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SSX 3 Platinum

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  1. French Toast says:

    Its the last thing in options


    mac pwns :)


    SSX3 is about snowboarding. i beat the peak3 boss in the original one but i never heard of this one.

  4. robodude says:

    What is ssx about?

  5. redmage21 says:

    is this teh same as the original SSX3? it’s my favorite game and may want to get platinum

  6. neon says:

    Im pretty sure its the same as SSX# but enhanced.

  7. jojojazz says:

    I LOVE snowboarding so I LOVE your games.

  8. slayer 666 says:

    go to single event not conquer the mountain then press the square button then scroll down to cheat enter

  9. Anonymous says:

    go to single run not conquer the mountain

  10. vampRENATEvamp says:

    I have lots of cheatcodes but i dont know how to fill them in anywhere.. I went too the lodge, then clicked on rider details and then on cheat character but it doesnt says where to put a code or something, can someone please help me?!

    Thanks a lot!

  11. gamerchamp123 says:

    who the heck do I get cheat characters?What are the codes.HELP ME!!!!!!

  12. Gingy says:

    My favorite cheat character is Canhuck, the beaver. I think both Tricky and 3 are good because in the oringinal game you can’t steer when the jump botton is pressed. Also, You had to have 3 or 4 medals to unlock Hiro.

  13. Roy16 says:

    YEah, what about tricky?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  14. bball pro says:

    wast so different about platinum

  15. logan says:

    what about ssx tricky?? that is what i have

  16. bill says:

    what is this.

  17. UltraLevi says:

    Is this like the original SSX 3, or is it different?

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