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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

How do you get past the Rancor in the sewers? Are there any secret codes?

Games Guru: Before entering the chamber with the Rancor, check out any appendages you find lying around. By doing this, you’ll find synthesized odor, which you can place on the pile of bones in the Rancor room. With the odor in place, the Rancor will become very interested in the bones, so leave it a going-away present: a grenade. Try this and see what happens.

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  1. S.W.K.O.T.O.R. says:

    how do you defet mallak

  2. wolfy9711 says:

    mabye this was just my xbox glitched but that nvr worked ill try on my pc

  3. mormonelite says:

    PLZ tell me the rating for KOTOR ( Knights of the Old Republic) on PC! PLZ!

  4. Daiv Stargamer says:

    How to complete Taris level?

  5. republic fool says:

    how do you get passed the final test on the sith academy

  6. ccc says:

    guy that said what do you need help help me to pass dango cave how do open dangos mauth

  7. ccc says:

    dango cave is hard to pass how do i pass it

  8. knights of the old republic dude says:

    do not go into the room in the toom with the pillers of light you will get trapped

  9. duffco says:

    you dont have to beat him you just get to face the yellow guy by the entrance and some $

  10. Double T says:

    How do you get past Twitch on Taris? I keep getting defeated.

    • darth revan says:

      Pff. Twitch is so easy it’s kinda hard to lose. If you want to beat him, ya either gotta be good with guns, or be good at melee and grenades. A well placed plasma grenade does a good job of hurting him. Then run in with melee weapons. When he switches to a melee weapon as well, retreat and either throw another grenade, or wait untilo he switches back to uns and then charge at him again.

    • knights master says:

      u have to have a good suit of armour and try a strong sword

  11. 24zip! says:

    awsome game

  12. sith says:

    (pc version) do u become sith by just being in dark? and i killed the sith academy leader then killed the girl but it didnt say i was sith did i mess up killing the academy leader?

    • Legend of Zelda mastr says:

      What I learned is that if you want to become like an actual Sith person, you just kill the girl. But, Korriban has to be the last planet you visit if you want the Academy Master to know who you truly are. I won’t say any further if you aren’t that far in the game yet.

  13. Dango Teff says:

    this did not work!!!! i used the synthe odor on the bones and then he didnt die!! why?!?!?! im getting mad.

    • Legend of Zelda mastr says:

      What I do, is get in with some stealth dude, sneak past the rancor, open the door, kill the Vulkars, and when that’s done, I pelt the rancor with frag grenades. Make sure your stealth dude has high staelth skill or the rancor will kill him/her! If that happens, you can stay by the door and pelt it with frags, but remember to run back to saftey! OUR YOU’LL GET EATEN!!! :-D

    • Hurricane1973 says:

      You dont just do the synthesised odor 1st you put in a grenade (the reason you put the grenade in first is so the rancor doesnt just eat the synthesised odor)THEN you put in the synthesised odor.

  14. person says:

    im on kashyk and its awesome

  15. knights master says:

    is there a code with the 1 and 4 port for immortally or something!!!

  16. ginli999 says:

    How you get off Dantoine you have to go through some hallways then enter your ship.

  17. knights of the old republic guy says:

    spartan 107 what do you need held with

  18. spartan 107 says:


  19. Ocean King says:

    I have gone in a cave on Datooine, killed the spider creatures, and gotten crystels. How many caves are there on Dantooine?

    • OOGABOOGA says:

      There is only one. If you go to the rodian by the speeder just outside the academy, you can buy maps of the area which make it easier to find your way around.

  20. spartan 107 says:

    How do u get past the part when you are taking the test to become a sith and your at the door and in ordor to get in the door you have to mess with the electric poll things??????

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