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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Hello Games Guru! How do you beat the first boss (Wheel Master) for Terra? Its so hard! Please help!

Games Guru: It’s mainly about dodging, staying away from the circle of magic around him and whacking the blue spot when he’s not attacking. Learn his patterns, avoid his attacked, hit him when he’s not attacking, and you’ll win.

Hi Games Guru! How do I beat Vanitas???? Thanks!!

Games Guru: Try using Aqua and Ventus. When Vanitas heads after you, a mountain is probably behind you. Get up against the mountain and keep running. Use the Strike Raid power again and again.

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  1. Kingdom Hearts King says:

    i heard this game is for psp. is it for any other systems? i want to play it, but don’t want to spend lots of money on a psp just for one game!

  2. Ventus00 says:

    The game is definatley a must if you enjoy the series. It explains how everything started and how Riku and Sofa got the keyblade. If you are just starting the series I would also recommend this because its the first in train of events. The final boss fights are not extremely hard but if you want a challenge after you beat the game try to beat Vanitas’s restless spirit. You need to be around level 99 if you want to beat him though. Overall great game. One of the best in the series.

  3. riku kindom says:

    some of you might know this already but a new game called kingodm hearts dream drop distance is out in july 31. if you get the mark of master edition,you get game posters,ar cards, the game, and a kingdom hearts 3ds protector case for 90 dollores.

  4. theM16 says:

    Beware terra-zehanort final fight. unless you haveultima cannon he will probably destroy you first couple times. annoying

  5. Mickey says:

    I Just love playing the kingdom hearts games! I would like to play kingdom hearts Birth by sleep for my B-day and go through each characters storyline.

  6. cj says:

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is awsome!!!

  7. Axel says:

    Where do you get this!?

  8. Xion says:

    isnt the top question about Bakugan ?????

  9. Ace Trainer Ash says:

    is the game really worth the money?

  10. kt says:

    I cant get to the high place in neverland in the begining area as ventaias.

  11. Rimis says:

    i beat vanitas if your at ventus’s final battles i used vanish then attacked head on a combo the backed away the used the triangle attacks like strike raid when i use vanish AND IF YOU ARE AT THE VANITAS D LINK PART JUST GO HEAD ON WITH THE TRIANGLE ATTACKS.

  12. jonbuddy1 says:

    Cool game, but I am only past Disney Town (first time when you do the Rumble Racer thingy) on Terra, the first person I picked. :(

  13. darth bob says:

    thank you Games Guru!!!!

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