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Star Trek Voyager Elite Force

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  1. Bobjoe600 says:

    This game is wicked! It is probably to late to buy it, but you get to fight borg and everything!

  2. robodude says:

    since this help page dosen’t have very many comments, post what you think the shortest ps2 game ever is.

  3. Star Trek Freak says:

    Star Trek Is The Best!

    This Game Was The Best!

  4. little t says:

    this game sucks

  5. froggy14 says:

    Sadly, Startrek Legacy is better if you download the Ultimante Univers version.

  6. froggy14 says:

    Wow this is a preety sad forum on star trek voyager elite force. Game guru if you are actually reading this I would recommend deleting this forum.

  7. ????????????????????????? says:

    ive never seen this game

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