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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4

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  1. ? says:

    how to beat the entire game!!!!!!after year 1 level 4 go to where there is potions defense against the dark arts and at the other end there will be a prefect. harry invisibility cloak then go into classroom learn transfiguration. go 2 diagon alley shoot quirrell with transfiguration then press c next to him you will become him he has reducto blow open knockturn alley doors. enter. inside find shifty wizard and other charcter tokens go to madam malkims robes and buy the tokens. go back to the magic begins and get griphook.(he should be in where the vaults are there is a box with a reducto lock destroy get griphook token.) year 2 level5 redo and in aragog lair box with reduto lock destroy and receive lucious malfoy a dark wizard. then finish game and redo every other level

  2. c10 says:

    how good is the game?I want to buy it but should I?

  3. Kai007 says:

    I’m on year2

  4. nachoman says:

    I can not get past the part where in year3 lupin fights the dementors

  5. doodle says:

    i can’t beat the tom riddles diary level

  6. Apollo12 says:

    This game is awesome.

  7. him says:

    i love the creat your own level feature

  8. ron weasly says:

    ok nearly headless nick just walked though a troll in a police uniform which leads to a level. i’m in year 3 and cant get past the troll. help!!!

  9. benji says:

    do you have codes for the ds?

  10. dude says:

    i used the invisibility cloak to sneak past a prefect on a stairway and that put me in an extra level where Proff. McGonagall turns a mouse into a robot that kills do i defeat the extra level? All I want to do is to return to the regular castle so i can keep on playing the story but even when i exit out i just go right back to that room. How do i get out? HELP!!!!!!!!!

  11. dude says:

    i need help on the extra level where prof. mcganagal has a robot who is trying to kill you, how do i get out?

  12. bergman54 says:

    this game is AWSOME!!!!!! im trying to unlock everyone now!!!!! (ds) :0

  13. gamefreak101 says:

    im only on the 2nd year looking forword to the years 5-7

  14. samurottfantic says:

    just to addd to my coment i need help from a person that plays years 5-7 on DS also i made typos but im to lazy to change them pllz help me if nobody helps its like wasting 32$ on a game your stuck on plz help :c

  15. samurottfantic says:

    who ever have years 5-7 plz reply because there isnt one for lego harry potter years 5-7 heres my question what do you do in the cave in half blood prince tell me how you do it all the insructions plz

  16. in perl says:

    i need some codes

  17. pizza says:

    beat the game

  18. davin says:

    Um yeah my dad has a playstaion 3

  19. JIG3000 says:

    I wonder if there going 2 make years 5-7

  20. starscoutawesomness says:

    i need 1 more student in peril at hogwarts!

  21. cool says:

    Beat 100% is awesome

  22. legolandlover56 says:

    how do you pass care of magical creuteras

  23. Super mrio glalexy master says:

    Any codes?

  24. Ron Weasly says:

    Me and my bro are saving up for it

  25. fred says:

    what do you do with the read sparkling objects

    • jojogamer168 says:

      the ”red sparkly objects” are supposed to be forced by wingardium leviosa with a dark force character: voldemort, tom riddle lucuis malfoy, a death eater, etc.

  26. tomtom582 says:

    i beat it so ask me if you need help on wii

  27. voldamort says:

    in the nds vesion im stuck at the part in year 3 wher you have to stun the scrutes

  28. c says:

    harry potter 5-7 will come out this year [2011]

  29. game master says:

    well i’m stuck in 2 where you build that snake thing is there any hats or that?

  30. HarryPotterfan101 says:

    Harry Potter Rocks!!!!!! It’s the BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!

  31. stundnt in perl says:

    i need codes now

  32. farter says:

    i love da game

  33. Daiv Stargamer says:

    Is there a way to avoid the borgin and burkes gold bricks glitch?

    • u6uuu says:

      I BEAT THE GAME!!!!!!

      • HarryPotterfan101 says:

        I am stuck in yearn level3 or 4. I am stuck in Snape’s classroom. I made the potion. I drank the potion. I pulled the chain, but I’m still in the classroom. How do I get out!!!!!

  34. I love Japan says:

    game realy easy for DS, but need codes for Wii

  35. Dude says:

    The game is really easy to beat on DS

  36. yayman says:

    good game but lego star wars is beter

  37. Ben123456789 says:

    my brother plays it

  38. tomtom582 says:

    good game but lego star wars the complete saga is still the best

  39. mickey says:

    i need some codes now i said now

  40. Harry P. says:

    can you help me finish year 4 on that shark/mermaid/sea-serphant level?

  41. him says:

    my friend beat the game

  42. cool man says:

    I beat all the levels and got all the people and wizard hats.

  43. ninja says:

    i almost finished until something happened

  44. redman says:

    i cant get past level 3

  45. oph says:

    i lost it somewhere bweetween here and texas

  46. tomtom582 says:

    is this game two player story mode?

  47. 3DS man says:

    I beat the whole game and it was AWSOME

  48. harry poter says:

    i need more codes

  49. litwick says:

    ibeat it to

  50. LITWICK101 says:

    I beat the game. (Well the levels anyway…)

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