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Star Fox 64

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  1. luigi time lol says:

    hey badinkapink try beat’n sf64 on expert with only 1 life

  2. luigi time lol says:

    i don’t have a nintendo 64 i play starfox 64 on my pc lol

  3. luigi time lol says:

    i got to venom but i only killed his hands

  4. Anonymous says:

    do a barrel roll

  5. Halo 48 says:

    i agree with you,weirdo zim is weird

  6. buffy the vampire slayer says:

    can some one tell me some cheats?

  7. computer nerd says:

    hey fox,tell me about animal crossing,sound a little bit on the maybe list,also give me a good ‘not original’ reason,i will be watching you,and zim,especilly YOU!!!!!!

  8. chico marx says:

    hey spike,can you tell me some of them cheats?and zim,you are very very kooky

  9. P.NUT says:

    THIS game can’t be beat by other star fox games

  10. BABE RUTH says:


  11. gene simmons from the band kiss says:

    i completed this game in one night but i lost so mutch sleep over it

  12. soup says:

    its so hard to get on foot mode ive tried at least 102 times but stupid mest up star wolf always beats me its im posible.

    • Spike says:

      Don’t try to somersault in ”Enter Star Wolf”. Instead, slow down and shoot Wolf when he’s in front of you. P.S. If kill some of them, but not all, the survivors come back in a later battle. P.S.S. I killed them really quickly once!

  13. Spike says:

    I have played it before on an N64 and gotten to Andross! A first, because, usually, Star Wolf destroys me or just wins.

  14. Waluigi time! says:

    To Spike, I don’t think so. I have looked at the game cheats, and theres nothing that says that Wolf is a playable character.

  15. SpiketheWerecat says:

    I agree! But, is there a glitch that unlocks Wolf O’ Donnel as a character(2 Player mode)?

  16. k2o559 says:

    I think Star Fox 64 is one of the best games I have evere played ps this game rocks!

  17. Waluigi time! says:

    It would be cool if you could control one of the other characters during single player mode like Wolf or someone else from your team!

  18. Jlee says:


  19. badinkapink says:

    to melee fan

    you beet venom on expert

  20. Anonymous says:

    zim, you can’t even rule my bathroom!!!!

  21. Waluigi time! says:

    I remember getting this game for Christmas one year. Its the best Star Fox game I’ve played! I’ve unlocked everything including self combat in vs. mode where you can walk around on foot and attack opponents and enemies. My favorite level is the one where you have to destroy the train. That level is always a blast!!

  22. njkin says:

    no the 64 never gets old

  23. zimrevolt says:


  24. Fox says:

    Please play animal crossing!

  25. Fox says:

    Does anyone respond here anymore at the present day?

    Zim, you are kooky.

  26. Fox says:

    No offense but don’t ya think that game system is a little old?

  27. Starfox643 says:

    Hey Zim stop making fun of star fox!

  28. musicman says:

    anonymous for what system,

    hey After I got the medals on each level I got a gameshark because my little brother messed it up andall you have to do is go to the level and it atoamatically gives you the medal for that place, if you can live through it and beat the boss

  29. Waluigi time! says:

    The level where you have to destroy the train is awsome!!!

  30. Waluigi time! says:

    If anyone has any questions on how to walk around on foot in VS. mode, you have to get a medal on every single level. GOOD LUCK!! It took me forever!!!!!

  31. JJG says:

    To Robo Cup Winner

    To get the tank you have to get a gold medal in the first level where you face Satr Wolf and to be able to walk around with your laser you have to get a gold nedal in the level where you help bill take down the mother ship.

  32. falco says:

    great game…the star wolf battles were always a blast

  33. Wood Man Pwns You! says:

    Best game that my forntanate self had ever Played!

  34. Anonymous says:

    does boys life have any tips for spiderman 3? im getting it this friday or next week.

  35. Dfox says:

    -Groan- Get Dib over here…

  36. Sceptile says:

    hey ZIM!!! i bet u cant even rule a neighborhood!!!

  37. robo cup winner says:

    you can get the tank for double palyer

  38. maskf says:

    thanks uhhuh

  39. Starchas says:

    This game is well the best ever minted

  40. uhhuh says:

    i agree with maskf

  41. maskf says:

    zim you really ruin the point of this

  42. mmmmmmmm says:

    you are very weird zim why do you do that

  43. musicman says:

    does anyone know any codes or secrets

  44. weirdo. says:

    you are wierd zim.

  45. ZIM !!! says:





  46. ZIM!! says:

    I am ” ZIM ” star fox sucks except me “ZIM” FOOLISH HUMANS!!! HAHHAHAHAHAH!!




  47. Melee fan says:

    thanks tailsfanj9. its gonna be tough, but it’s worth it (i bet it would be cool to play on foot as fox or falco!) by the way tailfanj9, have you unlocked it?

  48. Unknown says:

    This game was one of the best N64 games created, right up there with Goldeneye, Smash Bros. and Zelda games

  49. tailsfanj9 says:

    Because Melee fan isn’t gonna get any help from this guy, I’ll tell him:

    Okay, from what I’ve read, you need to get all the medals in all of the expert mode missions.

  50. Melee fan says:

    I need help! how do you unlock the ability to play on foot in multi-player mode!

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