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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

How do you get past the Rancor in the sewers? Are there any secret codes?

Games Guru: Before entering the chamber with the Rancor, check out any appendages you find lying around. By doing this, you’ll find synthesized odor, which you can place on the pile of bones in the Rancor room. With the odor in place, the Rancor will become very interested in the bones, so leave it a going-away present: a grenade. Try this and see what happens.

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10 Comments on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

  1. it is a cool game and funny

  2. Sorry, read it wrong

  3. You attack them

  4. I don’t have the game but I read the book.

  5. STAR WARS FTW N00BS I PWNZORZ U ALL!!! // June 11, 2007 at 6:25 pm // Reply

    yea..ok to kill the lil mutants, yoo gotta get the serum, which can cure you when you get you need to complete the mission that has you go down there and find a certain person who lives in the city near there…to get past the sith guard, you need a sith armor suit (i think) and the authorization papers, which are dropped off of another sith guy you kill in another part of the area…this is all that I know and it is all most likey correct, but if not I apologize for wrong info…GL!!!

  6. I said how do you find the star maps

  7. go to the beck base and trade your sith uniform for the authoration papers to the beck leader

  8. do you how to git past the suold door in ancient roowens in dautuwin,

  9. How do you get past the Sith guard in the undercity? Where do you get the authorization papers?

  10. How do you defeat the Raku in the underworld?

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