit! to avoid this, keep jumping from platform to platform until he stops. once he has done his moves, use the Bubble Rocket move on his green lights again. again, he will knock-out and pliton robot will come to attack you with more lasers. Bubble Rocket him again and Sponge-Bob robot will wake up with another new move. its the toughest one to avoid, so be careful! he will say the words: KA-RA-TE and the words will try to hit you. to avoid it, jump from platform to platform again REALLY fast before these big words hit you. afer you destroyed all of his lights, Songe-Bob robot will fall down. it ain’t over yet! pliton robot will say somthing like this:YOU DESTROYED MY BEAUTIFUL BRIDE, WE WERE GOING TO GET MARRIED!!!(thats is so funny!) Songe-Bob robot comes back to life with strong arms. robot pliton goes into Songe-Bob robot’s ear and into his head. you follow him inside his ear. inside his head there are sevral bars you need to destroy in order to win. dont think that the bars are all in one place, they are spreaded out in the massive robot’s head. while you are searching for the bars, pliton robot will apear from time to time shooting you with his annoying lasers. i will leave it up to you to distroy all the bars. in the mean time, good luck and i hope you win!

  9. i love it

  10. i like it to

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