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Sonic Colors

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  1. lord of swords says:

    in the ds version, you need to unlock bonus levels to get chaos emeralds. when you get the emeralds, you unlock super sonic and fight the final boss

  2. coolguy19755 says:

    I have both versions of the game. Here’s what I don’t like about the DS version, Sega didn’t do the Baldy (Mc)Nosehair thing. >:-( >:-( >:-(

  3. rinolisous says:

    on the third level of the first world, when you see the clutter of the flying ball enemies, attack them all, and an extra life will appear after the walking robots!

  4. roblox king says:

    i did beat it but its still hard

  5. Mr epic says:

    Meta knight, the 4th one is hidden. When you use drill at a certain spot (acsesible through drill tube), Kill all the enemies, they are circled up, and the ring will apear

  6. legomaster says:

    on the ds version of sonic colors i can’t get past asteriod coster level 1

  7. nintenfan says:

    Sonic is in disney`s wreck- it ralph

  8. I. M. Awesome says:

    Any tips for a,player that stinks at this?

  9. Shadow says:

    On Wii I got an S rank on the final boss.

  10. tails or sonic says:

    i have this game for the DS and wii and i beat it on both of them. i even got the secret boss level for the DS version, the “Nega Mother Wisp” boss battle.

  11. gamer guy says:

    got 100% for ds version to easy

    • game master says:

      this game is so easy i dont even know why i spent 50 dollars on it if i knew i coul beat it.also i have the nega mother wisp

  12. jj99 says:

    The final boss music is EPIC

  13. train123 says:

    IT IS SO EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. sh2444 says:

    i beat the egg man boss IN ONE MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!! (Wii Version)

  15. sonic rad says:

    how do you beat the first act on terminal velocity?????

  16. legohead says:

    how do you get the final chaos emerald on the ds version?

  17. sonicsbiggestfan says:

    I can’t get past the robot crab!!!!

  18. legoman says:

    I beat the game three times

  19. jc7601 says:

    I’ve beat the final boss like,50 times!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. awes0me says:

    to get super sonic get all the special red ring thingies and on each level,if you colect all in a level you will get a level in the simulator, if you beat all of them you will get super sonic

  21. izzac.c.l says:

    in the spinalator when you complete all 3 stages (ex. 1-3,1-2,1-1) the final goal ring will turn into a caos emerald.

  22. epicwin2455 says:

    the music in sonic colors rock…im listening to it right now

  23. nintendofan10000 says:

    What Is a Sonic stimulater level?

  24. Meta Knight says:

    I CANNOT SEEM TO GET ALL 150/180 RED RINGS! I can’t even get the 4th red ring on act 1.

    • izzac.c.l says:

      right before you get on the 3 grind rails that have two wisp capsels on each you will see some underground coins that form 3 big circles collect all of them or triger all mines and the coin will apear.

  25. Cosmic says:

    To unlock Super Sonic, you have to beat all the levels in the Sonic Simulator. By the way, how do you unlock all Sonic Simulator levels? ;)

  26. logmas says:

    Iv played the demo!

  27. guest says:

    i cant beat the aquairium because of the giant crab creature!! like all water levels, its never easy

  28. sonic super says:

    sonic colors

  29. supersilver98 says:

    Tis game was so awesome!!! I wish sega made it harder, though.

  30. kevman123 says:

    Watch out for the final eggman boss on the wii. H3e will TRY TO KILL YOU!!!! No he won’t, he will just try to make you LOSE A LIFE!!! but seriously, just keep jumping. when you hit eggmans cockpit, his ship will be right in front of you. Thats when you boost.

    • supersilver98 says:

      I personally really like the last eggman boss because it is so much fun, but I beat it on my second try and since then it has been so easy.

  31. danielbo4 says:

    I love the game!

  32. Xplant says:

    How come there are PINK, GREEN and BLUE (not Cyan) Wisps on the cover?!

  33. Quincy kid says:

    Uh please i beat it in 27 mins. and i have the wii version too the eggman boss i defeated only 6 times already

  34. star wars #1 fan says:

    how do you get past the drill boss?

    • 204jj says:

      you get past the drill boss by getting a drill wisp to get the drill wisp you have to hit the boss with a boost when you get the drill wisp use it to get in the water and then hit the two balls but watch out you might get shocked by the balls that should knock out his charger and then when he falls hit the top of his head

    • gamer says:

      Its easy you just get the drill andwhen hes spinning use it and get both of the eye balls then hit him lots and lots of times.

  35. luigi says:

    iv got all 180 red ringser to turn in to super sonic on the DS vershen i got all the chaos emlelds and turnd in to super sonic and deveted the mother wisp witch is the secret boss it was hard but i did it and keep grab ing rings to stay as super sonic its all abowt sonic speed

  36. logofan says:

    I beat it in I’m not sure

  37. Shadowtheduck says:

    awesome game! im posting this from my wii!

  38. naruto says:

    i cant get all the chaos emeralds :(

  39. michael says:

    when does sonic become supersonic?

    • Carbison says:

      Sonic becomes Super Sonic when he collects all the Chaos Emeralds. P.S. Shadow and Silver can go super too!

  40. Timmy26 says:

    This game is awesome! I beat it in only one hour!

  41. Hotwheelslover365 says:

    When you get chased by the crab, boost.

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