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Pokemon Black and White

Dear Games Guru, I thank you for all your awesome advice with all the other games. I have White and everybody else who has White has Thundarus, Landarus and Kyrem. How do I get them? Thanks!

Games Guru: This might help a bit:

Is there any way to go to any other region?

Games Guru: No, but in Gold and Silver, I think you can go to two regions.

Is there any way to get genesect and melodetta?

Games Guru: Not legally.

Could you please explain to me what meaning Ns room has. It makes no sense.

Games Guru: There’s not much there. But you can get Rare Candy there. And you can transport back to the Center via the third floor – if you’re not ready for the final boss.

I have white and I cannot figure out how to get Thundarus, Landorus and Kyrem. Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Games Guru: Catching them is quite complicated and detailed, so here are some videos to watch:




I heard that if you complete the Unova Pokedex, you can go to the P2 lab and N will give you his Reshiram. Is this true?

Games Guru: As with many Pokemon games, this is a complex process. But you can get Reshiram, at least according to this video:

How do you get shiny pokemon???

Games Guru: These are the very rarest of Pokemon and are really hard to find. Here’s a simple way to find shiny Pokemon — but it takes patience, a ton of patience. When you find the area a Pokemon is in, save the game. Walk around until the Pokemon appears. If it’s not shiny, press L+R+Start+Select. This resets the game. You’ll have to keep doing this until the Shiny One appears – if you have the patience. Someone calculated that finding a shiny is about 1 chance in 8,000.

Dear Games Guru, do you have any other tips?

Games Guru: Here are a few that might help.

Snow Drifts. When winter hits Unova, explore as much as you can. Because of snow piling up, you can walk to aras that are inaccessible during other seasons. You’ll find plenty of new items and Pokemon!

Use TMs Wisely. Technical Machines now have unlimited uses. This can give you a wider spectrum of moves and help you overcome a difficult battle.

Make Friends, Help Friends. Black City and White Forest are the first version-exclusive areas in a Pokemon game. Going into a friend’s Entralink of the opposite version and speaking to the Trainers in their Black City/White Forest will sometimes let you bring that Trainer to your own town. New Trainers cause new items to appear at the shops in Black City or new Pokemon to appear in White Forest.

Striaton City Gym. Before challenging the leader at Striaton City Gym, accept the Pokemon offered to you in the Dream Yard. Upon reaching Castelia City later in the game, head to the first pier to receive a stone from the Scientist to evolve this Pokemon.

Heading to the Top. Enter the Battle Company building and work your way to a battle with the person at the back of the top floor to receive an Exp. Share.

Don’t Stay Off the Grass. Be sure to enter any shaking grass you see. Defeating the hard-to-find Pokemon that appear earns you extra experience points.

Are there any codes? If so, could you give me some?

Games Guru: I don’t have any codes yet. But here’s a good tip: You can get National Dex after defeating the Elite Four. Leave the house after the credits roll. Professor Juniper’s dad will appear to upgrade your Pokedex.


Comments about “Pokemon Black and White”

  1. the TRUE poke nerd says:

    I have the swords of justice, reshiram and kyrum how do you get rayquaza (I just found out about the last thanks!)

  2. pokemon master says:

    i acedently hacked mine

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here’s my team huntail lv 70 180 HP
    Volcarona lv 82 259 HP
    Serperior held item relic crown lv 100 288 HP
    Emboar lv 80 281 HP
    Jirachi lv 100 362 HP
    Kyrem lv 96 360 HP

  4. Anonymous says:

    Use emboar

  5. YoLo=^) says:

    I ordered this from Amazon and it’s in Japanese, but I wonder if I can play it on my 2DS…..

    • coolguy19755 says:

      I doubt it; the 2DS is reigon-locked, so I don’t think you can play a Japanese Black or White on an American 2DS.

  6. nico says:

    i have a Kyurem and a Thundurus

  7. nico says:

    I have a level 75 Reshiram and Serperior that kills a level 30 pokemon with the move Cut

  8. mike123 says:

    where can i fined a shiny

  9. pokemon master says:

    3 sages to go

  10. pokemon master says:

    i have thundurus and4 sages too go!

  11. pokemon master says:

    i completed the game i need to find the seven sages i found 2 of thim

  12. pokemon master says:

    i got embor level 100 and a embor level 70

  13. jgfhj says:

    is there any other way to get genisect

  14. Dark dragon says:

    What is the best starter to get ???😮

  15. SIRSER says:

    Where can you rematch Kyurem????

  16. EpicDuckee says:

    Shiny Hunting through BREEDING:
    Cross-Breed two Pokemon from different regions to gain a Shiny. About 1 in around 1000 chance. This really works!! I used it with American Tirtouga and Foreign (not sure what country) Archen, and got shiny Archen. :3

  17. CHEWBACCA says:

    who has both legends (zekrom and reshiram)

  18. iiFailArby says:

    My first legal shiny I found was that Haxorus you get in game in b&w2 in the nature preserve. ;_____;

  19. emboar says:

    i got a zekrom on level 100

  20. emboar says:

    do you know when you finish the whole game

  21. pokemon trainer says:

    I am not good at pokemon. :-(
    I need help on this cave by victory road.
    My DS puts pokemon black in Chinese.
    I am not good at Chinese. And I can’t get rid of it

    • Mr.JAMsquared says:

      I know a way to fix that. If you go to options, you can choose the language for your DS. That should do the trick

  22. Mr.Man says:

    I lost the game, but before that, I got a shiny shell-looking thing. It was pink!

  23. ExpoldingBanana says:

    Just completed Black early this morning! Great game, good job Game Freak! But i can’t catch Tornadus. HELP!!!!!!

    • ??? says:

      Check the electronic billboards to see what routes have stormy weather. Go to that route. Get a status effect on it. Then it will run. It will move around the map, but eventually you will find it. All status effects and damage will still be there. Once it is at low health, go find it once more and throw a ball. Hopefully you will catch it. If not, go find it again.

    • Anonymous says:

      what about a rayquaza at celestelial tower

  24. jamison says:


  25. Pokemon X says:

    If anyone wants info for black, black 2 or even X, im here!

  26. AwesomeAxew says:

    u can only get 1 shiny per game :-(

  27. Z says:

    does anyone have an extra genesect i missed the event

  28. bopguy says:

    oh and genesect was for B2/W2 only

  29. bopguy says:

    to get genesect its an event that expired in which u use wi fi and get a mystery gift and meloetta was at gamestop

  30. AAAHHHH says:


  31. zekrom says:

    i saw two shinys in pokemon was a woobat and a wathog shiny

  32. BSB says:

    the champion is easy

    • pokemon trainer says:

      I agree with you. The champ is kind of the easiest one to beat in the leage while Shantai is the strongest because of that chenderlure

  33. Matty says:

    I have Thundurus.

  34. Matty says:

    I legally caught a shiny Foongus on Route 10

  35. ShrewManChew says:

    I have a action replay but I beat the game without it and am crushing the game with it.

  36. slick says:

    i cant find any it stinks but i have beat pokemon league 2 times

  37. Matty says:

    Who has a shiny Pokemon? I caught a shiny Foongus and that was the first time I ever got any shiny at all and that goes for all of my 4 games

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