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Star Fox Adventures

How do you beat Andross at the very end of the game?

Games Guru: In Star Fox Adventures, Andross takes three forms. The first is a bejeweled monster with three vulnerable spots—one over each eye and one on his forehead. Dodge his attacks and shoot those three spots. This will cause Andross to try to hit you with his enormous hands. Shoot his hands.

During his second attack, Andross will try to inhale you. Hit your brakes and do flips to avoid this. When Andross turns to reveal his gems again, this time shoot them with homing projectiles. Once Andross starts trying to inhale you again, Falco will appear to give you some smart bombs. Shoot the smart bombs at Andross as he inhales debris.

Smart bomb-blasted and angry, Andross will now show you his brain. Shoot it. Kill it and you win the game.

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13 Comments on Star Fox Adventures

  1. does anyone even play this game anymore its too easy

  2. I played it at my friends but we can’t defeat the part whereyou go through the maze. that part is right after you defeat three monsters on three ledges.

  3. Is it A good game?

  4. I’ve beaten andross twice but the game won’t save for me so I keep having to battle him again. What’s going on?

  5. I cant avoid being sucked in by him its so hard.

  6. i cant get past the test the test of strength in the light foot village

    • i couldn’t either but then i figured out a good trick.
      step 1: get a spoon or other round, smooth object.(though a spoon seems to work best)
      step 2: start the lightfoot test of strength
      step 3: move the spoon repeatedly over the A button
      that made it a WHOLE lot easier for me
      hope it helps you too! :D

  7. I keep getting scared when I do the Test of Fear. I feel like I’m Foz and I gotta overcome this as well as him.

  8. How do you beat test of strength? I cant!!

  9. The test of fear is sooooooooo haaaaarrd!!!!!!!

  10. How do you beat rhe contest of strenth

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