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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Could you please give me some tips? I would really appreciate it!

Games Guru: What a great RPG. Here are some tips:

For fast money and exp, find the Gold Golemin the “pit” area outside of Gleeba in the desert. He’ll give you more than 500 gold pieces. Battle Metal Slimes for experience in the Quarentomb. If you find Liguid Metal Slimes in the dungeon beneath the stone villages, you’ll get 40,000 Exp for each one you kill. Hit them with Warrior Cry to keep them from moving around.

In Dourbridge, you’ll find a hidden shop with armor and weapons. Get the Ultimate Key, look behind to the overpriced item shop. Open the cage door, go downstairs and you’ll find the store.

Comments about “Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies”

  1. Mr.Man says:

    I lost it,with a bunch of other games.

  2. anomas says:

    Can somone tell me how to beat mudaw 2 realms of realavation

  3. Dragonquestrules says:

    i’ having trouble giving welda the rusty sword on dragon quest 6 for the d.s. , she keeps staring into my eyes, i was told to weight a few seconds but it’s been a few minutes each time i try it, is this a glitch or am i doing something wrong.

    P.S. I have all of the other legendary armor, i only need the sword to continue :/

  4. Calicast says:

    How to make a dragnslayer sword, out there?????

  5. Calicast says:

    I wasn’t happy with my minstrel and team and never bothered to get any other vocations. I’m starting to regret restarting, after all I got to corvus for final fight!

  6. Calicast says:

    I got to Corvus once, but he was too strong but hey, I got to him at level 36!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mastetofhalo123 says:

    I need help killing the stupid jaguar that guards throne room he keeps killing me
    Warrior lv36
    Mage lv34
    priest lv35
    Minestrel lv36

  8. Anonymous says:

    how do you beat 2nd form of the king of the dragon

  9. Quester says:

    Dragon Quest 6 rules!

  10. LITWICK101 says:

    New Dragon Quest Game Idea!
    Dragon Quest 10:The Last Hero

  11. jonbuddy1 says:

    Has anyone played Dragon Warrior VII for the PS1? I have it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes I play it, I’ve just beaten Empryea, but I was wondering if you could tell me where the mini medals are? I’ve only found maybe 30.

  12. legohead28 says:

    how do you beat barbarus? i tried everything from leveling up to creating better armor and weapons, i even got the game manuel but he’s just to hard!

  13. aekids says:

    i am graet at this game, but I cannot d-feet the final boss, corvus. help!

  14. mr.webelo says:

    i love this game but i lost it a long time ago :(

  15. jonbuddy1 says:

    Doesn’t the “Dragon Quest” series have anything to do with the “Dragon Warrior” series?

    Because I’m playing Dragon Warrior VII (for the PS1). 2 discs, and SUPER long puzzles. Fun! :P

  16. mrrp says:

    Hey, doesn’t anyone care about Dragon Quest IV: Realms of Revelation?

  17. Silver says:

    Beat Game Long Time Ago. TOO EASY

  18. T-Man says:

    how do you find the lizard in Gleeba?

    • Blast98 says:

      Go outside the palace on the right side of the palace and set the party trick to clap. Or… you need to go to the room to the right of the throne room and clap. Then you go outside.

      • DragonQuest IX Maniac says:

        Thanks, T-Man and Blast98 :D Does anybody know what you need to do at that academy-thing when that guy is possesed by the ghost and you go to the old academy-thing? I can’t find anywhere to go and then I get killed. Help???

  19. pokemon409 says:

    is there a question answerer on this page like with pokemon

  20. pokemon409 says:

    Can you yell me what lvl u should be to kill the guy with the mask at gittingham palace

  21. randomthings says:

    down DQ9, and I think it’s awesome; which is saying something cuz I’m a girl!

  22. LITWICK101 says:

    Dragon Quest 9 for the win!

  23. Blast98 says:

    Best game EVER.

  24. Ace Trainer Ash says:

    Love it.

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