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Epic Mickey

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  1. mickeymouse says:

    How do you beat the robot dragon in The sequel?

  2. 12333 says:

    i have the official game guide

  3. MOVE says:


  4. not so video game master says:

    Binybonybon or anyone else

    I can not get past a place that has a bunch of train carts going in an oval
    there is also a bunch of spidery-thingies and a bunch of robotic dodo birds
    It is so futeristicy help please!?

  5. zparty4 says:

    how do you defeat the jungle level in adventure land

  6. magicfreak says:

    i got EM2 and it can only get through the part wif the big machines and oswald has to use his remote, and it is only passable onthe save file 2 (luckily for me i use that file! tee hee)

  7. kinja says:

    how do you get past the flooded castle

  8. smackman2000 says:

    i cant find all of animatronic goofys parts i only found his right leg and i onty have enough e tickets for 1 part. where are the rest. please help!

  9. Obi Wan says:

    How do you get to the last skull in the hole in the wall in the Library? Please Help!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The Master says:

    Destroy a Wall behind Oswald’s Gallery with thinner and destroy the control panel to progress!

  11. mew2 says:

    what dose the last villan look like?

    • pedroforpresident says:

      The last villain is the big shadow (officially the Shadow Blot) that Mickey created in the beginning of the game.

      • Bob says:

        No, the Shadow Blot wasn’t made by Mickey, that was the Blot. The Blot is the last boss. He’s pretty much a huge blob with a head and he can change certain shapes and make spatters.

  12. Clank says:

    How do you get to the real blot at the end?

  13. Xplant says:

    Hey, guys! Have you heard about the sequel, coming soon? It’s called “The Power of Two!”

  14. rammer says:

    I cannot beat the pirate Beetleworx in Ventureland PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The unknown says:

    I STILL CAN’T GET PAST LEVEL1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. epicSlam says:

    This game is really cool, but I’m stuck on the part where you try to get enough power sparks to go to Tomorrow City.

  17. xaexae says:

    I can’t get past the train part

  18. Agent J says:

    I’m in Tomorrow city, where are goffy’s parts?

  19. Agent J says:

    How do get past the first slobber?

  20. iceymonkey2001 says:

    Well I got this game for my b-day last year and I loved it but, it had a glich on it so when I pressed B it squrted out thinner and then I dided

  21. brown2255 says:

    how do you shoot paint

  22. brown2255 says:

    how do you get past leval 1

  23. r234 says:

    i know the sekrit door and u can get 2 goid yep goid e tikits

  24. r234 says:

    ask me everthing!!!!!!!

  25. kx says:

    I like it

  26. mickey says:

    i ment how do i take down the toons in the shadow blot

  27. mickey says:

    how do i take down the toons inside the monster?

  28. E-tickets says:

    Help! I need e-tickets fast. I did not find all of Donald’s parts. I have 600 already. can anyone help?

    • Yoman says:

      Check out Ventureland. You can usually get around 220 e-tickets every time you go there. Also, when you return to Mean Street, make sure to spin next to the lights.

  29. star boy says:

    how do you beat the last slober

    • bnrooawhn92 says:

      Hide behind the big boxes when he is floating around. Always turn the little guys he makes into your friends (they will kill the others). When he trys to swallow you, get into the suction zone then try to back away while squirting him with paint or thinner in his MOUTH.

  30. Harry fan says:

    this game isnt worth bying

  31. Awesomator says:

    I played this on a Walt Disney World vacation and it was awesome!!!

  32. mickey says:

    I need tips for last slober now now now

  33. mickey says:

    im stuck on last part of the game

  34. nightbanana says:

    I,m trying to beat the attic,s beetleworx army… and they stole my anvils what do I do?!?!?

    • Yoman says:

      Don’t worry about beating them. Just thin out the big red dots. One is on the left, one is on the right, and one is up front on the main machine (look on the right).

    • Yoman says:

      By the way you have to kill the robots that it has already sent out.

    • r243 says:

      if u have use a cloke.

    • Yoman says:

      If you kill them it is considered a thinner path, but it is a lot easier. I could not do the paint version, either

    • binybonybon says:

      It’s really easy. If you want more paint capacity, destroy the following…
      1: spinners for a watch sketch
      2: bashers for a TV sketch
      3: tankers for an anvil sketch
      Frst put the tv on the pad or the anvil on the anvil pad near the tanker generater, (either way works ☺) then activate the watch and hurry to the one you didn’t do, then get on the anvil on the crate(yourself) and you got paint capacity!
      If you want thinner capacity, just thin out the red eyes on the generators, then you’ll get thinner capacity! It’s simple! (The one for thinner is easier, but I like paint better.☻)

  35. angus says:

    how do you get pass the attic level

  36. Xplant says:

    I’m on my third file. I only have 1 film reel left: Steamboat Willie 3.
    Apparently, Oswald’s Story, the sequel will eventually be released.

    May the sauce be with you.

  37. abc says:

    this is an awesome game.

  38. Kirbys #1 fan says:

    i beet it 2 times 2times!

  39. penguinguy5000 says:

    game is realy cool

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